DK – Ch 429

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The Dark King – Chapter 429

Fragrant smell of the tea curled in the study room.

Dudian stared at Ivette as he asked questions one by one and listened to her answers. He looked at her heart and blood vessels at the same time. Because of his thermal vision he was able to check her heart beating which helped him to know if she lied.

“I’m not aware of that. Even if there is a thing like that I don’t have the right to now.” Ivette replied in an honest tone.

Dudian checked her heartbeat. He saw that the frequency of the beating was stable so he nodded: “Alright, we are finished. Princess, I’ll get your revenge for you.”

A trace of resentment flashed past her eyes: “I hope you will use the most vicious methods to kill them!”

“No problem.” Dudian agreed.

Ivette bowed her head and asked: “How do you know that I was…humiliated?”

Dudian’s eyes softened as he heard her voice full of shame. He replied: “I believe that any senior level hunter can smell that your body is dirtied. Go take a bath now.”

Ivette’s face turned pale as she subconsciously reached to cover the place below her abdomen. However she realized that the action was indecent so she bit her lips and said: “I will go now.”

Dudian nodded and opened the door to call Kroen.

Kroen quickly ran up the stairs: “Master, anything …”

“Take her to take a bath.” Dudian said.

“Yes.” Kroen turned around and showed Ivette the way with gestures.

Dudian looked at Ivette as she went away. According to her the ancestors of the barbarians and the people in the outer wall originated from inner wall area. Because of war all of them were expelled to outer wall. However the barbarians were expelled from outer wall to radiation zone. The inner wall was built two hundred years ago.

“In addition to Mellon consortium, Huasheng, Green and Scott consortium also intervened and provided help to the barbarians… ”

Dudian narrowed his eyes as he thought about options. The military should also be aware of this. However the situation was too complex. The military couldn’t do much even if the military found evidence regarding their intervention.  The problem was that everything was contradictory to the balance of power. Is it that the inner wall was the architect of this war?

Dudian regretted to know that Ivette was only a princess of the barbarians. Although she had an excellent combat talent but according to the barbarians the women were prohibited from participating in war discussions. Her father was the chief of all barbarian tribes and the kind of the barbarians. But the barbarian king had more than 50 children. Ivette was ranked as 27th. There were five more sisters who were younger than her. The youngest was a toddler who just learned to walk.

If she was a man with the same combat skills then she would have known all the secrets…

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

In the last two days old patriarch had sent parasitic soul worms for Dudian to select. There were 16 of them. However most of them were from ordinary monsters and could only help a human to become an ordinary hunter with tracking abilities. The transformation of the body’s constitution would be weak. The increase in strength wouldn’t be too powerful.

In addition to ordinary soul worms there were four good rare parasitic soul worms. They could be used to nurture better hunters.

The most surprising part was that there was a top grade parasitic soul worm in addition to four rare ones.

The parasitic soul worm was taken from a monster called swallower! The hunter with the magic marks from a swallower would have strong digestive capacity. That person would be able to digest flesh and blood infected with almost any virus. There would be strong immunity to majority of viruses, bacteria and parasites. In addition that person would be able to digest metal, toxic plants, stone and so on.

However to have such a high-level ability the person had to advance to senior hunter level.

In addition to digestion the hunter with the magic marks of a swallower would have a secret attacking ability. There would be strong acids in their stomach. A hollow tube evolve from the stomach to the tip of their tongue for sudden attacks.

“Neuss take this parasitic soul worm.” Dudian gave the container that sealed the gray parasitic soul worm to Neuss: “Focus on exercising a lot. Practice with Sergei and Gwyneth. Your starting point is better than theirs so don’t waste this chance.”

Neuss was shocked: “Young master.. This is a top grade parasitic soul worm… ”

“I have enough for myself.” Dudian laughed.

Kroen’s face turned ugly for a moment but the expression disappeared the next second. He looked at Neuss: “It’s master’s gift. Go on take it.”

Neuss bowed and then reached out: “Master, my life has been yours since you took me out from the prison. I swore the loyalty to you with Scar. No matter what I will follow you in the future. If tell me to die then I will!”

Dudian laughed: “Alright, kill yourself now.”

Neuss was stunned.

“I’m going to throw up if you continue.” Dudian replied.

Neuss saluted and left.

Dudian looked at Kroen: “Which family gifted the soul worm of the swallower?”

Kroen handed him out the roster.

Dudian glanced at it and put it back on table: “Tomorrow is the time for my public lecture. Get ready!”

“Yes, young master.” Kroen glanced at the containers of the rare parasitic soul worms on the table then bowed.

Dudian closed the window and added dry woods into the fireplace. He sat by the fireplace and took off his coat. His skin was white but the upper body was covered with whip marks and scars. They were like spider web which had covered all over his body.

In the middle of these scars at his chest there was the magic mark which was result of deification. It was like a sharp sword in his chest.

Dudian gentle touched it. Then he picked up an ordinary parasitic soul worm and began to absorb its blood. He was already at the bottleneck as an intermediate hunter. Absorption of God’s blessings were useless at this point as God’s blessings enhanced his body but not the magic mark.

Dudian removed parasitic soul worms from containers one after another as he injected their blood into the magic marks in his chest.

One, two, three …

“There is a need for only one parasitic soul worm to become a primary hunter. To break into the intermediate level there is a need to inject blood of parasitic soul worms to enhance the magic marks. IF the appetite of the magic marks is special then two or three parasitic soul worms would be need to upgrade. However to reach senior level from intermediate the number of soul worms needed to enhance the magic marks is doubled.”

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  1. Come on man, now he knows when someone lies? -_-
    I just got over the “he learn this in prison” thing when he swiped the necklace from that girl’s neck a while back. Where the hell could he learn that master level dexterity stealing in prison? His daily activities were being tortured, pretending to be crazy and digging a tunnel. So where exactly did he learn to steal like a pickpocketer and who exactly taught him? -_-
    This author seems a mess: out of convenience he pulls a lot of things that have no solid foundations out of his ass, he makes the MC join every little group that is out there (the dark church, the hunters, the element temple, the knights) while the MC actually don’t get much involved with any of his groups.
    MC joins a side, you thing he’s gonna do something there but then he does the minimum that justifies his apartenence and then moves on to take another job. -_-
    The whole story seems like the author just can’t decide about stuff. First the hunters are portraited as big shots, later they are just some lackeys to the nobles. First there is this premise that Splitty will be a pet companion of sorts, later there are signs that he will just be forgotten. I mean, why did the author make it so Splitty wasn’t hostile to the MC after he washed the spliter blood from his body? At least that would have been some logical explanation : Splitty was confused at first because it thought the MC was his relative. But no, Splitty still does not harm the MC, it waits to be hostile to the MC exactly when the MC decides he has no more interest into splitty. -_-
    I don;t care about Splitty, it’s just one of the examples of how confusing and misleading are the actions of the MC and how chaotic is the whole story. The MC has his hands in all pies while he never has time to maintain properly any of the pies which at some point makes it boring…

    1. Normally when someone is lying their heart rate will speed up or act irregularly and most people don’t notice it. Dean can see the heart beating due to his heat vision and can tell if the beating rhythm changes or not when she speaks. It is clearly shown in the chapter if your would have paid attention or read it before you posted your comment. He didn’t need to be taught to pickpocket and the author probably wanted the readers to make the assumption that he learned it on his own. As a story moves on ideas change and then new stuff are added into the mix. An author can start a story one way and then it can turn into something else along the way. As long as the author doesn’t change things way to much then it is okay. Who knows some of the stuff used now may be used later. I mean hell, we didn’t see Mason and them for around 300 chapters then boom… they are back lol. As for splitty the author may have some plan for him in future chapters. It honestly does no good to judge a story when the damn thing isn’t even complete yet.

    2. The necklace thing had me confused too, but the rest of your complaints makes it seem like you weren’t reading carefully.

      I would assume that he would learn a bit of slight of hand while he was stealing the tools in prison.

      “Having no solid foundations” implies that the concepts of those different factions aren’t crafted properly.. I assume you mean the protagonist has no solid foundation in any of them: either way, I disagree.

      Being a hunter was a path nearly forced on him. He recognized the benefits of it, so he did his best, but it was soon shown that there are better ways of achieving his desires… so he moved on, while still keeping that “Hunter” mentality and physicality. Even though he moved on, he reached intermediate, which is a solid position.

      He wanted/needed information on the current level of alchemy, so he went to The Dark Church. There, he learned about the weird backward pseudo-sciences, gathered materials, and key information regarding the inner workings of their current society. He even became an official alchemist, which provides a decent foothold into that world.

      He became a freaking master and is establishing his own faction for the Temple. That is extremely solid. He is now entrenched in the workings of the Temple, which provides a myriad of benefits, positive publicity, social standing, wealth, materials, etc

      The Knight thing was purely a publicity stunt. Being a Crystal/gold Knight provided clear benefits (reeeaad) and a bunch of implied uses. He’s got clout. Even if you don’t wanna give him face, you have to!

      Hunter’s were always lackeys to the nobles. Dangerous lackies. If you paid attention, you would notice that minor nobles curry favor with even primary hunters while the real nobles like the Mel’s only really put the Senior ones in their eyes. Even then, they pretty much own them. The only reason why Hunter’s were/are respected by nobles, is because they bring in money. It was less obvious in the beginning, maybe, but still obvious..

      There were plenty of plans for splitty. Frankly, Dudian didn’t exactly know what to do with it, but he wanted it in his control. It didn’t harm the MC because he didn’t harm it, plus Dean was seen as some sort of relative/friendly figure. When he was feeding Splitty on a regular basis, it was fine, even though he had it caged. That was bound to change after being locked up and starved.

      Most of the stuff isn’t all that misleading if you pay attention and think. And I personally like the fact that the protagonist struggles whilst juggling his pies. Adds some fucking realism to it

      1. took the words right out of my mouth the last sentence really ties it together aswell but yeah imagine being in a completly new world you would wanna atleast see all the aspects of this new world so the fact that he joins practically everything makes sense

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