DK – Ch 414

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The Dark King – Chapter 414

Dudian saw row upon row of crystallized blood as the skin above the abdomen was sliced open.

The color of the crystal was dark red like frozen blood. It was like a armor covering the body below his skin. At first glance it seemed like the skin was just a soft layer covering the armor.

Dudian was perplexed.

“Young master …” Kroen’s body slightly trembled in fear.

Jura’s eyes were full of shock as she stood confused on the spot.

Dudian looked at her: “What’s the name of the disease?”

Jura reacted to his words. Her eyes were full of loss. She had never seen such a strange scene in her life. The surface of the crystallized blood was extremely smooth. It was like fish scales one over the other. The most strange thing that she found was that the owner of the body was still alive.

“I do not know.” There was a complex expression on her face as she looked at the dark red crystals: “The blood was frozen because of the low temperature but… ” She couldn’t find the right words to express herself.

She didn’t dare to blindly make a diagnose as she hadn’t met such a condition before. Moreover she didn’t know how to solve the problem of frozen blood because of the low temperature.

Dudian’s heart sank as he saw the complex expression on her face: “Is there any way?

“I will try my best…” She used the scalpel to expand the area. She sliced open the skin all the way to intestines but there was nothing but dark red crystals.

She tried to touch but it was extremely cold.

Jura doubted that even the knife may not be able to pierce through this strange crystallized blood.

“Auntie, is there a way to treat it?” Kroen looked at Jura as he gradually adapted to the scene. He was anxious and nervous.

Cold sweat flowed down through Jura’s forehead. She hesitated for a moment: “It will be a little painful as I will try to remove one of the scales. Try to bear…”

Dudian took a deep breath: “I will endure you continue.”

Jura nodded and stared at Dudian’s abdomen. She looked at the edge of the scale and slowly stabbed the scalpel.

Traces were left on the crystallized blood as if the surgical knife had stabbed onto an ice block.

Dudian saw the blue veins extending on her wrist. He knew that she was putting a great effort but couldn’t pierce through the crystallized blood. Although Jura was an ordinary person but her strength wasn’t low either. Did it mean that to pierce through the crystallized blood you had to have an extraordinary strength?

Jura gradually increased the strength she put onto the scalpel. She used seventy or eighty percent of her power but she still couldn’t pierce the crystallized blood. She was taking big breathes as her wrist felt sour. Suddenly an idea flashed through her mind. She was startled as she looked at Dudian. Her eyes had fear in them. The feeling turned into remorse and pain.

Dudian felt bad as he saw her expression: “Auntie, is there no way?”

Jura’s eyes turned red as big tears began to fall down: “I have seen a description of a similar disease in a medical book. It is a very rare disease and extremely few people were infected with it.”

Dudian was startled: “What is the name of sickness?”

“Ice blood syndrome.” Jura bowed her head as she sniffed: “It is a rare terminal illness.”

Dudian’s heart sank when he heard the phrase terminal illness.

It was the same as hearing that he had cancer!

His heart beat violently but the throbbing of his heart gradually subsided. In the old era with the development of medical technology many types of cancer could be treated. Since in this era the ‘ice blood syndrome’ was classified as an incurable terminal illness then he had to rely on knowledge from the super chip to find the treatment.

Dudian was silent for a moment: “Auntie, thank you! Please sew it up.”

Jura was crying silently. She bit her lips as she heard Dudian’s words. She hold back the sobs but her heart was broken. She removed the neadly and very delicately sewed the skin.

Dudian quietly looked at her. After she was finished he asked: “Auntie, how long can I live?”

Jura bowed down her head: “There are not any detailed records. But you shouldn’t live long… ” She looked at Dudian: “It is an infectious disease. You better not share anything with others. In addition, its best for you that Holy Church isn’t aware of the disease. Otherwise they will hunt you down and isolate you.”

“Infectious disease?” Kroen’s face turned white as he stepped back instinctively.

Dudian glanced at him then looked at Jura: “Alright, auntie. Don’t mention this to anyone. If someone asks you then tell them that its just a cold.”

Jura continued to cry: “I’ll stay to take care of you.”

Dudian’s heart was warm but his expression became cold: “Kroen pay the medical expenses and send her off.”

Kroen left the room with Jura.

Kroen came back after a while. Dudian looked at him: “Give those medical books from the shelf to me.”

Kroen was startled as he handed him the books.

Dudian looked at the medical books that he had brought back from the library. Previously he didn’t have time to check them as he was busy learning knowledge from the super chip. He wanted to know more about the disease. Maybe in the old era it had a totally different name. He wanted to know the outcome that would happen after being infected with it.

He checked another book.

At one point Dudian stopped at a particular page of an old medical book. There was a narrative from a doctor who had lived hundred years ago. He was invited by an aristocrat to check an attendant in a snowy day. The body temperature of the attendant was very low. After the initial checkup he had decided to do surgery and check the problem.

But the doctor found out that the arm of the attendant was frozen below the skin. It was like frozen fish scales.

“Ice blood …” Dudian knew that the description of the attendant’s arm was very similar to his situation.

“I failed with the surgery. The noble drove me out. However I later mentioned this situation to a friend of mine. Soon, I heard that the people from Holy Church looked for that noble and arrested the sick attendant …” Dudian carefully read the page. According to the perspective of the above narration the disease was called as ‘ice blood syndrome’.

“It seems the Holy Church was the one to name the disease!” Dudian was surprised. He thought that doctors came up with the naming but he didn’t think that Holy Church was the one to take the lead and identify the disease.

He read more. However there was no follow-up information after the attendant was taken away by the Holy Church.

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  1. Eh?! That’s it? Juré left just like that… but I think the illness is actually an OP ability and the church tried to expirement on him the guy due to envy? But Kroen knows Dean secret…. is this really fine?

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