DK – Ch 421

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The Dark King – Chapter 421

“Give this to Old Fulin and let him send someone to get this industry.” Dudian threw the contract at Kroen: “In addition to the letter from Burong family I don’t want to hear these two words again. Otherwise I’ll make sure that the family completely disappears from the commercial district!”

Kroen caught the contract and left.

Dudian continued to read after Kroen left.

“Holy Church, the military … They have been in here for hundreds of years. Their roots must be in the inner wall. I have to know their bottom lines if I want to defeat them.” Dudian’s eyes lit up: “the inner wall … is the next target.”

Dudian finished the lunch when he heard the sounds of carriage from outside. He looked through the window. Dudian saw that it was his own carriage. Nicholas was the first to get off. He made gestures for the others to get off the carriage.

Dudian stood up and rushed through his room.

Gwyneth was confused as she saw his actions. She rushed behind him.


A burly boy got off the carriage and loudly shouted at as he saw Dudian exit through the door.

There was a smile on Dudian’s face.

The burly teenager diverted his arms and hugged Dudian.

“You are much stronger after these few years…” Dudian looked at Mason who was in front of him. Mason was the closest friend from the scavengers’ training camp.

Mason grinned: “Its nothing in comparison to you. I have heard that you are a powerful master now. The newspaper write your name every other day. By the way, it was written that you are now a golden knight! I was told that Golden knights are stronger than senior hunters… ”

Dudian shook his head: “I’m just a honorary knight. Its totally different from a real knight. Moreover there is still a difference between a gold knight and a senior hunter!”

“Ohh… Do you mean honorary knights aren’t as powerful?”

“Of course not.” Dudian laughed.

Gwyneth was surprised as she looked at Dudian. She had followed him for long enough to know that Dudian also focused on identity and behavior. However at the moment he was using the ‘vulgar’ words he normally didn’t.

“Mason, you bastard! Why are you running so fast?” A person called out.

Dudian and Mason looked to see a handsome teenager holding onto a another ordinary teenager.

“Zach … … Sham?” Dudian was startled. Although its been a few years but all three of them have grown tall. There was a trace of childhood shadow on their faces… However he noticed Sham’s legs… One of them was broken from his thigh and there was a prosthesis used.

“Dean!” Zach smiled as he helped Sham.

Sham also saw the luxurious clothes Dudian was wearing. He was a bit ashamed. Zach said: “We have been calling him Dean. Although he is a master and a golden knight but we are the same!”

Zach continued: “So should we call him master Dean now? ”

Mason helplessly looked at both of them: “Nonsense! Dean is Dean… I’m right, aren’t I?”

Dudian reacted: “Whatever you feel like… Sham, what has happened to your leg?”

“This ah …” Zach quickly said: “A monster attacked when we were on a scavenging task. Sham’s leg was bitten and infected. We couldn’t detoxify on time so we had to cut his legs to save his life.”

Sham smiled: “It’s good this way too. I was expelled from the consortium because I had no value anymore. So I went back to help my father with his tavern. Although I didn’t have not much of problems but my physique was much tougher than an average person. I was nickname as one legged king!”

Dudian smiled. Its been few years but all of them were as close as before. However Sham seemed to have changed. In his mind all three of them were trustworthy but they were on different levels. Mason was the most trustworthy one followed by Sham who was honest. Zach had a bit of selfish personality.

Although he liked to chat with Sham before but he saw that he had undergone through some changes. Zach seemed more generous. Mason was the same.

Perhaps Sham had gone through much after being expelled from the consortium. He should have been in contact with more people as he helped with the tavern.

Dudian sighed as he looked at the few people who he cooperated in the scavenger training. They had gone through many things together: “From now on you guys will be with me. What’s up?”

Mason laughed: “Its good that the old man came over to help us or else we will be in sea of misery because of the break up of consortium… ”

“Ah.” Zach nodded.

Sham bowed his head but didn’t speak.

Dudian looked at three of them. They have suffered for many years. The job of a scavenger was no different from a slave. They would be sent to dangerous locations without knowing about the existence or levels of monsters. They were only taught to pick up resources, transport them and how to stay alive outside the giant wall.

They would be dead once they faced a monster.

However it was precisely because of this reason that the resources consumed to nurture scavengers was much lover than a hunter. It was also much shorter time wise.

“Hey, De … Mister Dean or master?” A voice echoed from the carriage.

Dudian’s eyes lit up: “Long time no see Glenn!”

“Since the last assassination… Has it been long?” Glenn grinned.

Dudian smiled: “Past is past. Today you are part of the family!”

Glenn blinked: “I will go ahead then.”

“I will also go in.”A young man behind the Glenn laughed.

Dudian was aware of his existence since the beginning. He knew that Mellon consortium had another senior hunter who had chosen a knight career. The youth had a very strong presence and was neck to neck with Glenn. He assumed that he wouldn’t be inferior to Sergei in melee combat.

“Come in, the place is big enough to fit all.” Dudian went back into the hall.

Mason looked around in surprise. It was his first time coming into a castle meant for nobles.

Glenn and the young man were surprised too. But their surprised was uprooted in the idea that they didn’t expect Dudian to live in such a simply castle.

Dudian greeted everyone and sent Gwyneth to cook.

“Master, a person from Brandon family has come.” Kroen came to the hall.

Glenn and the young man’s eyes lit up. They knew that Brandon family was an upper level nobility. They had almost the same position as Milan family had in Mellon consortium.

Dudian said in a cold tone: “I’m busy and don’t have time to see them. ”

“Alright, young master.” Kroen left.

Glenn stared at Dudian: “The Brandon family should be related to Scott consortium. Are you going to cooperate with Scott consortium?”

Dudian shook his head.

It didn’t take long for Kroen to come back again: “Master the messenger said that he was sent to get an explanation regarding the ‘crab’ that was stolen…”

“Explanation?” Dudian indifferently said: “Kick them out.”

“Ah …” Kroen was stunned as he saw that Dudian wasn’t joking.    …

“What? You were driven out?” Cage was shocked as he listen to his attendants: “Was it his butler? Who was the one who kicked you out?”

“I talked to his butler and he replied that master Dean was busy. Then he kicked us out.” The young attendant replied.

“Bastard!” Cage slapped the table: “He snatched my food from my banquet! Moreover Brandon family have lost face. Now he kicks out my people? Kiddo you have little time left…Master? Shitty bastard!”

The young man trembled in fear.

“I’m going to a trip to Rostov family.” Cage said.

The attendants were relieved as they left the room.

The news spread all over into the ears of big families and the other consortia. The Scott consortium held an emergency meeting that day. The specific content of the discussions weren’t known to outsiders.


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    1. By making his body produce more heat than the stones freeze. By getting a stronger,hotblooded mark his body tempratue will increase. Currently Dubian has the mark of an insect like creature which is probably coldblooded.

  1. Thanks for the chapters. i wonder how many chapters left until we catch with the author… hope we can at least see this new arc.
    BTW good luck with the hangover.

  2. Uh, i really don’t like the sharp transition used to introduce the new arc, why would dudian suddenly getting sick? It feels like the author doing whatever he want to the story just to make our MC seems cool in the end, ignoring inconsistencies made along the way. I’m afraid this trend will continue in the future and we won’t know for sure because the raw isn’t even that far ahead. Anyone can recommend similar title like this one? Just in case the story really turned into strange direction and make the novel repulsive

    1. Wasn’t it said in the earlier chapters after he switched marks coming back from outside the wall he was already feeling odd, but he accounted it to the new marks. Now it’s possibly flared up because of the attempted assassination because his body had to fight off poison or now that he doesn’t have a resistance to those soul orbs they might be coming back up with adverse side effects.

    2. yep the sick isnt new . We all know the arm isnt normal well here the results of all the cristal blue in the body

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