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The Dark King – Chapter 434

The people began to cheer when Dudian stepped onto the high platform.

Dudian looked at the crowd. He knew that it was the key moment in the establishment of the ‘steam’ faction. He took a deep breath: “First of all, I will to an introduction. MY name is Dean and I’m 16 years old this year. To be more accurate I’ll be 17 after the black snow season. I know that some people will look at my age and think that it doesn’t make sense. But Mr Smog was only 19 years old when he painted the ‘Mirror Saint’.”

“Mr Eliott was 14 years old when he composed the great ‘Moonlight’.”

“Mr Curtis was only 28 years old when he wrote ‘Art of warfare’.”

The crowd was quiet as Dudian talked.

Skagen and the old man looked at each other. They didn’t expect Dudian to begin with history lesson. He compared himself to the most famous characters from the history. They knew that Dudian was using the momentum to change the perception of the crowd. He had produced the new textile machine when he was just 16 years old. The same year he produced another legendary invention and opened a new concept.

“There will be criticism when a great work is born.” Dudian slowly said: “But I hope that my age won’t affect your judgment!”

The audience was silent.

Dudian continued: “In fact, today I will just discuss few things related to ‘steam’ faction. I believe that all of you are curious. There were many masters who had mentioned the working of ‘steam’ faction previously. However I will talk about the origin of ‘steam’ and the use of concept.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they heard him talk.

Skagen, old master and others also concentrated as they looked at Dudian.

“The faction… The key lies in the word ‘steam’. It’s the same as the word ‘gold’ in gold faction.” Dudian continued: “There are two things that inseparable to us in all the faction. The first is ‘steam’ while the second is ‘water’ faction.”

A commotion arose within the audience.

There were people who belonged to other factions. It was difficult for them to accept such a statement.

Skagen and the old man’s face also slightly changed. Although they are masters but they belong to different factions. No one was willing to think less of their faction.

Dudian calmly said as he felt the relentlessness in the crowd: “The reason is very simple. For example, if we didn’t use the materials of the gold faction… Would we die? The answer is no.”

“If we didn’t use the materials from wood faction, would we die? No.”

“Of course, our lives will worsen. But we won’t die!”

There were some who were still dissatisfied.

“Master Dean, if its as you say then if we didn’t use materials from ‘steam’ and water faction, would we die? How could that happen?” A young man shouted out. He wasn’t here to change the direction of his study but to listen to the lecture of the genius master. He didn’t expect Dudian to say words which would discourage him.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

“I do not believe …”

Dudian slightly raised his hand to silence the crowd: “Its very easy to verify. First of all, the most important material in the ‘steam’ faction is air. Now you may cover your noses and mouths and refuse to breath air. Let’s see how long can you hold on!”
Some primary architects who were in the crowd covered their nose to verify. However most of the intermediate and senior architects didn’t do so. They knew that people couldn’t continue to live without relying on air.

Dudian continued after a minute: “You should have verified by now. Perhaps some of you would think that what is the role of air? Is it just to help us breathe? Is it comparable to the mystery of the metals? Is it comparable to the mystery of the lightning? Is it comparable to the value created by the wood faction?”

People nodded as they looked at Dudian and wanted to see how he would answer.

Dudian smiled: “Its true that the ‘steam’ faction can’t create inventions such as wood faction. Nor it can create a sword which belongs to metal faction.”

Everyone was stunned but felt weird at the same time. Dudian has the most right to speak about both factions as he had created the new textile machine.

Dudian smiled: “The ‘steam’ is not a physical thing. So its not similar to metal or wood inventions. But its materials are similar to lightning faction. The metal sword doesn’t have the destructive power of a steam rifle. You have to understand this point. Maybe some of you would think that the destructive power of the steam rifle is big because of the metal ball.”

“The metal ball is the one that kills the enemy.”

“But it is useless on its own.”

Dudian looked at the crowd: “Have you ever imagined that you can move a bigger object with the use of steam power? For example, our carriages.”


Everyone was stunned.

Skagen and the old man were stunned too. However several people’s eyes lit up within the crowd.

“Don’t hesitate to think about it. Imagine that you have installed two of those at the back of the carriage. There would be no need for a horse to drag it. If there is enough force then the carriage could move on its own. Why can’t we do that? Imagine that a carriage’s speed is faster than the time when a horse pulls it. Can you picture it?”

The audience was silent.

Dudian didn’t give time for everyone to think but continued: “In addition to the carriage.. Is there anyone with bold ideas?”


They looked at confident expression on Dudian’s face. Is there any bolder idea than the carriage to rely on its own to move rather than a horse?

“For example, flying to the sky.” Dudian whispered.

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  1. Damn thats such a nice way to emd the chapter, keeps me hooked just imagining the goose bumps from those hearing Dudian’s lecture. Thanks for the awesome translation of this amazing series!

  2. First of all I would like to thank you for your amazing and dedicated work on this brilliant novel, as I have been reading the recent chapters I couldn’t help but notice the need of editing. You can easily get new editors without any cost from forums on Reddit or novel updates. This would increase the quality of our enjoyment, and in terms our deep appreciation for your hardwork, Once again, thank you for your efforts!

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