DK – Ch 415

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The Dark King – Chapter 415

“Unfortunately, there is no microscope! Otherwise I would be able to find the cause of blood crystallization. The blood couldn’t froze just because of the body temperature. There should be an order to everything. Maybe the blood was crystallized not because of the low body temperature but there was a cause that made the blood froze and the body temperature got so low…”

Dudian frowned.

Production of a microscope with current technology was nothing but a wishful thinking.

He looked at Kroen: “Order Neuss to go to different libraries and bring back medical books. The more remote libraries he goes the better it is. In addition tell him to bring only one fifth of the total as the medical books and the other part to select from different sections. Ask him to be carefuly of enemies. His every move will be checked. He shouldn’t let outsiders know what he is aiming for. Do you get me?”

Kroen reacted with an ‘ah’ noise as he was puzzled. He knew that Dudian had chosen Neuss because of his golden hair. But he couldn’t understand why he would take on one-fifth of total as medical books. Shouldn’t it be better if he got more?

He didn’t ask because he was aware that Dudian wouldn’t answer such a simple question. He had to come up with answer by himself.

Kroen brought few medical books that were on the shelf to Dudian.

“The splitter’s scythe had pierced my body. Although Scar’s corpse had blocked the most of the attack but I was wounded. It had cut out a big hole in my waist. The wound was infected when my body with mixed with the corpses of other monsters. So everyone who has had ‘ice blood syndrome’ in history had one way or other had come in contact with monsters…at least most of them… ”

Initially, Dudian had the magic marks from juranzhi and he was immune to most diseases. So nothing strange had appeared. However after changing it with the magic marks of the splitter his body had changed too. He felt cold when he came back from the giant wall the last time.

However knowing the reason didn’t mean that he had a solution.

Moreover he didn’t know how long he had to live after being infected such a strange sickness.

“God will make me day when the time comes… However heavens have put too many tests in front of me …” Dudian gently rubbed his fingers.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

These last few days Neuss borrowed a lot of books from famous libraries. There were medical books that Dudian were interested in. The rest had variety of topics such as the history of the giant wall, the history of barbarians, biography of legendary people, music and so on.

“What’s happening with Mellon consortium?” Dudian asked Kroen as he put away the medical book. He was checking medical books day and night to find clues about the disease and ways to solve it. There was no time to read newspapers and think about situation.

Kroen replied: “Master, Mellon consortium fell apart after the old patriarch of the Mel family George was sent to prison. The Mel family business also plummeted. The industries under their command have suffered boycott of public and other businesses. They are making losses everyday. Hotels and entertainment centers they own have been smashed by mobs. They wouldn’t be able to hold on for long”

“Tell Old Fulin to seize the opportunity finish them for good. If its dragged for long then the anger of public will quell. We will need to use much more resources to completely defeat Mel family at that point.” Dudian commanded.

Kroen nodded. He knew that Mel family was a famous aristocratic family in the outer wall. It was reduced to ashes at this point. He recalled the time when a gardener from Mel family had come to the orphanage for adoption. He was the most prominent person there at that time. Everyone wanted to be adopted by the gardener back then. Now the Mel family was a noble family in decline. However as an old noble family they had roots that had spread wide. They didn’t immediately collapse even after the strong pressure put on them by Dudian.

“He said that if his hands had wounds then he was forbidden to touch the ‘soul crystals’ so not to trap the spirits inside his body… ” Dudian was startled as he saw a case for treatment. The clergyman wrote that anyone who was infected with ‘ice blood syndrome’ had to take lots of sugar and eat beef… “If the medicine was taken on time then it was possible to live for two years… The shortest time is a week. If attention wasn’t paid to cold …avoid cold water, black snow…”

Dudian felt like he was struck by lightning.

At best only two years?

The shortest … a week of life?

Is it same as the late stage of cancer?

He bowed his head to read again. He repeatedly read it until he confirmed that he wasn’t wrong. Did it mean that at best he had two short years to live?

Two years would pass in the blink of an eye!

He thought about grand ideas and ideals in his heart. However if it went like this then there was no way to achieve any of them!

Kroen saw Dudian’s strange reaction as he read the book. Kroen’s face changed as he realized that something bad was found by Dudian. He carefully asked: “Master, what has happened?”

Dudian was silent for a while: “Nothing. Go out now.”

Kroen was hesitant as he left the room. He stayed by the door.

There was a trace of confusion in Dudian’s eyes as he stared outside the window.

After a long time…

The time got late and outside darkened.

The night was reflected in his eyes. His numb look gradually restored as Dudian whispered: “sugar and beef… All of them are high-calorie foods. According to the book the disease can be suppressed if I consume high-calorie foods…If I eat something that has more calorie then it is possible to even live longer.”

“Moreover the physique of those people infected with ‘ice blood syndrome’ are much weaker than mine. If my body reaches a higher level then the resistance will enhance too. I may be hold on for a little longer!”

Gradually a strong desire to live resurrected in his heart replacing the despair.

“I have to master the medicine in time of two years. Afterwards I have to find a solution. They were able to find solution to cancer. This ‘ice blood syndrome’ is nothing much relative to cancer. It should be a simple condition even though they call it terminal condition in this era. I will change the world. I will change this simple condition and make it an ordinary disease!”

How could he throw the towel because of a little bit of pain?

“Kroen!” Dudian shouted.

Kroen pushed the door and entered the room: “Yes, young master!”

“My armor and cloth should be made out of the warmest materials.” Dudian continued: “Additionally, from today on I will eat only the rib meat of ‘tooth crab’.

Kroen was surprised: “Meat of ‘tooth crab’? Master that is the most expensive ingredient. The front ribs of a tooth crab is about half a catty. Its only enough to eat one meal. Moreover its very rare and difficult to catch those crabs….”

“Is it hard?” Dudian said in a cold tone: “You have to buy it even if I wanted the meat of a dragon! If nobody sells then steal it!”

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  1. Also he killed a lot of Splitters are stole their magic marks.. it should help a lot. But yeah I admire the MC courage

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