DK – Ch 419

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The Dark King – Chapter 419

“Master, Sergei they come back.” Kroen reported.

“Did he buy it?”

“He didn’t buy just robbed it.” Kroen glanced at Dudian.

“Oh, I’m hungry. Let’s go.”


There were few pieces of free rib meat of tooth crab on dinner table. The rest were high-quality beefs. Dudian looked at Kroen: “I’ll be giving the public lecture few days later. Did you contact the tailor for warm clothes?”

“They are working on it.” Kroen replied.

Dudian looked at the plate: “From now on I’ll eat the meal made in ‘tiger eyed rhino oil’ or ‘one eyed fish oil’. From tomorrow on prepare accordingly.”

Kroen nodded.

Sergei strangely looked at Dudian: “Before you weren’t so picky about the food. What happened to you last two days?”

Dudian glanced at him but was lazy to answer. He felt the cold in his body ease up after eating rib meat of the tooth crab. He sighed and got up: “Kroen, come to my study room after eating.”

“Oh? Alright …”

Kroen quickly ate his dinner and came to Dudian’s study room: “Master, are you looking for me?”

“Come in.”

Kroen pushed the door. He saw Dudian sitting by the desk and writing something. He waited.

Dudian handed him out a paper and told to him: “In the future I want to eat meals made out of these ingredients. If you can’t find in the market then go to families and try to buy it. If they don’t sell then steal it!”

Kroen was speechless as he read through the ingredients: “Master, only from this list? ”


There were lots of ingredients that Kroen had never even heard their names. But he was able to recognize some of them. All were valuable top ingredients. You couldn’t eat them even in the well-known restaurants. A cost of a single tooth crab was enough to accumulated wealth of seven or eight years of an ordinary civilian family.

In addition to crabs Dudian had written about clams. They were also rare than the crabs.

Moreover there was ‘caviar’ and ‘mountain dew’. The former was also a very well-known food. The ordinary nobles couldn’t even afford to eat it. The latter was something that money couldn’t buy. It would only appear in black snow season. But finding it was a problem. Many civilians died every black snow season as they search snow-capped mountain tops for mountain dew. However the ones who found it would change their lives the moment they sold it.”

Kroen put away the list and looked at Dudian: “Master these ingredients are hard to cook and we don’t have a professional chef. We would waste them even if we find them. Would you like to hire a chef?”

Dudian replied: “Hired people are not trustworthy. A few days later new partners will join us. You get to buy these ingredients first.”

“Yes.” Kroen nodded.

“Mr. Chai, do you really want me to send someone over to get statement from Master Dean?” Sergei slowly narrated everything to the old man then asked.

Chai Rostov gently swayed the glass of red wine: “I had already heard about it and made an investigation. Those two were indeed his attendants. The reason for his actions is to see our reaction! He hasn’t dealt with the roots of Mellon consortium and he wants to deal with us. Young and ignorant!”

Cage frowned: “Our consortium has been in partnership with him many times. We haven’t offended him. Why would he pick us?”

Chai narrowed his eyes: “He should be upset about the new textile machine!”

“New textile machine?” Cage was startled: “We have them enough money because of the new textile machine. Although after two months it was already widely spread in the commercial district. Actually Krylov consortium tried to suppress him because of the senior hunter called Sergei who he had bailed out. Why doesn’t he try to revenge them?”

Chai looked at him: “It’s hard to calculate such a thing. Anyway, since he wants to see our reaction then let him see how we act! Send people and ask him to give a statement! I would like to see how he will respond!”

“Yes.” Cage nodded.

Huasheng consortium.

“Master, we just got information that there is a high price reward posted in the dark church for the one who can assassinate that genius master.” Butler looked at the old man: “Master, should we secretly push it up a bit?

Hank folded the newspaper in his hands: “No the kid is still too young. He has swallowed the Mellon consortium but haven’t digested it yet. But he has already provoked Scott consortium. Huh! I though he will make an alliance with the Scott consortium. I was very worried about it. Actually originally I was planning to send the information regarding the return of new textile machines to provoke the relationship between them. But now it seems the kid is aware of everything.”

The butler asked: “Did he troubled Brandon family to see the reaction of Scott consortium? Brandon family has lost face. Will they find him for that?”

“Let’s see how they respond.”

“Master, then the plan before …”

“Temporarily put on hold. Let’s wait for them to get tired from fighting and we can attack at the best possible time!”

Green Foundation. Clinton family.

“Temporarily cancel the previous plan. I want to wait and see the reactions…” Steve Clinton sipped from the coffee cup as he looked at the young man next to him.

The youth wearing traditional Chinese clothing replied: “Yes, master.”

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  1. Damn… There sure are a lot of plot against him… Tsk. Always in trouble… The poor kid can never rest… Oh well..

    Thanks MadSnail =) !!!

  2. Thanks!

    This food thing has to be the dumbest plot device I have ever seen. It is just a silly and pointless thing that is gonna be used just to start bullshit conflict and intrigue.

  3. Hmmm why is dean acting so cocky?….. Did he intentionally provoke the scott guys? Ahhh the author just hat to make him have a terminal illness didn’t he? Sigh~~ dudian suffers way too much….

  4. Hi, MadSnail i dont usually write comments but today i just felt like i should. I also dont want to be mean or anything since you are on my top 10 list of translators and you are doing an awesome job here. But previously you talked about starting a new series and i am all up for a new novel from you but i would like to remind you that you should first get an editor and then start a new novel. As you have seen from this novel most of the people who didnt like the novel or have given up earlier on was mostly due to the amount of grammar mistakes in the earlier chapters. So for new readers as well as the old once please look for a editor before you start a novel.

    Thank you
    Sincerely Your reader.

    1. thanks mate! i really appreciate readers such as yourself. the quality of translations will be much more better with the new novel. Martinke and few others people will edit the chapters before they are publish.

  5. I guess its about time for Jura to turn into a zombie. She touched the blue crystals and should have been infected when she did. It would cause quite the scene, and knowing that the auteur is trying to make it as hard as possible for Dean, this sounds like a plausible scenario.

    1. Came into contact with the blue crystals* I do not know if she had skin contact with them, but seeing as how she wasn’t kept in the castle, this was my first thought.

  6. Many civilians died every black snow season as they search snow-capped mountain tops for mountain dew. LOL again

  7. Thanks for the chapters!

    I can accept Dean using food in some sort of silly political way.
    What I don’t get is why his assistants think he’s doing it because of some strange rich man impulse. Even if they don’t get it’s connected to his disease, they aren’t that stupid, are they?

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