DK – Ch 416

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The Dark King – Chapter 416

Kroen hesitated: “I will try my best, young master.”

“You must.” Dudian added: “In addition to the tooth crab I want to use the most expensive tableware produced personally by the masters. Moreover I will drink the pure water that has been repeatedly filtered.”

Kroen was startled. He wanted to ask the benefits of eating tooth crab but he changed his mind as he heard Dudian talk. Maybe the personal preferences of rich and famous change as they get more wealth?

Kroen bowed his head: “Master, anything else I should note down?”

“Inform the Temple to make sure that the temperature in the lecture hall is high. I think you know the reason!” Dudian replied.

“I know, I will keep it secret.” There was a trace of concern in Kroen’s eyes: “Master, teaching will consume a lot of energy. Would you be able to handle it with your current health issue?”

“I’m not that easy to fall down. Call Artemis over.”

“Yes, young master.”

“Father, can’t we bail out grandpa?” Sarah looked at Mark in pain and remorse.

Mark sighed: “I have contacted few generals from the military. Bail is impossible. However they promised to make sure that he lives in a better environment. He won’t be humiliated.”

Sarah clenched her fists as tears fell down her eyes: “Father, Ron was certainly ambushed. Maybe we should send everyone to kill him. As long as he dies we can restore to our original strength and take back grandpa.”

“Nonsense!” Mark spoke in angry tone: “Have you forgotten my teachings? You gotta be more calm as the situation gets dangerous! Regret and pain won’t bring anything. Moreover if he is killed whether we are involved or not we will be the first target of the Holy Church’s anger! They would just go for a genocide!”

Sarah’s body flicked as she heard the word “genocide”.

“Father, father …”

Mark interrupted her: “I have investigated the day of the crime. The kid had two senior hunters close to him. He sent one of them out. The woman by her side wouldn’t be able to keep up with Ron. It seems he keeps another expert by his side… A hidden one. I think that this hidden expert is the old butler!”

Sarah was startled: “Father, do you mean that he has three senior hunter level helpers by his side?”

“The kid himself also has the strength of an intermediate level hunter. He has the magic marks of a juranzhi. His combat strength is enough to fight with one or two ordinary senior level hunters. So unless we want to kill him for good we need experts from at least two consortia!” Mark continued in a cold tone: ” However there are more way to kill in addition to the use of sword. I have already posted a reward in dark church. Whoever can kill him will get five million gold coins. We don’t need to keep to money right now. He won’t let us go free. Either he dies or us!”

Sarah took a deep breath: “Father, did you actually contacted the dark church?”

Mark coldy looked at her: “What? Why would I dirty my own hands if there is such a good knife to be used?”

“No, no.” Sarah whispered: “It’s sensitive period of time. If Holy Church finds that…”

Mark snorted: “Holy Church? Holy Church is smart as they ‘sell’ illusory things. Only fools will believe them!”

Sarah whispered: “Father, you said that he has three people with the combat power of senior hunter. The strength of a consortium is needed to kill him. How dark church will accomplish… ”

Mark replied: “Even if they aren’t able to kill him then at least he will live in caution for the rest of his life. Don’t underestimate dark church. They have vicious alchemists, potioners, puppeteers… He will die unless Holy Church sends a group of knight to guard him day and night!”

Sarah’s heart was relieved.

“What about our investments? We don’t have much of a time! Old Fulin has been devouring our businesses. Throw the rest away if they don’t amount to much. ” Mark changed the topic.

“Father its useless! He said that he won’t see me again. Its useless for me to beg him.” Jenny was dressed in uniform of the magistrate and was looking at her father who was standing in front of her.

Rudolph sighed: “The Mellon Consortium is finished. The Mel family will have the same end sooner or later. Our Burong family is in dire need of your help. Only you are able to resolve the hatred in his heart. Otherwise Burong family will be devoured and completely destroyed by him!”

Jenny bit her lips as she bowed her head.

“Miss, I beg you…Please help out!” Butler who was next to them knelt down to beg,

Jenny looked at him: “Uncle, don’t.”

“Miss, I won’t get up unless you go to talk with him.” Butler begged.

Jenny replied in hurry: “Get up uncle…I-I… ”

Rudolph silently looked at the scene. He sighed: “Get up.”

Butler looked at him.

Rudolph waved at Jenny.

Jenny hesitated so she slowly walked towards him.

“Tell your dad. Don’t you want to see him?” Rudolph whispered as he stroked her hair.

Jenny clenched her teeth not to cry: “I went that time but …”

Rudolph patted her shoulder and took her into his arms: “If you don’t want to go then don’t! I won’t force you. Do what you want to do as long as it makes you happy. I will handle the family business.”

Tears flowed down Jenny’s cheeks.

“This is the result of my actions. I will bear the loss of failure since our businesses fail.” Rudolph stroke her hair and said in gentle tone: “Its not a big deal! I believe that in twenty or thirty years the Burong family will rise again!

Jenny wiped her tears and looked at him: “I’ll work with you!”

Rudolph looked up and laughed: “Good! We will work together!”

Butler asked after Jenny left: “Master, we are in a critical situation right now. After the public lecture the kid’s strength will reach a new level. He will have enough power to crush us easily. Why did you stopped the lady? She could plead for us!”

“Pleading is not the way out.” Rudolph slowly said as the smile on his faded away: “Moreover, how do you think he climbed up all the way from prison to today’s position? He didn’t rely on love but hate!”

“Hatred can make a person go crazy!”

“Hatred will give you strength and drive that is much more powerful than love!”

“He has strong hate towards us so an apology at this point will make him despise us.” Rudolph continued: “But the hate he feels towards us is not the revengeful madness… It’s a good thing. We can squeeze out a lot of things from the hate and love that he feels!”

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  1. Come on I can’t wait it’s too hard ! Help anyone plz ! Just kidding thanks for the hard work. Ready for the new novel you will translate x)

  2. Nice I like this novel because the mc doesn’t have it easy, struggle in a pit of vipers and gain the right to be the final winner or die trying.

  3. I hope he doesn’t do something stupid like killing Jenny in front of him to make him despair or something

  4. I like this development with intrigues, political fighting and the recent health issue a lot more than fighting outside the wall. Probably because it’s less predictable?

  5. Just when things are looking up for dean. The author pulls another out of his ass to fuck dean over. I feel sorry for him having the author as an enemy is one you can’t beat… wait that could be an idea for another novel? lol I’m good

  6. Thanks for the chapter:)

    I kinda think the disease is unnecessary but it makes one feel pity with him 🙁

  7. Sigh. Rudolph is still trying to use Dean? He doesn’t feel an ounce of regret and Jenny still sides with him!

    1. It isn’t that Jenny still sides with him, it is that she knows it’s useless. She seems to understand it is useless to beg, that it is her fault for not even trying to believe Dean and she probably feels guilty. Guilty enough to want to make up for it, however the one person that she should make up to doesn’t accept it. Now using those emotions of guilt, Rudolph makes it seem that she owes the family and that’s why she helps him.

      I also believe Dean doesn’t want to kill Jenny, and that will eventually make Rudolph’s plans fail.

      1. >I also believe Dean doesn’t want to kill Jenny,

        i agree

        >and that will eventually make Rudolph’s plans fail.

        i think its exactly the other way around, rudys plan actually hangs on the matter of not killing her

  8. wait, did Sarah doesn’t have any involvement with the Dark Church? Or was she pretending in front of her family?

  9. Deanie-Bear, just hurry up and slaughter the Burong family… We don’t need them! We don’t need Jenny! Cowardly, goody-two-shoe girls are NOT NECESSARY.

    Ah, I can already imagine this scene:

    “You wouldn’t kill her, right? It’s Jenny- the girl you love!” Rudolph yelled.

    Dean didn’t answer and just stared at Jenny.

    “P-Please… Dean…” Looking up to him, tears flowed down her face. “We can rebuild our lives… together! I’ll never doubt you again! Dean, I still love y-”

    Dean had already nodded at Sergei. Seeing his signal, Sergei slashed his blade across her neck.

    Jenny’s head fell to the ground.

    “JENNY! JENNY!! No, no, no, this isn’t- this isn’t supposed to happen!” Rudolph screamed, disbelief written across his face.

    Turning around, Dean snapped his fingers as he exits.

    The second head fell.

    Rudolph’s head.

    And the Burong family was no more.

  10. EVENTUALLY Dean exterminates the burong family and saves Jenny. They lived happily live after for 100 years. And, he becomes super OP
    later while they were doing the deed, Jenny kills him by stabbing his “marks” and Dean asks why. She tells him “This is for my father, fathers
    last wish” and Dean heartbroken cries tears of blood then she commits suicide. At that moment Immortal comes down and saves Dean out of pity.
    Dean heartbroken gazes at the heavens and gains insights to Dao of love & hatred. Then he cuts his emotions to reach immortals realm and ascends to heaven.
    P.S this is what I was daydreaming about while scrolling through the comments

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