DK – Ch 426

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The Dark King – Chapter 426

Dudian relied on his thermal vision to capture monsters lurking in the vicinity of the cave. He brought back a skeleton back to the cage. Dudian cut off its both legs and threw it directly into the cage. The gap was enough for it to pass directly. The skeleton made a low roar as it looked at splitty.

Splitty firstly shrank back in fear. However it was angered as if its dignity was humiliated. Its scythe like limbs pierced the skeleton into many parts.

Dudian looked at it as he threw another corpse of a skeleton a few meters outside the cage. He stood about ten meters away from the cage as he looked at splitty to prey on the skeleton.

Dudian checked splitty once more before leaving the place.

Dudian ran at full speed as he went towards the giant wall. Along the way he met few monsters which tried to kill him. However he ignored them as he was too lazy. These monsters tried to catch up with him but abandoned their prey as they couldn’t come close to Dudian.

Dudian took off the jacket of his armor when he came to stop in front of the giant wall. The transparent wings gently stretched out from his back and slightly trembled. His body slowled floated up. He placed his foot on the surface of the giant wall and pushed his body with the help of the wings. He began to run along the surface of the giant wall. Actually he was running faster than he did on the ground.


Dudian reached the top of the giant wall. He felt like his chest was frozen. He gentle stretched back his wings and put on his armor. His body soon warmed up and he began to continue along the wall for half an hour. He reached the corner of the wall. According to the map the giant wall of Silvia was quadrilateral similar to ancient city walls. However it didn’t overlook any buildings and didn’t have towers to station troops.

Dudian continued to run but suddenly thought of an idea. If he could look directly from above the giant wall then he could see the inner wall area!

The idea was an exciting one but he calmed down the more he thought about it. He was ignorant about the situation within the inner wall. Moreover even if he smuggled into the area he didn’t know what he would do there. It just made no sense to go there at this point. Moreover there were people like the Dragon girl inside the inner wall. He assumed that she was just a small character. He couldn’t easily save his life if he accidentally provoked an influential one. At the end he would just expose his own identity. It wasn’t worth entering the inner wall right now.

He saw a magnificent building as he ran.

You can view all the scenery from the top of the giant wall.

The fortress he saw was like a black dragon that stretched to the distance. There were vast suburbs behind it. But the villages and towns were desolate. There were people who had rough weapons and ran around. Apparently they were low-level soldiers of the barbarian army. The golden wall was behind the suburbs. At the moment the sky was bright so he could see black spots that seemed like ants which moved around the golden wall. All of them were the workers that repaired the golden wall.

There were neatly arranged buildings behind the golden wall. It was the southern part of the commercial district.

Dudian concentrated as he looked away. There was a distant building and a towering giant wall covered in hazy mist. That was the inner wall which was constructed two hundred years ago. The height of the inner wall was more than half the height of the giant wall. According to the information it was more the six hundred sixty two meters. It was said that countless workers had died during the construction of the inner wall and the project was an extremely big one.

Dudian’s heart moved as he saw the inner wall. Although he wasn’t planning to temporarily smuggle into the inner wall but peeping at the place wasn’t a problem. He wouldn’t be ignorant when he entered the inner wall.

He continue to run forward.

After an hour later.

The contours of the huge silhouette finally cleared up. He ran for more than hour at full speed with the help of his wings. He was faster five times than a horse and Dudian’s body was sweating heavily. Fortunately his armor could absorb the sweat so his body wasn’t wet.

Dudian stopped to rest on the giant wall. At the same time he looked at the inner wall. The inner wall cut off entire outer wall like a huge gate. The width of the inner wall was about forty or fifty meters. The streets were more prosperous and wider than the ones in the commercial district.

There were jungles as far as eyes could see. There were lakes, deserts, mountains and everything. He looked all around but couldn’t detect shadow of a village or town in the inner wall.

Dudian was startled.

The inner wall area should be extremely lively place in his impression. Even the noble families such as Mel family craved to enter the inner wall. It was proof that the cream of the elite of the giant wall of Silvia lived in inner wall. However there was nothing but desolate places.

Dudian suppressed the doubts in his heart as he continued to run forward.

The more he run the closer he got and clear he saw.

He saw vast plains that stretched far. At the end there were mountains. At the top of mountains there seemed to be snow. There were lakes in the plains too. But still he couldn’t see any villages or towns.

Dudian felt incredible as such a massive area was empty. There wouldn’t be such empty land even in the dilapidated slums of the outer wall!

He suddenly thought about the shape of the map. He was shocked as he figured the size of the inner wall. The inner wall occupied nearly eighty percent of the soil of the entire giant wall of Silva. The outer wall and the radiation zone only added up to the other 20 percent. The vast plains outside the outer wall area were nothing in comparison to inner wall.

Dudian decided to continue to move on.

But he came to stop as he saw a huge shadow rapidly moving in the bushes. There was a very small figure in comparison to the shadow running behind it and trying to catch it. Dudian stopped to check the shadows. The shadow was actually dozens of meters long giant monster. It’s body had numerous feet by the side like a centipede. It had a tail similar to a scorpion.

Moreover the person trying to catch the monster was a young boy which looked like sixteen or seventeen years old. Almost the same age as Dudian. There was a huge sword in teenagers hand as he caught up with the monster.

“OMG!” Dudian was surprised. It was a highly toxic monster which was a level 22 according to the atlas. Intermediate hunters would die if they met this centipede. Moreover senior hunters would be reluctant to face it as the antidote was difficult to find.


The teenager throw out a chain which clamped the feet of the monster.

The centipede struggled as it shook it tail and twisted it towards the teenager.

Teenager leaped up as he waved his sword. The centipede’s tail was wounded.

The teenager fought against the beast. It didn’t take long for the teenager to cut open the centipede head. The monster stopped struggling. Its body slightly twisted but stopping moving the next moment.

Dudian was shocked to find that the people from the inner wall were so powerful. It was his first time to see a boy similar to his age to be so powerful.

Teenager pulled out his sword and tied the tail of the centipede with the chain. He began to drag it huge body away.

Dudian followed as he wanted to see the place where the teenager lived.

Suddenly, boy stopped and turned to look back at the sky.

Dudian was shocked to see the teenager turn his head. He quickly shrank back his body as he hid under the edge of the giant wall. After few moments he pulled out his dagger and slightly raised it. Although the images looked more vague on metal objects especially because of kilometers of the distance but he saw the teenager standing still without any movement.

The boy began to move after few moments which was reflected on his dagger.

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