DK – Ch 430

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The Dark King – Chapter 430

Dudian injected five parasitic soul worms to his magic marks. The magic marks slightly bulged but it calmed down the next moment.

Dudian picked up his eyebrows. Generally four parasitic soul worms were needed to promote from intermediate to senior hunter. If you had a bad luck then five or six would be needed. Unless you were an unlucky one then you would need seven or eight parasitic soul worms. It meant that the appetite of the magic marks was big.

Right now it seemed that he belonged to the hunters with ‘bad luck.’

After five parasitic soul worms there were no changes as if nothing was consumed.

Dudian continued to inject. Because of his current status and identity getting parasitic soul worms was an easy thing. He didn’t need to go out to hunt for magic marks.

Six, seven, eight, nine …

Dudian felt a slight pulse from the magic marks of the splitter after the ninth parasitic soul worm. It slightly trembled. He continued and used the other two ordinary parasitic soul worms. Afterwards a heat spread through his body.

His cold body felt warm after the heat flow.

“It is not enough … ” Dudian stared at his chest. However there was no movement. It was not a bad luck or being an unlucky person… It was something extraordinary at this point.

Was it because of the deification of the legendary magic marks?

He looked at the four rare parasitic soul worms. He hesitated for a bit but then grabbed the contained which had green parasitic soul worm.

Although it was an extraordinary waste to use a rare parasitic soul worm’s blood to promote the level of the magic marks but there was no other choice. He didn’t have time to wait for others to send ordinary parasitic soul worms. Moreover it was uncertain that he would get any.

In addition, he didn’t like to wait.

Dudian felt his chest boil after the injection. It was like a fire was lit and he felt all the pore in his body open up. His body was producing a lot of sweat.

Dudian took a light breath.

He once again grabbed another container. He removed the rare parasitic soul worm and injected it. This time the feeling he got was a bit different. He felt like as if an explosion had happened within his body. His consciousness blurred but he felt a faint twist on his chest.

He remembered the originally the parasitic soul worm tried to drill into his brain. He was scared as he recovered his consciousness. The moment he looked down he saw the change on his chest. Previously it was like a small sword but right now it was like a finger long two swords crossing over in the middle of his chest.

The change of magic marks meant successful promotion!

Dudian pulled the towel and dried his body. He felt very light when he grabbed the armor.

“I don’t know which new abilities I have after being promoted to a senior hunter.” There was a trace of expectations in his eyes. He was looking towards the transformation of a new ability rather than the physical growth. He knew that a good ability was much better than brute force.

However, it was real life but not a game. There were no list of attributes to show him what kind of abilities he would have after the promotion. He could slowly explore on his own. Fortunately, after the deification he had learned how to explore his abilities. As usual he had to began from the eyes.

He found a strange thing when he was about to test his eye. Dudian could actually see…the whole room! He faced the fireplace but he could see the cupboard that was behind him!

Dudian enjoyed the feeling. He turned his head towards the cupboard but he could see the flames in the fireplace behind him!

“The angle of vision has expanded.” Dudian touched his eyelids. He suddenly thought of something and rushed to stand in front of the mirror. He saw that his eyes hadn’t changed and stayed the same. However he noticed that there was a little green inside his pupils.

Dudian blinked and looked at the green in the middle of his pupils.

“There is a change in the structure of my eyes but fortunately… ” Dudian was relieved as he looked at the mirror. The hunters would have subtle changes in their bodies after the enhancement of their magic marks. Almost all senior hunters had some kind of body part that was different from a human. Sergei had scales at his spine which was the result of his ‘dragon steel’s’ magic marks.

There were hunters which had very long teeth that were like ferocious fangs. Some had weird hair colors or others had skin which looked similar to a crocodile’s scales. There were senior hunters whose hands were similar to claws of beasts.

Because of such transformation senior hunters were like monsters in the eyes of nobles. That was why they lived in the dark.

“I have the vision which is similar to an insect’s vision. I’m glad that the eyes didn’t protrude or degenerate… ” Dudian checked his body for any other transformation. He focused his eyes. He saw the flesh and blood within his body. Later on his vision changed and he was able to see his own skeleton!

He was terrified because of the scene and almost fell down.

After he relaxed his eyes the vision changed. It was back to normal.

The infiltration of his vision had gone a step further and he was able to see the bone marrow! Most importantly he was able to control his own vision. Otherwise he would be looking at moving skeletons. It was no different than living in the world of living dead. It would be same as blindness.

“The angle of my vision has reached 270 degrees. He was able to see the bones in the body. Moreover he could freely control…” Dudian was aware about monocular vision. But areas in the sight of the both eyes coincided and the vision decreased to 120 degrees. In most cases a human was able to only see 90 degrees of the field of the vision. The more a human being concentrated the more the field of vision would reduce.

“Although I don’t have a 360 degree vision but its almost so! No wonder the eyes of the splitter’s are hidden deep in their bodies! They can see everything!” Dudian speculated.

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  1. Again something ilogical. Ok, a splitter would have a broad vision, could detect heat and so on, but why does he gain X-rays all of the sudden? No logic to it. XD

  2. Maybe someone commented about it in a previous chapter and I was just too lazy, but I remember the “dragon” girl saying that after deification a hunter wouldn’t be able to use the parasitic soul worm of beasts other than the ones he or she had or else the hunter would be likely to face the backbite (I think that was the term) of the magic mark and die. Maybe I understood it wrong, but that’s what I remember which is why I’m puzzled as to why Dean simply injected the blood of the other parasitic soul worms into his magic mark without giving it much though. The girl could have also been lying, but it feels like he simply forgot about this particular point of what that girl told him.

  3. Physics has left the chat
    Biology has left the chat
    Logic has left he chat
    Magic has joined the chat
    For him to have 270 vision means his are near his ear or he can see thing even thou his own skull obstructs the view.

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