DK – Ch 422

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The Dark King – Chapter 422

“Do you want to go war with Scott consortium?”

Glenn asked after Kroen left. She suddenly felt that was the reason of Dudian’s recruitment. She felt bitter as she didn’t imagine that she would be part of a ferocious struggle the moment she left Mellon consortium.

Dudian laughed without replying.
His silence meant agreement.

Glenn stared at him: “The Mellon consortium’s network is very wide. You haven’t finished with them yet and now want to deal with Scott consortium? Aren’t you a bit too anxious?”

Dudian smiled: “I know what my current abilities are. You don’t have to be pressured by these. You will be working as my private hunters and won’t belong to any consortium. That’s why you don’t need to comply with rules and regulations of the New World consortium. Moreover you will get three times more money than you received in Mellon consortium. At the same time you will be registered as my personal knights. You will have the same identity as a knight serving a noble.”

“Although its not much but it’s a more decent identity. In the future if you can pass the assessments of Knight’s Hall you will be able to get an official knight status. I’ll help you out to unregister your hunter household registration.”

Glenn was startled as she glanced at the youth next to her. She replied in shock: “Are you going to help us to unregister from hunter household registration?”

Although in public registration they were registered as civilians but there were special symbol placed by their registration. This special symbol represented their identity as hunters hidden behind civilian status.

Hunter’s paid taxes which was much more higher than civilians. Moreover they could never get pregnant. In case of a pregnancy there were severe punishments.

These policies were like bones clamped in the throats of hunters. This was why most of the hunters didn’t last for long. They either had to rely on personal relationships to apply to be an instructor or senior staff in consortia or get killed outside the giant wall.

Glenn’s eyes flushed as she got up and made a deep bow: “Thank you!” Her words were full of sincerity.

“Master Dean, Thank you!” The youth also said in a grateful tone as he bowed.

Dudian glanced back at them: “I have a high position now. There will be many people who would like to see me dead. Your life will be threatened if you act as my guards. Are you willing to?”

“I’m willing!” Glenn said without hesitation.

“Me too.” The youth also replied in haste.

Dudian smiled: “Sit down.”

Both of them sat down.

Mason, Zach and Sham also saw the excited look in the eyes of both senior hunters. They were puzzled. As scavengers they thought about hunters as an outstanding people. Their aim was to become a hunter one day. However they didn’t think that both senior hunters would be so emotional when Dudian promised to lift away their identities as hunters. It was very difficult to understand.

Dudian looked at the trio: “What are your plans for future?”

Mason smiled: “I’ll go with you as long as I’m not working as a scavenger anymore. It seems the choice of a hunter ain’t good so I also want to be your knight!”

Dudian smiled: “You can die at any time if you want to be my knights.”

“It’s worth to die as your knife.” Mason grinned: “You have saved my life quite a few times back in old days. So I’m ready to die for you.”

Dudian’s heart was warm as he looked at Mason.

“I am also willing.” Zach replied.

Sham was a bit nervous as he looked at Dudian: “I would also like to but my legs…”

Dudian replied: “I’m still missing a chef. The last one tried to poison me and almost succeeded. I want you to be the chef so that I can eat safely.”

Mason and the other two were surprised.

“Assassination? Was Mellon acting so vicious?!” Mason said in anger.

Zach looked at the cup he was holding in his hand. He subconsciously put it back on table.

“Sham, are you willing?” Dudian asked.

Sham stared back at him: “I’m willing but I have run just a tavern. My cooking skills aren’t what you would like…”

“I’m a bit picky.” Dudian smiled: “The chefs of famous hotels will be invited to teach you so learn.”

Sham scratched his head: “Alright.”

Dudian looked at the clock on the wall. He looked at Kroen: “Call Gabriel and Artemis.”

Kroen came back after moments. Gabriel and Artemis followed behind him.

“Introduce yourselves!” Dudian commanded.

Gabriel and Artemis glanced at the crowd. There was a trace of fear in Artemis’s eyes. Gabriel seemed to feel the timidity of her sister. He loudly introduced himself.

He looked at Artemis with encouragement.

“They are orphans of war. I brought them back from outside the golden wall.” Dudian looked at youth besides Glenn: “Denis, I have senior hunter Sergei as my guard for now. He will be accompanying me around. You should teach Gabriel your skills.”

Denis got up: “Yes, young master.”

Glenn smiled: “I’ve heard about Sergei. I think he was imprisoned in Thorn Flower Prison and I last time saw him outside the golden wall. He was fighting violently and furiously. Denis has a more brisk way of combat. He should be much better to tutor the kid rather than Sergei.”

“He still has to practice and stabilize his foundation. It’s too early to talk about that.” Dudian looked at Gabriel: “Practice diligently under uncle’s command.”

Gabriel nodded and came to stop in front of Denis: “Sir, please teach me.”

Denis looked at the timid boy: “Lead the way.”

Gabriel turned and led him upstairs.

Glenn’s eyes fell on Artemis. She looked at her with curiosity: “I have never seen a child with green hair color. Who is she?”

“I think she has the genes of different races.” Dudian casually said as she looked at Artemis: “Would you like to teach your assassination skills to her?”

Glenn looked at him: “Did you have the idea since beginning?”

Dudian laughed.

“I like her a lot.” Glenn looked at Artemis who was in front of her: “Little girl I will teach you real skills. Would you like to beat your brother in the future?”

Artemis replied in a weak tone: “I-I don’t fight with my brother.”

Glenn picked up her from Artemis’s little arm: “Can I go anywhere within the castle?”

Dudian drank tea: “Except my study room.”

“Alright.” Glenn took away Artemis.

Artemis followed behind her but turned to look at Dudian from time to time.

Dudian turned towards Mason and the other two: “I assume you won’t blame me as I have taken you guys under my wings.”

Mason shook his head: “We would never do that.”

Zach and Sham smiled.

Dudian looked at Zach and Sham who smiled. He knew that there was still a bit of disapproval in their eyes although they didn’t say anything: “You should be aware of my past by now. I was imprisoned by the Mellon consortium. Later I was sheltered by Ryan family after my escape. I was helpless back at time now its time to crush Mellon consortium after I amass enough power.”

“I didn’t have enough power to pick you guys before. Mellon consortium is destroyed and I have ability to protect you guys. You should no longer worry about being erased inadvertently.”

Trio looked at Dudian with shame in their heart.

“Dean, we know about your!” Mason said.

Zach and Sham nodded in silence.

Dudian was relieved as he saw them comply with himself. He didn’t want to have gap between his three childhood friends.

Dudian received the custom made warm armor after the dinner. The armor woven with soft layer of materials that were taken from spiders. It was enough to protect him even in the places where lots of ice and snow accumulated.

Dudian left the castle after the dinner. Gwyneth acted as the driver of the carriage.

They came to a place outside the castle. Dudian let Gwyneth find a place to stay the night in the neighborhood. He quietly passed through the suburbs and reached at golden wall. There were lots of wood frames by the golden wall. It seems the repair was going on. He heard laughter from the dried part of the wall. He listened to the talk of men. Dudian learned that they were the workers who were rebuilding the wall.

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