DK – Ch 432

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The Dark King – Chapter 432


The monster growled as it saw the youth approach them. It took a few steps forward. At the same time the hair on its body got straight as if it was a hedgehog.

The expression on youth’s face didn’t change. He gentle knocked the ground with the stick in his hand. Boom! The posture of the youth was so that it seemed he was ready to attack anytime.

The monster growled once more and was about to set its foot out when its head turned to look back. The old man touched its hair as he walked out.

“To take a person?” The old man calmly looked at the youth: “Is it the child who recently had produced a legendary item?”

The youth replied: “I only know that his name is Dean!”

The old man touched the ear of the monster. The black giant turned towards the manor and disappeared.

“He is a real genius. Are you willing to kill a person like him?” Old man turned towards the castle and began to slowly walk.

The youth smiled: “This is an order from above! That kid is using the powers of devil. I will take him to the Monastery for ‘purification’. If there is a change then…”

“You should go out. I don’t welcome outsiders in here.” The old man interrupted him.

The youth startled. He looked at the old man who went into the castle. He slightly bowed and left the place.

Temple of Elements.

The rays of sun shined upon the Mount Church to welcome the new day.

There were black spots all over the mountain road which took to the largest church castle. There were numerous architects who were wearing luxury clothing and going towards the location where the public lecture will be held.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning.

Since 7 o’clock the architects were up and rushing towards the St Peter’s cathedral’s square. It was the biggest venue within the Temple which could hold such a big public lecture. It was 185 meters long and 160 meters wide. It could accommodate about 100,000 people at any time.

There were a total of 180 sculptures of angels and goddesses carved at the square by the St Peters.

A lot of people had gathered in the square since the dawn. Naturally, there weren’t 100,000 architects in the Temple but about 30,000 of them. However all of them tried to get a better location to hear the lecture clearer. Perhaps there was a chance that Dudian may see them and fancy if they were in front rows.

“There are so many people in here but there are two more hours to go till the lecture. I think there is already more than 10,000 people in here!” Master Eivissa looked at the sight. There was a trace of amazement in his eyes. Usually if 10,000 people attendant a lecture by a master then everyone would regard it as a big accomplishment. Now, every other lecture he had seen looked trivial in front of the one he was looking at.

“Its his first public lecture today so inevitably there will be a lot of people. We have around 30,000 architects in the Temple and he is very famous!” There was a complex expression on the face of the old man who talked. He was master Arsen who was in conflict with Dudian.

Eivissa sighed: “The little kiddo isn’t here even though two old guys have come over.”

Arsen snorted: “I came to check what he was going to talk about. Him being an inventor doesn’t mean that he can explain them so easily too. Accumulation of knowledge is needed for good teaching. He is as arrogant as always. He has just become a master and dares to hold a public lecture. He may utter something useful if he studied for another two or three years!”

Eivissa slightly shook his head as he saw that Arsen was still angry at Dudian. He slowly whispered: “He is useful…”

Arsen’s face sank.

“Hey!” An old man wearing casual clothes came to stand by them: “Both of you have come over! Do you want to learn from him too? ”

Eivissa looked up and recognized the old man: “Master, you have come too.”

Arsen’s face was still gloomy when he saw the old man. He turned away his head pretending not to notice him.

The old man smiled: “I wouldn’t be able to come over if he hadn’t made a notice ten days ago. Today I came over to bring few of my students.”

Ibiza laughed: “You are way too polite. Kerry and Casper are already independent senior architects. It will take two years for them to become masters. You are one of the most powerful masters who has the ability to teach.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I’m flattered.” The old man laughed.

“Its useless to become a master at this point. If that Dean wasn’t one then they would have a chance to shine. But now everyone else would have to stay in his shadow.”

The old man’s face slowly turned gloomy as he looked at Arsen: “I have heard that you had a conflict with the new master. Are you trying to pull us into the quarrel with him?”

Arsen’s face changed as he didn’t expect the old man to be so direct. He said in an angry tone: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Eivissa intervened: “It’s a joke. Why are you so serious?”

The old man said: “That wasn’t a joke. Some people think of themselves superior to the others. But they are jealous of other too. I can understand jealousy and envy but provoking someone else is something that I can’t understand!”

Arsen furiously said: “What did you mean? Do you think that I’m jealous of him? He wasn’t even in his mother’s womb when I became famous!”

The old man laughed: “An old man and a child will fight! Everyone knows that you were famous when he wasn’t burn. But everyone knows that you are in a grave at this point too!”

“You!” Arsen trembled in anger.

The old man snorted and looked at him with a scornful expression.

“Why are you two fighting?” The sound of master Skagen echoed.

Eivissa looked at him: “You should talk to them.”

Skagen smiled: “Today is the big day for master Dean. We can’t make trouble in here! Our bones our old and new seeds are growing. We should be happy that such an outstanding genius master has been nurtured in the Temple! Skillful architects like him will drive and carry forward the Temple! The life in the outer wall area will completely change!”

The old man smiled: “I think so too. But there are some within the Temple who say bad things behind the back of others. Moreover they provoke them too! It’s soo dirty! The only thing they know about is talking to youth about respecting the old ones. They oppress the young generation! Its good to see a young person to invent something so good and close the mouth of this old ones!”

“You!” Arsen stared at him in anger.

Skagen smiled: “Don’t let the youth to see the jokes we make or they may misunderstand us. After all, masters should act like masters.”

The old man glanced at Arsen and then turned his head.

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