DK – Ch 420

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The Dark King – Chapter 420

“Master, the cage is built and ready.” Kroen reported to Dudian.

Dudian nodded slightly as he retracted his eyes from the book: “Order Sergei to take it to the passage by the giant wall. In addition, call old patriarch Fulin. There are things I have to discuss with him.”

“Yes, young master.”

Kroen left the room.

Ryan family carriage parked in front of Dudian’s castle half a day later. Old Fulin and Sander got off the carriage. Three knights followed after them. One of them was a gold knight while the other two were silver knights.

“Its forbidden to carry weapons into the hall.” Neuss stopped them by the door.

All three of the knights frowned as they turned to look at old Fulin.

Old Fulin nodded slightly.

All three of them were displeased but still gave their weapons to Neuss.

“Old patriarch, please come over. Young master has been waiting for a long time.” Kroen showed them the way.

Old Fulin nodded but at the same time waved with his hand to indicate the three knights to stop by the castle’s entrance. Sander helped him to go in.

Korne opened the door to the study room and looked at Dudian who was wrapped in cotton clothing: “Master, Old patriarch has come over.”

“You go out first.” Dudian replied.

Kroen nodded however he gestured Old Fulin and Sander to enter the study room. He gently closed the door and waited outside.

“It’s so warm in here.” Old Fulin said as he looked at the flames burning in the fireplace.

Dudian folded the corner of the page and closed the book. He looked at Old Fulin and Sander: “Are you alright? You have been missing from the scene for a few days.”

“I’m getting old.” Old Fulin laughed. He looked at Dudian: “I heard that you had a small friction with Brandon family yesterday. Do you want me to settle it?”

“No need.” Dudian smiled as he took the tea pot from the desk. He soaked and cleaned it. Later on he added tea and poured the hot water to brew it. He shook the cup and filled the cups. The smell of fresh tea exuded from the tea pot and cups.

Old Fulin was surprised: “I would doubt that you weren’t born in a noble family if your hair color wasn’t black. ”

Dudian smiled: “Etiquette is something that can be learned. If the libraries were oopen to the civilians the so called ‘noble etiquette’ wouldn’t be for nobles only.”

Old Fulin smiled but didn’t continue to chat.

Dudian wasn’t intending to continue to talk about that matter. He went straight to the point: “Patriarch, any news from the Mellon consortium?”

“Nope.” Old Fulin took a sip from the tea: “Most of the members of the Mellon consortium have joined our New World consortium. But a small part of them have joined other consortia. Moreover there is a public boycott to any product produced by Mellon consortium and there is noone buying their things. The Mel family is making loss everyday and will collapse soon.”

Dudian nodded: “Mel family?”

“George was imprisoned without a chance for parole. The prestige of Mel family has fallen to the ground. In a matter of day they were thrown from heavens to the hell.” Old Fulin continued: “Mellon consortium has no chance to stand up again. The Mel family will declare bankruptcy in few days.”

Dudian nodded: “Exterminate them!”

Old Fulin stared at him: “I will.”

“Try to stabilize and operate the industries that you took from Mellon consortium.” Dudian drank his own tea: “From now on, I will not provide any practical help to the consortium. Patriarch its all on you now.”

Old Fulin was confused: “But…why?”

Sander was also anxious: “Yes, why? We have the momentum and the public believes us. If we attack the other consortia they won’t be able to back on anyone. We can swallow all of them. If you provide us with inventions then we can even rule the outer wall!”

Dudian looked at him: “Ruling the outer wall area? Don’t forget the military and Holy Church are above the consortia!”

Sander was puzzled: “Military and Holy Church? They would never meddle and intervene in this matter. They have nothing to do with it if we are able to swallow up other consortia! ”

Dudian stared back at old Fulin: “Patriarch right now everything seems calm. We are slowly swallowing up and digesting the Mellon consortium. But the other consortia are at start and looking towards the New World consortium. If you keep trying to expand you will be punished. The military and the Holy Church would never sit idle. They need a balanced system. The one who breaks this balance gets punished. That’s why the Temple forbids masters to cooperate and be in close contact with nobles! A master can’t help out his own family so that an imbalance would be created!”

“Of course, there are some masters who contact consortia. But they only help a little. If there is too much of a help provided then the Temple will open its one eye and close the other. You know the stakes at hand and I hope you can understand what I mean.”

Old Fulin pondered for a moment and looked at Dudian: “Do you mean that we can’t attack other consortia in the future? But what if they try to fight with us? What should we do then?”

“A business is a business.” Dudian continued: “There will be conflicts and fricts while doing business. But I will still stay away from the operations of the New World consortium. However you shouldn’t be worried. Although I won’t help but everyone is aware that I have close connections to New World Consortium. They won’t provoke you. You can also borrow my fame to operate. It should be more than enough to cope with other consortia.”

Old Fulin sighed. He also realized the current situation. He knew that if they tried to move forward the fill face a cliff.

This cliff wasn’t something that was there but was artificially placed in front of them.

“I know, don’t worry. As long as you are alive we only need to borrow your fame to become the largest consortium.” Old Fulin replied.

Dudian smiled as he continued to pour tea.

“What are you planning to do if not focus on inventions?” Old Fulin asked while he drank tea.

Dudian responded: “There are lots of things. Right now, I’m going to be a faction master. But my department isn’t stable yet. However it has much better identity rather than a master with two legendary inventions. I’ll continue to research… But I fear that I will ruin the world.”

“Ruin the world?” Old Fulin and Sander were surprised. This tone… Isn’t it a bit cocky?

Dudian saw the expression on their faces. He laughed but didn’t elaborate: “In the future I will teach and train a group of outstanding students. No one would dare to touch New World consortium even after I die.”

“That’s true.” Old Fulin laughed: “You are young but you think so far ahead. One of my legs is in hereafter but I haven’t considered things like you.”

Dudian glanced at Sander: “I always plan for long-term!”

Old Fulin sighed: “We may be able to go much farther if the military and Holy Church wouldn’t suppress us. Unfortunately, the system is like this and its not about our abilities… No one is willing to share the bowl of meat in front of them with others. We are same too. It’s best not to threaten them.”

Dudian heard his words and added: “In fact, every system is the same. If you want to climb up then being a bit stronger than the rest is not enough. You have to be so strong that you can rush out by losing them behind.”

Old Fulin continued: “A supreme ruler… We were able to destroy a consortia which had a foundation that was built on decades of experience. But our background is too thin to cope up with Holy Church or the military which had hundreds of years to build foundation. I hope the next generation will rise!”

Dudian looked at him: “Patriarch you may be old but your heart is young!”

“You are a useless man if your heart is old! ”

Dudian received the news that Burong family had come to visit after sending off Old Fulin.

Dudian didn’t met them but let Kroen to handle the issue.

“Master the messenger of the Burong family has gone back. They have brought over a gift.” Kroen handed out a box to him.

The box was open and there was a contract inside it.

“I was worried that there would be something dangerous inside so I opened it without a permission.” Kroen said.

Dudian said: “I’ll check it now.”

“Yes, young master.”

Dudian picked up the contract and skimmed through. There was a trace of cold that passed through his eyes: “They want to play around me by offering few industries…Naïve!”

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  1. Please make the Rudolph family pay!! He better do something next chapter!!

    Anyways I love the Ryan Family. I hope they become Dean right hand. But does this mean Dean abandoning them?has the Ryan family prosper? The author really skips on important details here….

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