DK – Ch 427

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The Dark King – Chapter 427

Dudian checked to see that the boy was dragging the monster and going away. He was relieved but at the same time scared. Dudian didn’t think that the teenager would be so sensitive. He didn’t know what would it lead to if the teenager was able to spot him. Moreover he didn’t know with such skills what kind of status the teenager had within the inner wall!

Moreover the dragon girl he met last time. What stage was she at to have such strength?

The most surprising thing was the existence of monsters within the inner wall. It was the same environment as the outside! How could monsters run inside the inner wall when there were people such as the dragon girl who could easily annihilate them?!

He couldn’t find answers to anything but only speculate. Fortunately he wasn’t tempted to fight against Holy Church and the military. Otherwise he didn’t know what kind of trouble he would be facing now.

He was lucky that he wanted to fight the backing of Holy Church and the military within the inner wall before taking them on.

As he thought of everything some doubts appeared in his heart. The commercial district was at stake because of the barbarian attacks. The military should have requested reinforcements from the inner wall but they didn’t respond. Does it mean that inner wall doesn’t care about the life or death of outer wall?

Was it that the military didn’t ask for reinforcements but had another trump card?

In addition to these two points there was another possibility. Barbarians could have affected the reinforcements from the inner wall.

But if that was the case then the barbarians should have great backing to contact and influence the inner wall!

However for barbarians to contact the inner wall…. The radiation zone was separated from the inner wall by outer wall area. So difficultly of directly contacting the inner wall for barbarians was no different from flying into the sky!

Perhaps, there are powers within the inner wall who had actively colluded with the barbarians but this meant that the problem was more complex than he had thought.

Dudian frowned as he knew that the problem was complicated and tricky. He suddenly thought of Ivette who was detained by the military.

Dudian looked up at the teenager. He put away the idea of tracking him. The sun had risen and he should go back before it got late. Moreover he had the ability to climb the giant wall easily so he would have chance in the future to come over to take a look.

Gwyneth was waiting by the post office as she leaned against the carriage. She had a straw hat drooping over her face and covering it. The night had passed but Dudian wasn’t back yet. Although she had become Dudian’s maid but she felt that she couldn’t see through him yet. The latter always found a way to hide things from her.

She felt a smell.

Gwyneth took off the straw hat and saw Dudian passing the street. She looked at him: “Are we going back now?”

“We should eat something first.” Dudian had a piece of cake in his hand. He took a bite and handed out the rest to Gwyneth: “Eat it.”

Gwyneth was startled: “I can’t eat so much.”

“You are beautiful as you are so don’t lose too much weight.” Dudian casually said as he stepped into the carriage.

Gwyneth put the piece of cake away as she shook the ropes. The carriage drove away.

Dudian saw that outside the castle was noise as there were lots of newspaper reporters. He suddenly remembered that there were three days left to his teaching. He knew that the nobles of entire commercial district were concerned about the lecture.

The banner on the carriage fluttered. The people immediately noticed it and jammed over as if an ant colony.

Gwyneth had an indifferent expression on her face as she jittered the rope to rush the carriage. The people hurried to avoid the carriage. Although they liked earning money but life was more important. They didn’t think they could get compensation for death or work injury if they were wounded, bruised or killed by the horse.

Neuss immediately opened the gates as he saw the carriage.

Dudian got off and shook his head as he heard the shouts from outside.

“Master, you’re back.” Kroen greeted.

Denis and Glenn were enjoying breakfast in the hall. They got up to greet him as they saw him back.

Dudian changed his clothing and put on soft warm sweater. He went back to the hall and told to Glenn: “A girl called Ivette is held by the military. She is the royal barbarian which I had captured. The military had agreed to hand her over to me after the investigation. This is my medal. Get her back.” He gave her his master medal.

Glenn was surprised to see Dudian had so much influence that he could get a girl from barbarian family to be handed over. However she was relieved when she remembered that he had donated a legendary weapon for free: “I’ll be going now.”

Dudian nodded and sat down. He called Kroen.

The breakfast was served after ten minutes. Dennis was stunned as he saw the breakfast. He didn’t expect Dudian who lived so shabby to eat so extravagant food.

Dudian felt a lot warmer after the breakfast. The cold feeling was also a bit dispersed. He went back to his study room to learn medical knowledge from the super chip. At the same time he exercised his left hand. By noon he remember the teenager from the inner wall. He called Kroen.

“Go to meet old Fulin. Tell him to buy parasitic soul worms from the Temple or black market. The more the better.” Dudian ordered. He didn’t need to personally go outside the giant wall to kill monsters as he had lots of money now. The efficiency was also high this way. Sometimes you had to wait for months to find a rare monster but it didn’t mean that you will necessarily be able to meet one.

“Yes, young master.” Kroen was about to leave.

“And.” Dudian stopped him: “By the way, tell old patriarch that spread out news that if any noble is willing to provide rare level parasitic soul worm then they will get an opportunity to send someone to be assessed as my student. If they could provide a variation rare level parasitic soul worm then they will directly get the spot.”

Kroen promised: “Alright.”

In the afternoon.

Denis came back with a tall woman.

The woman was very different from the women of the wall. Her body was much taller than most of the women in the outer wall. Ivette’s height was as high as the most regular knights.

In addition to her physique her skin was also very different. Even the most plebs who lived in slums and didn’t take a bath ever in their lives didn’t have such a color.

Dudian took a look at Ivette. He knew that the barbarian female’s pride had been disheveled in the interrogation. Her clothing was tattered. Her bare skin had traces of whip and knife scars. Even her beautiful face had several scars and red marks.

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