DK – Ch 424

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The Dark King – Chapter 424

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Arrows flew down from the sky and pierced the weeds by the splitty.

Splitty’s eyes turned towards the place where the arrows were aimed from. It’s body moved as well as it looked at the direction as if it was a devil. The next moment it jumped up like a ferocious tiger and its spider-like body rapidly moved. It’s body swayed like a seaweed as it went towards the team.

“What the hell is this?!”

“Ah ah -”

“Monster, it is a monster!”

The screams echoed as the flesh and blood were torn and cut off. Splitty rushed into the team of knights of light. It was like a meat grinder which quickly killed the knights. It’s scythes were able to pierce through the armor of the knights easily. At the same time splitty was easily able to avoid the attacks of the knights.

Dudian ran for a few hundred meters and stopped to look back at the tragic massacre. He sighed. He pulled out his dagger and returned close to the cage and watched the battle.

“Do not panic! Shields!” A young knight shouted out as he rode on a white horse. His face was frightened as he anxiously shouted. However the knight saw that splitty was killing the well-trained knights of light killed in matter of seconds. He took into account his lack of confidence as he turned and ran.

The knight pulled his bow and show few arrows.

Arrows flew through the air and hit the sharp edges of splitty’s body. All of them bounced down.

The suddeny attack caught the attention of the splitty. It’s bloody eyes locked on the oung knight. Splitty rushed towards the knight. Its scythe like limbs waved as it cut off the bodies of knights on its way. They couldn’t even scream.

The young knight had never seen such a ferocious monster. He clenched the ropes of the horse as he saw splitty rushing at him.

Ta ta ta!

Splitty quickly caught up with the war horse. The distance between the two was decreased in a moment. Splitty squeaked in anger as its sharp limb pierced through the tail of the horse and tore it apart.

The horse hissed as its forelegs raised high.

Splitty pulled out its scythe as it torn out the wound and brought out the blood,flesh and intestines of the horse. The horse hell down.

Splitty didn’t care much about the horse as it rushed towards the young knight on ground.

There was regret in knight’s heart. He didn’t expect that such a brutal monster would try to move past. If he knew about its existence he wouldn’t even come over.


He waved his sword to resist but splitty’s scythe like limb cut if off. The next moment the young knight’s body was embraced by splitty. His shoulders, head, neck and other parts of the body were cut off. He didn’t even have time to issue a scream.

Splitty began to eat the knight’s body.

The rest of the knights were scared as they saw the scene.

The initial knights who were injured by the splitty tried to crawl towards the bushes to try to hide. Some of the had abdomen cuts, the others had no hands or others limbs removed.

Dudian slightly shook his head as he looked over the battlefield. He picked up few stones from the ground and aimed at the seriously injured knights who tried to avoid splitty.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The stones flew out and hit the helmets of the knights that tried to crawl into the grass. Their heads were flattened.

Splitty heard the sounds as Dudian killed the several survivors. It looked up and roared. He gave up on eating the young knight’s corpse and rushed towards Dudian.

Dudian dragged the cage as he ran away. The splitty wasn’t in the cage so he was able to effortlessly pull it away.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t able to pull away the distance.

Dudian came to stop after seven or eight hundred meters. His mouth curved out into a smile as he saw the splitty chase in haste. He grabbed the iron frame of the cage as he looked at the rapidly approaching splitty. It was like a train that moved in full speed.

Dudian’s fingers clenched around the pillars as the splitty rushed at him. The same moment he wheeled around the cage. He twisted his foots and pulled up the cage with the torque from his waist. He swung the cage and hit the splitty. Bang! The open cage was perfectly aimed at splitty. It’s body went into the cage.

Dudian’s stop at the moment of the crash but rolled the cage along with his body for seven or eight laps.

Dudian tightly pressed and locked the cage’s door while rolling it. As the cage stopped rolling he jumped out of the cage and stepped onto the tungsten steel chain on the ground.

“Squeak!” Splitty was able to stabilize its body. It was angered as cried out loud as it was itself within the damned cage once again.

Dudian checked it but pulled the cage.

Splitty fiercely struggled and squeaked in anger.

Dudian didn’t care much about its shouts as he quickly ran and pulled the cage over the grass.

Dudian saw giant wall after ten minutes. He saw that there was a fire next to it. He quickly came close to the place where the fire was on. The fire was burning next to a passage and team of knights of light were stationed outside on duty.

“The Scott consortium…” Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the entrance. It was not the death passage that belonged to New World Consortium but another next to it which belonged to the Scott consortium. It was convenient for him to successfully transport splitty outside the giant wall using the passage of another consortia.


Dudian covered his face with a black cloth and held onto a dagger as he ran towards the place.

“Who is there?!”


“There is an attack from an enemy! ”

The knights of light saw the masked figure running towards them. They were not slow and grouped in a team in haste. They had shields, swords and spears as they stared at Dudian.

It was about seven or eight meters of distance between them when Dudian threw out the dagger. It rushed out like lightning and pierced the forehead of a knight. The knight failed to react in time as he tried to move the shield to cover his head but his lifeless body fell down.

“Kill him!”

Several knights roared as they rushed at him.

Dudian raised his hand and grabbed the rifle aimed at him. He turned his body and used the force to lift the knight who stabbed the spear. He waved the knight and spear to hit the others around.

The knight was shocked and quickly let go of the spear as he didn’t expect the enemy’s power to be so shocking.

Dudian took back the spear and used it to attack the others. He was like a dragon who killed the knight. The spear split the throat of a knife and hit the shield of another one. The knight holding onto the shield fell to the ground because of the sheer force. He was kneeling in front of Dudian.

Dudian swung around the spear as he kicked another knight’s shield. Bang! The knight hit the ground and fainted on spot.

The spear was dancing as it quickly killed the others. In the blink of an eye eight knights were on the ground.

Dudian came to stop in front of the knight which he had stabbed with dagger. He pulled out the dagger from the knight’s forehead and put it back into its sheath by his leg. However he didn’t discard the spear to prevent further investigation in the future. He turned back and pulled the cage in front of the passage. He went into the passage as he dragged the cage. He exited from the other side of the exit and climbed out.


Dudian frowned when he heard the shocking sounds from the exit. He saw that a group was sitting behind a campfire. All the people looked at him.

“Hunter? Mr Hunter?” A boy who saw Dudian’s dress was startled. There was a trace of excitement in his eyes as he got up and trotted over: “Greetings hunter. I’m scavenger of the consortium. My name is Lorian.”

“Lorian?” Dudian was startled as the name was…a little familiar.

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