DK – Ch 413

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The Dark King – Chapter 413

Sergei carefully lifted up Dudian’s head and Gwyneth put the soft pilled behind his head.

“Master, are you all right?” Kroen was worried.

Dudian took a deep breath. Warm air entered his body and dispersed a bit of chill. He mind become a bit clear. He asked: “How long did I sleep?”

“About six hours.” Nicholas answered.

Dudian was concerned: “Did the message leak out?”

“No, only the few of us here know about it. The reporters were driven away.” Nicholas replied: “We didn’t call for a doctor because of your orders. Should I find a doctor now to diagnose your body?”

Dudian felt uncomfortable as he felt the chill climb from his abdomen. He took a deep breath: “Do you remember that I had told you bring people from residential district? There should be a woman called Jura. Call her but no one else.”

“Jura?” Nicholas was puzzled: “From residential district?”


Nicholas nodded: “I’ll go right away.”

Sergei looked at Dudian: “How did you suddenly get sick? Is it because of the injury on the battlefield?”

Dudian was silent. He wasn’t sure yet but he speculated about few things.

Nicholas returned half an hour later. He brought a middle-aged woman with himself. Her body was still slender and straight. She was an intellectual beauty.

Jura was startled as she saw the weak body of Dudian lying on the sofa. Her eyes turned red. She hadn’t seen Dudian for the last few years. She thought that she would gradually forget the adopted child as he was in prison. However after a few years she learned the child was out of the prison. It was written in the newspapers that Dudian was wronged.

She wanted to come over to find Dudian. But she couldn’t pass through the residential district to commercial.

Afterwards she saw his name appear on newspapers a lot. Especially the recent headlines were almost all about him. She sometimes felt that it was the kid from back than as the name written on the newspaper were the same.

She was taken to the commercial district when the war broke out. At that point she was more convinced that it was the child that made them cross the borders through the districts. She had been looking for the reunion for the long time. But she couldn’t see Dudian even after passing into the commercial district. She met him today but he didn’t look like the high-spirited child that she remembered but a weak teenager.

Although they had adopted him but she accepted Dudian as her own child. She understood what kind of hardships he had gone to reach the status he was right now. She expected him to live the life of luxury but came over to the castle to find that he wasn’t living the life she had expected. She realized what kind of price the child had to pay to climb to the position he was today!

“All of you go out.” There was complex feelings in his eyes as Dudian saw Jura: ” Kroen alone is enough to take care of me.”

Gwyneth deeply looked at him then left.

Sergei felt weird but left as he led Gabriel and Artemis out.

The door was shut. Jura suddenly reacted and rushed forward: “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Dudian looked at her anxious face. In few years he could see few strands of white in her hair. Time is always ruthless.

“I feel cold.” Dudian whispered.

Jura quickly touched his forehead. However she quickly retracted her hand. There was a trace of panic on her face: “Why is it so cold?”

Kroen knew that the woman was the one who had adopted Dudian. He couldn’t help but ask: “Auntie, aren’t you a doctor? Do you know what kind of sickness he has?”

Jura didn’t answer him but checked Dudian’s neck, arm, chest and other parts. Her surprised face turned into panicky one: “How could it be so low?”

According to her knowledge of medicine and experience a human couldn’t survive if they had low body temperature like Dudian. Him being alive was simply a miracle!

Dudian’s heart sank as he saw her expression. Although Jura wasn’t a top doctor but she could be considered a good one.

“Auntie, don’t worry.” Dudian took a deep breath. He mustered strength and soft said: “I feel cold here. The problem should be here. Can we cut it off and check?”

“Stomach?” Jura quickly took off the blanket and touched his abdomen. She rapidly retreated her fingers: “Too cold!” She felt that Dudian’s abdomen was colder than an ice block. It was simply same as the temperature of the ice. But how come his body wasn’t frozen if the temperature was so low?

How could he survive if his abdomen was frozen?

She bit her lips and looked at Kroen: “Get me hot water.”

Kroen immediately left the room.

Jura sat by the site of the sofa. She took out scalpel, needles and other tools from the medicine box. In addition, she had gauze, hemostatic and anesthetic powders.

She took of his clothes and used the anesthetic powder.

It didn’t take long for Kroen to bring hot water.

Jura said to Dudian: “try your best to endure.”

Dudian softly replied: “You do the surgery, I’ll look.”

Jura’s eyes flushed. She had seen nobles and wealthy business scared to open their eyes during the surgery. However Dudian was very calm. How much had he suffered to have such a temper?

She suppressed the grief and sorrow in her heart. She looked at the clock on the wall and calculated the time. He let Kroen help her. She used the knife.

Kroen put pillow behind Dudian’s head so that he could see his abdomen. Dudian wanted to know the cause.

The knife pierced his abdomen. He felt no pain. The hemostatic powder played its role and not much of blood penetrated out.

Jura’s hands trembled as she held onto the scalpel. There was a cold feeling that spread along the iron scalped. Her fingers felt frosty.

All three of them were shocked as they looked at the scene after his abdomen was sliced off.

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  1. Maybe the cold crystal he took when he still had the power of undead have accumulated inside his body and now are surfacing since he no longer has that power

    1. Same thought here. My guess is that he is either turning into an undead because he doesn’t have the resistance any more, or the combination of a cold blooded creature and the cold stones don’t work well together. (I always imagined the splitty’s mother as cold-blooded since it seems like an insect). Which causes the cold stones to freeze since there isn’t enough body heat.

  2. Here I will sum up the next chapter:

    Jura: Congratulations, it’s a boy!

    Dean: WTF?????

    Jura: Your Pregnant :D, I remember when Jeff down the street had his first alien child.
    such a sweet child, although it did eat half the neighbourhood.

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