DK – Ch 425

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The Dark King – Chapter 425



The other two who were sitting by the fire also ran over. One was a girl while the other was a middle-aged man. They bowed down to salute Dudian as they saw the black armor he was wearing.

Dudian didn’t care much about the two but looked at the teenager in front of him. He pondered for a moment then remembered a person. He was startled as he looked at the teenager. Lorian was the name of the guy who had trained with them back in the scavengers’ camp. The guy was also second behind him and tried to compare himself to Dudian a lot.

He vaguely remembered that Lorian was the first person to select a consortia. Moreover he had selected Scott consortium!

Dudian didn’t expect to accidentally meet an acquaintance from back then.

“Hunter, are you out for implementing a task?” Lorian asked as he saw Dudian staring back at him.

The moment his voice faded a ‘squeak’ sound echoed from inside the passage.

Dudian recovered and saw the alarm in the eyes of the three. He sighed as he pulled out the dagger from the sheath and quickly swept over Lorian’s throat.

The trio was stunned as they saw Dudian’s attack. Lorian felt a pain coming off his throat. He covered his neck and felt the overflowing warm blood. He tightly covered the wound and stepped back as he looked at Dudian in fear.

“Sorry, just blame the bad luck you have.” Dudian slowly said.

Lorian’s eyes widened as he fell down without a sound.

The girl and middle-aged man were stunned as they were stuck on spot.

Puff! Puff!

Dudian quickly stabbed with the dagger without waiting for them to respond. The blood flowed down their throats.

Dudian put back the dagger and grabbed the chain. He pulled out the cage. Splitty was excited as it saw three corpses on the ground. However Dudian felt complicated. He was used to killing strangers as he didn’t feel too much about it. But tonight he had killed someone who he knew from childhood. Although the latter tried to compete with him back then but he had never done anything wrong to him. Now he had killed the man.


Splitty struggled in the cage as it smelled the blood.

Dudian retracted his eyes and dragged the cage.

It was very dark and faint sounds echoed in the silence.

Dudian walked step by step as he pulled the chain.

As the time passed he recovered himself from the death of the teenager.

“I have to bypass the area no 3 of Scott consortium to reach the cave of the splitter. Generally there level 15 to 23 monsters in the area no 3. So they need senior hunters to ensure safety in there.” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he pulled the cage. Soon he came to a broken asphalt road which was covered in weeds.

Both sides of the road were full of ruins. It was quiet while pythons and lizards crawled around once in a while.

Bang! Bang!

The sounds of splitty hitting the cage echoed out.


A giant cat-like monster jumped out of nowhere. It stood on an object which had the shape of a car. It was covered in moss. The object broke down as the monster stepped on it. The next moment it lightly jumped and stopped on ground as it stared at Dudian.

Dudian recognized that the monster was called a copper clawed cat. It was a level 19 monster and was very flexible. It could annihilate a team of intermediate hunters.

Splitty squeaked as it looked at the cat-like monster.

The copper clawed cat wanted to attack but it hesitated and shrank back as it heard the splitty’s cry. It turned away and jumped over the ruins of a building and disappeared.

Dudian was surprised as he didn’t imagine that such a bloodthirsty monster would know what fear is.

“Creak!” Splitty scrambled in the cage as it saw the copper clawed cat run away.

“Impressive.” Dudian chuckled as he pulled the cage.

Splitty turned its head and roared in Dudian’s direction. After a few times of loud roars of anger it stopped as it saw Dudian ignore him. Instead it vent its dissatisfaction and anger at the cage.

Dudian crossed the entire area of Scott consortium and reached the region of New World consortium about two hours later.

He encountered a lot of monsters along the way. Some of them were scared away by splitty’s roars while Dudian killed the rest. He was easily able to kill monsters that were level 25 and less.

Dudian came to reach the splitter’s cave after an hour.

“I brought you home.” Dudian casually said as he looked at splitty in the cage.

Splitty roared as it heard Dudian talk.

Dudian looked at the boulders that covered the entrance to the cave. He was relieved to see that there was nothing wrong. He checked from the gap and saw that an amazing heat was exuded from the inside. Apparently the other young splitter was alive too.

He turned away.

Dudian came back to the death passage by the giant wall. He saw a huge cage standing in the vicinity. He had let Sergei to transport it.

The size of the cage was much larger than the passage. It was connected firmly though.

Dudian was relieved as he took this cage and brought it back to the cage of the adult splitter. He looked at the cage where splitty was: “I’m going to give you a new place to live.”

Squeak! Splitty growled in anger.

Dudian smiled and opened the boulder to create an entrance. The young splitter inside the cave had become enormous. It’s body length was around six or seven meters. It was double the size of splitty.

Pungent and rotten smell exuded form the cave.

Dudian held his breath and jumped into the cave. He seized the body of the splitter and towed it out.

Dudian had smeared lime powder on splitter’s limbs so it couldn’t regenerate them anymore. At the moment it had only bare body. It was like a moth without wings. It’s body color was white. It seems that it was affected by the moisture on the ground and had some kind of deformity.

The young splitter opened its mouth as it saw Dudian approaching it.

Dudian easily subdued it and carried it into the big cage outside the cage.

Bang! Bang!

The young splitter struggled inside the cage as its body hit the steel columns.

Dudian looked at splitty: “It’s your turn now.”

Splitty turned quiet when it saw its brethren. However it squeaked in anger after hearing Dudian’s voice.

Dudian didn’t care much about its roars. He pushed the spear into the little cage and moved the cage close to the big one.

He poked the cage from outside and waved the spear.

Splitty was forced to escape as it rolled from small cage into the big one.

Dudian immediately kicked close the door of the small cage and grabbed onto the door of the big cage.

Splitty saw that it was locked into the big cage. It tried to rush back at the door but it was already half closed. Dudian stabbed with spear to stop splitty. He pushed the door to close it.

“Enough!” Dudian sat down as he was tired.

Bang! Bang!

Splitty hit the cage but it was much heavier than the previous one. Moreover there was another huge young splitter in it. So the cage gently shook.

“Blame your fortune if you can’t survive.” Dudian looked at splitty who was struggling inside the cage.

He brought splitty outside because he wouldn’t have much chance in the future to look after it. Moreover in the near future he wasn’t planning come outside the giant wall to hunt. He was planning to give public lecture first. Afterwards he wanted to check out the inner wall. He was interested in seeing the place and to find out a way to deal with the military and the Holy Church.

Both forces had roots in the inner wall. Even if he was able to destroy them in the outer wall they would send reinforcements from the inner wall.

He knew that the giant wall had isolated them from outside world. So if he wanted to ascent to the apex then he had to overcome and break through the limits of the inside world. Otherwise all the glory he had would become dust!

The cave of the adult splitter was located in the middle of their region. So he could either send Sergei to feed them or they could rely on themselves.

It would be very hard to move within the previous cage. But this new one was big and had enough space for both splitters. They had to learn to prey on other monsters from the cage or starve to death.


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    1. because he is stupid because the splity love him at least the first . At first think he want to tame but no . now he put in other cage – The others brothers was logic to feed for worm but the first shit I am sad . For me its like see alligator mom and babies suffer , of course if the alligator try to eat me I punch him but if I put betwen mom and babies , I punch myself
      In this moment I lest interisted in this novel

    1. Apart from that, I think he kept them as living weapon of mass destruction. A splitty is enough to decimate a fort, imagine the adult splitter,

    2. Maybe he think that he will reach that girl (the one who killed mom splitty) level and can therefore tame the two splitty, maybe its for the worms, maybe its just a hopeless experience to see if they survive, dunno author will do what he want I guess, but unless he reach a level far higher than splitty he won’t be able to tame it.

    3. me too I think the same but are splitties now are two . at least if the big splitty dont eat the brother for hunger
      About the question i want to forget about the splitty because I put so sad , in this moment I want to kill the author

  1. hahaha, I already imagine the bad reviews reporting the “abuse” on novelupdate, they don’t care much about human lives and genocides in xianxia but when it comes to realistically handling a natural born killer insect they suddenly lose their shit, I feel like most readers of xianxia just gradually grow numb to these thing when its vaguely mentioned but when the graphic content is described in detail they dont know what do anymore hahaha
    Love this novel !

  2. Hmmmm… Just wondering if the other splitter will survive, knowing that Dudian cut off all of its limbs. Poor Splitters…

    Thanks MadSnail ! =)

  3. Hahahahaha I really like the ideal of the author and thanks madsnail for translating this beautiful novel

  4. I’m really starting to dislike this main character.. he literally has no morals.. admitted by himself he uses his friends and is ready to dispose of him if there is need.. he has no problems letting a monster decimate innocent pawns of evil corporations or civilians from residential area (not nobles.. so innocent civilians) be mass slaughtered by barbarians.. I mean, i understand turning the main character into a cold blooded person who pays back people who offend him a hundred times more, but does he need to treat human life like shit?.. he has no remorse for what he does and everything he does is a plan to get ritcher or more powerful.. how is he any different than any villain from any history ever written?

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