DK – Ch 418

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The Dark King – Chapter 418

“Master, we will offend people this way…” Kroen said in a weak tone.

Dudian indifferently replied: “I said do it. I’m the one who is offending… ”

“Okay.” Kroen didn’t expect Dudian to be so persistent with food: “Should I tell Sergei to buy it.”

“Neuss should also go with him.” Dudian continued: “Tell him to offer a price to buy first. If the man doesn’t sell then rob it. I’d like to see if he has courage not to sell it.”


Kroen came to the hall and passed Dudian’s words to Sergei and Neuss. Both of them looked at each other. Sergei turned towards Kroen: “Did he really say that we should steal if they don’t sell it?”

“Yes.” Kroen replied in a confident tone.

Sergei was stunned: “I didn’t think he would be so much into food. I will bring it back.” Both of them rode on horses as they went towards the territory of Brandon family.

“Linda, isn’t hall ready yet?” Cage asked the girl next to him as he looked down at the attendants who were busy in the magnificent hall.

The girl was about ten year old. She was wearing a luxurious golden skirt which had countless crystals embroidered on it. It was a very gorgeous and eye-catching dress. It seemed that a master tailor had sewn it.

“Father everything is ready. We are waiting for guests.” Linda replied and smiled.

Cage laughed and said: “Today uncle William will come too. I have heard that his son is a second level knight of light at the Temple. He loves the music of “Mr Hamming”. He is your favorite composer too. Talk to him in the banquet about that.”

Linda’s face turned red: “Dad, what are you talking about!? Today’s banquet is meant for you and uncle William. It’s to congratulate him because of the rise in position.”

“Silly kid.” Cage laughed.

At the same time a middle-aged butler dressed in black tuxedo came forward and bowed his head: “Master, there are two people who has come to see you. They claim to be the attendants of Master Dean.”

“Master Dean!?” Cage was surprised.

Linda’s eyes lit up as she looked at the butler: “Is that the genius master Dean?”

The butler respectfully replied: “Yes, miss.”

“Really?” Linda was excited as she clutched Cage’s hand: “Father will he also come over to congratulate uncle William?”

Cage felt strange when he heard her words. He looked at butler: “Let them come.”

“Yes, master.” Butler left.

There was excitement in Lena’s eyes as she said: “Dad my birthday is after few days. Can you invite master Dean to my birthday party? My friends will feel so envious if he comes to my party! I have heard that Master Dean isn’t only a superb architect but also a handsome golden knight! He knows poetry too. He is just too perfect!”

Cage helplessly replied: “Don’t even think about that. Our Brandon family is not on the same level as him.”

Linda pouted her mouth: “I’m his admirer. I want to personally see him.”

Cage shook his head and stood in silence. The butler returned. Two tall figures were walking behind him. One of them had golden hair while the other had a burly physique. Both of them were indeed attendants from their uniform. Cage glanced at them and saw no gifts in their hands.

“Greetings, Mr Brandon Cage.” Sergei politely said as he stood in front of Cage.

Cage smiled: “Please sit down.”

“No need.” Sergei looked left and right. He saw that no one was paying attention to them so he whispered: “Patriarch cage our young master sent us to ask something from you.”

“Ask something?” Cage continued in a quiet tone: “What things?”

“Tooth crab.” Cage said: Young master has recently taking a liking to this food. We searched all the places today. In the market we were told that your family servant bought it today. We will pay three times the amount to buy the tooth crab. Would you please sell it to us?”

Cage and Linda looked at each other. They never thought that Sergei would come over to discuss a food.

“He likes to eat crabs …” Linda secretly noted this point.

Cage slightly frowned as he pondered. He knew that there was a constant storm in the business world. Master Dean was the main force to defeat the Mellon consortium. However Brandon family wasn’t a pushover either. They knew the pattern’s of change in the commercial district.

“Patriarch?” Sergei said as he saw Cage contemplate.

Cage hesitated: “You should tell master Dean that we have already sent the menu to our guests. I can resell it now. If master Dean wants it I will find and bring tooth crab in a few days of time.”

Sergei’s eyebrows wrinkled: “Patriarch lets not be so stingy. Our young master likes to eat it and we are ready to pay triple the amount. Is my young master’s face so worthless? Or you don’t want to give him face?”

Linda didn’t expect her father to refuse. She grabbed his arm: “Dad, lets give them. We can use something else.”

“No.” Cage flatly refuse: “There are rules of our family and we have to follow them. The menu has been published already. How can we freely modify it at this point?”

Sergei narrowed his eyes: “If that’s so… Patriarch can you at least let us see the tooth crab? Is this request too much?”

Cage slowly replied: “That’s not a problem. I’ll personally take both of you to see it.” He turned away and took the lead.

Sergei winked at Neuss and Neuss replied: “I’ll be waiting for you in here.”

Sergei nodded as he went to the kitchen.

Cage Brandon ordered the chef to show the tooth crab.

It was a big crab which had black colored head. It was totally different from ordinary craps as it had sharp teeth in the mouth. It fed on fish. The feeding costs were very expensive and the crab itself was very rare. Only few people were willing to breed it within the wall. Most of the tooth crabs had radiation in them or could be found in desolate lakes in the wilderness.

“Very cute.” Sergei reached out to touch it.

Cage felt that master’s attendant was acting frivolously.

At the same time, Sergei quickly grabbed the crab and hit chefs close to him. He turned and run away.

Cage was shocked.

Everything happened as fast as lightning. Cage didn’t react for a long time. He recovered when Sergei had run quite a distance. He loudly shouted: “Get him!”

The attendant began to chase after him.

Sergei was fast as he jumped over the wall of the manor.


A figure was running behind him.

Sergei looked back and laughed: “Catch me if you can.” He quickly bypassed few streets and was lost from sight.

The man following him tried to catch up with him but still failed. He turned back to the manor.

The same night a sensational news was spread from Brandon family. People claiming to be master Dean’s attendants robbed the kitchen.

The news spread like spider net to everywhere.

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    1. “It was totally different from ordinary craps as it had sharp teeth in the mouth.”
      WTH is this line. craps having sharp teeth and mouth that is scary ya known nightmares

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