DK – Ch 423

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The Dark King – Chapter 423

Dudian quietly detoured the place.


He easily went over the golden wall. The surface of the golden wall wasn’t as smooth as the surface of the giant wall. He could easily climb through by relying on the gaps in bricks.

Dudian quietly went through to the other side after he landed. There were some towns outside the golden wall but all of them were desolate. Even the war had finished but there was still a strict military control over the area. They tried to prevent the barbarians from coming over to steal information. The town was silent like the darkness itself.

Dudian crossed the towns and went to the southern fort. As he had expected the fort was empty too. The military didn’t intend to station forces in the fort before forcing out the barbarians from the Red Maple mountains.

Dudian ran out of the fort and went straight into the wilderness.

Dudian came to the place where he had hidden the splitty. He directly jumped through the weeds that covered the entrance. He saw the steel cage made out of the tungsten steel. Splitty was curled up into a ball as it laid inside. Splitty’s size has decreased.

Dudian’s heart was anxious as he trotted over.

Splitty’s body moved when it heard the movement. It’s body moved as the dark red eyes of it were exposed. Splitty was staring at Dudian.

Dudian was surprised to see the appearance of splitty’s eyes. It wasn’t the eye structure that he had previously seen. Did its eyes degenerate because of malnutrition?

Dudian had hunted a three mete long crocodile along the way. He throw its body inside and took a few steps back.

Splitty was stimulated by the bloody smell. It didn’t immediately rushed at the corpse of the crocodile but stared at Dudian. After it saw Dudian to take four or five steps back it rushed out. It’s scythe like forelimbs pierced through the tough cuticle and torn its body. It began to swallow its flesh.

Dudian was shocked by its lightning fast strikes. It found out that he couldn’t clearly saw the speed at which the scythe like limbs of the splitty stretched. It could be seen that despite starving the splitty’s combat power was close to level 30 monsters.

However the most surprising thing was that the edge of splitty’s limbs had gone massive changes.

He had raised the young splitters to level forty level and he had observed the adult splitter too. Their scythe like limbs were sharp and thin but splitty’s blade was much different. After carefully knowing he saw there were vertical spikes at the edges of the limbs.

It was obvious that once splitty attacked the target the limbs won’t just pierce the body of the target but will tore it out.

But he thought that it was both an advantage and a drawback. The time when it would pull out the scythe like limb it would cause a greater wound and much effective bleeding. But the speed of bleeding out would slow down at a reasonable rate. But if splitty grow to an adult stage then its piercing and extraction would reach an extremely fast rate.

Dudian was puzzled. How could the splitty’s edge of limbs could be different from the other young splitter?

Is it because he had fed it differently?

Or was the cause because of the starvation?

It didn’t take long for splitty to eat up the crocodile. Only the skin was left however it didn’t continue to eat.

Dudian pulled out the chain that was stabilizing the cage. He went to loosen the second chain. However the next moment splitty pushed the cage as it rolled towards Dudian.

Dudian’s body flash as he moved to another place and pulled out another diagonal chain.


Splitty hit the cage as it tried to move it towards Dudian.

Dudian used the chains to drag the cage.

Dudian pulled the chains and jumped into the basement. He struggled to pulled out the cage.

The cage was moved to the door. The splitty’s body hit the cage as it tried to reach Dudian. After few hits the concrete by the door was ruptured.

Dudian dragged the chain as he pulled the cage into the wilderness.

Splitty squeeked in the cage as it seems it was angry at Dudian.

Dudian’s arms were sour and tired after running out for ten miles.

Splitty fiercely struggled in the cage as the sounds echoed out.

Dudian shook his head: “I shouldn’t have fed you now! You wouldn’t have the strength to toss the cage!” Splitty stopped struggling as its blood red eyes stared at him after Dudian spoke.

Dudian looked at it in silence while he rested. The splitty rushed towards the cage and stabbed its scythe like limbs towards Dudian. It tried to kill him but distance was big so it couldn’t reach him.

Dudian smiled as he got up and patted the dust on his buttocks.

After a few hours they reached the barrier line made by the Holy Church. The weather was very dark as it was night. They were using fires to light the fort.

Dudian looked at the bushes. He saw few red heats within the grasslands. It seems that few monsters were camouflaging with the bushes. The smell that they exuded was almost the same as the bushes. Even the senior hunters wouldn’t be able to detect them.

Dudian rushed through the gap where those monsters were hidden. He found a gap where no troops were stationed. There was a smile on his face as he pulled the cage with splitty.

Splitty occasionally screamed but it gradually stopped. Instead of pleading it just sat in the cage as Dudian dragged it.


Dudian saw the splitty attack him.


Dudian quickly changed his location.

Bang! The location where he was previously on was hit by the scythe.

Dudian ran for a few miles. He heard footsteps echoing from the back. He sighed as he knew that it was the members of the Holy Church that were stationed in the barrier.s

Dudian returned back to the cage. Splitty saw Dudian’s mighty momentum towards the cage and it slightly retreated back. Dudian removed the key and unlocked the cage. He looked back at the people that were chasing him. He stayed still for a few seconds then opened the door of the cage and ran!


Splitty was stunned as it saw the door of the cage open. It paused for half a second then rushed out!


The moment it went out splitty overturned the cage as it vent its anger on it.


“Who is that? Stop!”

“It’s the area of Holy Church! Stop!”

The people from the church were riding on horses. They were about two or three hundred meters away from the cage when the splitty had exited it. There were no stars and the visibility was low. Most could see only vague outline. After all dark vision was a precious ability which even the hunters didn’t have.

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