DK – Ch 431

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The Dark King – Chapter 431

“Splitter is an ultimate attack type of a monster. If I had a big change in vision then my fighting capabilities would have improved too.” Dudian tried to test his sense of smell and hearing.

Dudian found out that the sense of smell was still confused. He pinched his nose to distinguish the hearing of smell. However he couldn’t sense the sound of smell unless he covered his ears. However the range of the sense and hearing had increased twice. He could hear the smell from top to the bottom of the castle. He could hear a mouse hidden in the corner of the kitchen and eating something.

Dudian was disappointed as his perception of the smell didn’t improve much. However he knew that splitter was an attack type monster. It relied on high-speed and keen vision. The sense of smell and hearing didn’t have to be too strong.

Dudian checked his physical strength. His body was twice the strong as before. He could break a hard metal with a strong grip.

“Generally the physical constitution will be doubled in strength when an intermediate hunter is promoted to a senior hunter. According to the dragon girl an intermediate hunter can hunt level 11 to 19 monsters. If there is a very powerful intermediate level hunter then they can hunt early twenty level monsters. According to her senior hunter’s would reach the strength to hunt up to level 30 monster.”

“I was easily able to kill monsters level 20 to 27 when I used to be a intermediate level hunter. My body was able to cope with monsters up to level 30. That was the limit of a senior hunter. Now I assume I can hunt down monsters up to level 40. If I improve my fighting skills then killing a level 45 monster wouldn’t be a problem.”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he speculated. There were no scales to classify the power of hunters. He had to reference the monsters to assess the constitution of the hunter. But it was a convenient way as the hunters existed to hunt monsters.

“My magic marks are still at senior hunter level stage but my strength should be much more than senior hutners because of the deification. However the dragon girl was able to hunt a mature level 68 splitter! The different between her and me is too big!”

“But I can catch up with her if my magic marks evolve once more. My potential would be much stronger than hers because of the deification…Unless her magic marks is also the rsult of deification of legendary monster…” Dudian calmed down. He looked at his abdomen. His pupils concentrated and his vision adjusted. He saw his bones and internal organs. There was white ice in his abdomen.

Surprisingly, because of his 270 degree vision, he found that in addition to his abdomen there was white ice on his left arm. Even the bones of his left arm were made out of ice.

Dudian was shocked. Perhaps the abnormality in his abdomen was the result of the change in his left arm. The abdomen was infected with the blood of other monsters’ blood… So it should have fused…

Otherwise he couldn’t explain why his left arm was made up of ice while his right arm didn’t have the slightest trace of ice.

“I used to directly absorb cold crystals from the left hand. It seems the ‘ice blood syndrome’ has direct relation to the cold crystals… ” Dudian speculated.

He slowly recovered himself after a long time. He looked down at his body. Dudian didn’t saw it at first but he found out that his bones had undergone a strange change. He had seen the anatomical structure of human body from the super chip. His bones seems to have gone some deformities.

“It’s like two small hands… The bones of the fingers are thinner but… ” Dudian moved his fingers. He grabbed a metal equipment. The metacarpal bones and the phalanxes had undergone a deformity. He could burst out strong force because of the change.

Dudian was startled.

“Now wonder I can have more strength than a senior hunter. At a genetic level I’m a senior hunter but my body has an abnormal structure. I can burst out with more strength and speed.” Dudian checked his body.

There was a different effect if the same material was used but in different structures. His body structure was “relatively” a human but “sophisticated” in many ways.

“However these changes only have enhanced my physical constitution. There seems to be no other abilities…” Dudian looked at his own body. In addition to the visual changes and physical power there was nothing else. It felt a bit weird.

Other senior hunters could control their blood or something else. Glenn could escape through the ground because of the magic marks of the black weaver. The pores in her body would shrink and she could hide her breath. The magic marks of juranzhi could enhance the immunity and strong sense of smell, had the ability to absorb cold crystals and dark vision. But after deification of the magic marks of a splitter he didn’t have much abilities!

It was less than abilities that he could get from a rare magic marks.

“Is it possible that some abilities have evolved but I can’t notice them? Maybe I can’t stimulate the ability by ordinary inspection!?” Dudian thought in his mind. If it was so then he could find out while fighting an opponent. After all, some abilities may be hidden but instinctively cast out in times of crisis.

Temple of Elements.

Mount Church.

The castles were placed one after another by the mountain. At the end there was a forest. In front of the forest there was a magnificent and large castle. It was the castle of Temple’s Lord. A large number of the Temple’s staff were inside the castle as they took care of strange flowers and trees.

In the depths of the forest stood a small scale solitary castle. It was an ordinary manor. There were common vegetables and fruits within the manor. There were no staff but an old man wearing an ordinary clothing inside the manor. He carried water as he sprinkled the vegetables. He removed the weeds next to the vegetables. He looked like an ordinary old farmer.

“Argh!” A giant black shadow jumped from the back of the manor and rushed towards old farmer.

It was a giant dog which looked like a leopard. It was three meters tall and had robust limbs. There were brown spots all over its body. Its eyes were dark gold and had sharp horns on its head. In the blink of an eye it stood in front of the old man.

It opened its mouth but didn’t bite the old farmer. Instead it jumped in front of it like a puppy. The monster turned its head towards the outside of the manor and roared.

Old man paused as he saw the monster act so. He looked towards the direction the monster roared.

“Lord of the Temple is quite gifted as you were able to tame a rare monster!” A tall figure appeared in front of them.

“Argh!” The monster growled to try to intimate the figure.

Old farmer put down the water kettle. He stood straight and spoke in a calm tone: “The war is finished. What do people of inner wall do in here?”

The tall figure had come out from the shadows. He had a handsome face. There was a long stick in his hand. He was wearing a very simple white robe which looked like a huge sheet. The robe covered all of his body as if he was a monk. The youth had golden hair.

“I’m here on behalf of the Monastery. I have to take a person back to the inner wall.” The youth smiled. He didn’t even look at the black monster instead he stared at the old man.

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  1. What?! The reason he could suck in cold crystals was because of the Marks? Here I thought it was a special OP ability because of his untainted body of 300years ago… I’m disappointed since that was a cool ability but now really means nothing….

    1. it doesn’t mean that the ability to absorb the cold crystals is gone.. its just he hasn’t tried it yet and it seems he wont try

        1. It’s not a spoiler, reread the chapter. Only the monster marks gives the ability of sucking in crystals but it’s been replaced by splitting. Unless there’s something wrong with translations?

  2. so far he got super vision, middly super sense of hearing, weird sense of smelling sounds, super strength.
    From deification he got wings and a slight physiology boost.
    I’d guess his remaining power could be some kind of wolverine sickle from his arms or something.

  3. It’s just the author pulling ideas and bullshit through his ass again. People are getting confused with his abilities and the author hasn’t completely mentioned it thoroughly.

  4. Oh look more crap to pile on. This whole mess is just tiring and boring. I will make it through I will make it through I will finish reading this horrific pile of garbage. This is such torture, it is soooo bad.

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