DK – Ch 417

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The Dark King – Chapter 417

“Master, what do you mean?” Butler was confused.

Rudolph responded: “Do you really think that he is dealing with the Mellon consortium because of revenge? Everyone thinks so, but the point is everyone is wrong. Its not because of the resentment but he just have deal with us. If he chooses to deal with another one then he will have one more enemy to deal at the same time!”

“So he is finishing off Mellon because he has no other choice!”

“And he have chosen to do so. The other consortia are happy at sight and if there is a possible chance they will help out too. The knife will become more sharper that way.”

Butler sighed: “Master but he isn’t an ordinary weapon anymore. He has become a master. The Mel family has fallen so the next will be us!”

Rudolph slowly said: “Have you ever thought why he dealt with Mel family but not with our Burong family?”

Butler was surprised then his eyes lit up: “Master, do you mean that he didn’t deal with us because he has feelings for little miss? Then we won’t… ”

Rudolph interrupted him: “Since when have you become so foolish?”

Butler was stunned.

“Do you really think this monster has feelings? Imprisonment, suffering non-human torture… Do you think after all those he will have ‘feelings’? Do you think those ‘feelings’ can affect his judgment?” Rudolph said in a cold tone.

Butler’s face changed: “Master, if he doesn’t have feelings for little miss then what was the reason?”

Rudolph replied: “There are two reasons for his actions. The first may be his feelings towards Jenny but I think it has so low possibility of happening that it is not even an option. So the real reason can be the second choice. This one is much more in line with his style of doings things.”

“The second reason?”

“In the past he fought with Mellon consortium but he was just a weapon. Scott consortium was willing to help him and other consortia also supported him to see the fight between tigers. But now the situation has changed. As you have mentioned he has become a master. Since it is so then he has to face other masters too.”

“The real battlefield has just begun for him! The other consortia will not tolerate such a monster continue to grow. The military won’t allow and the Holy Church would not allow him to grew big and swallow up the other five consortia. Maybe he can even assimilate Holy Church and the military.”

“If he becomes that big then he can influence the balance of power between the military and Holy Church. The side he gives support means the end of the other side. Neither military nor Holy Church would be willing to face such a situation.”

Butler was startled: “Master, do you mean that he chose to deal with Mel family because he didn’t mercy us but to defeat the Mellon consortium. After he gets rid of the main enemy then he will go after the other consortia!?”

“Yes.” Rudolph replied: “Mel family was the leader of the Mellon consortium. The Mellon consortium dissipated after Mel family went down. Now as a master with two legendary inventions in his resume every consortium will want him to become their ally. However he is a disaster for the consortium. His like a thorn in the flesh!”

Butler asked: “But the thing is the relationship between him and the New World consortium is very well known. He is bound to New World consortium not just by the financial interests but by virtues! Then all the other consortia, Holy Church and the military will secretly try to suppress them, don’t they?”

“The military and Holy Church won’t take action right now. The will see the situation and check his performance.” Rudolph continued: “There will be no consequences if he is only willing to keep New World consortium as a consortium. But if he is restless and wants more than that then he will be finished even though he is a master. Its just a title. The moment he violates the rules then he will swallow the bitter fruit. Anyway, since Jenny doesn’t want to apologize then you have to make a trip in her stead…”


“Don’t forget to take a gift. This gift…should be the one we used to give to the businesses in the commercial district.”

Butler was shocked: “Master, but …”


“Any news from the Ryan family these last two days?” Dudian put the book aside and casually asked.

Kroen shook his head: “No.”

Dudian handed a picture to Kroen: “Give it to them. They must built it before sunset.”

Kroen saw a huge cage drawn on the picture. He was surprised but he didn’t ask anything.

Dudian called Nicholas over after Kroen departed: “There are few members of the Mellon consortium that are my friends. You used to be a butler for a noble family. I will leave their protection to you. Don’t let them get hurt.”

Nicholas nodded: “Alright.”

Kroen returned after moments: “Master, Neuss have sent a letter. Sergei and him have gone to several markets to find tooth crab meat but none of them sold anything.”

Dudian said in a cold tone: “If there is none in market then they should have gone directly to the supplier. Is there no one in the entire outer wall that sells it? As long as there is tooth crab meat then it should be on my table. Do you understand it?”

Kroen scratched his head: “Young master, actually there is. I have heard that Brandon family will give a banquet this evening and have bought tooth crab meat…”

“Buy it.” Dudian interrupted him.

Kroen carefully said: “Young master, but this Brandon family is a high-ranking noble family and have big industries under their command. If they refuse to sell…”

“Steal it! I don’t like repeating myself. If there is a tooth crab meat somewhere within the outer wall, even if its placed in front of the Pope, I have to eat it. Am I clear?”

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  1. These crummy villains are getting tiring. Is Jenny so prideful that she doesn’t want to apologize? If they are all against him then he should join the dark church!

  2. Dean is becoming more and more insane , as the story goes. Not that i dont understand , its just a little unsettleling seeing him like this. I worry for what he will become

  3. This chapter has seen a rather large drop in the quality of translation that we’ve been seeing, to the point where it makes reading it difficult.

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