DK – Ch 412

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The Dark King – Chapter 412

Afterwards Dudian listened to the origin story of the knighthood. He left the Knight’s Hall and rode back to his own castle. He saw a large number of newspaper staff gathered around the entrance. The place was crowded and bustling.

Dudian’s face was pale as he felt his body frozen because of cold. He didn’t slow down and went straight into the castle.

Neuss who was in front of the gate saw that Dudian wasn’t reducing the speed of the horse so he opened the gates for Dudian to enter in.

The reporters were afraid to block Dudian’s horse because of the speed. Neuss quickly closed the gate to keep out the crowd.

The horse stopped at the door of the castle. Dudian dismounted and took a deep breath. His body was slightly trembling.

Kroen had prepared the blankets and waited for Dudian.

Dudian stepped into the castle. His body staggered and he almost fell. He coughed up blood. It was extremely dark and had a pungent smell. His vision blurred: “Don’t call a doctor…”

He fainted before finishing his words.

Kroen tried to help but he only had one arm so he couldn’t hold his body.

Gwyneth who was dressed as maid quickly took hold of Dudian’s body. Both of them saw that Dudian didn’t respond. She saw that there was faint reaction from his eyelids. Gwyneth’s brows wrinkled as she grabbed him and walked upstairs. She told to Kroen: “Make the reporters go away!”

Kroen wanted to go out but Nicholas interfered.

“I will go!” Nicholas said and left.

Kroen quickly went upstairs.

Gwyneth kicked open the door of Dudian’s study room. She came to the sofa by the edge of the fireplace. She looked at Kroen: “Add wood… He may be sick.”

Kroen tried to add wood but remembered that he was only one-handed. There were few people left in the castle as Dudian had sent back the other servants. The only one idle right now was Sergei.

“Too cold!” Gwyneth touched Dudian’s left arm. She felt like she has touched a block of ice. She felt that Dudian’s body temperature was very normal when she carried him up.

She touched Dudian’s forehead and it was warm. Then she touched his neck and counted the frequency of the heartbeat. It was slow. She reached out and touched Dudian’s chest.

“So cold!” Gwyneth was scared. It was incredible that he was alive since his body temperature was so low.

Gwyneth remember the legendary magic marks that Dudian had. However she knew that even if she took them out they couldn’t be used again. She frowned as she thought about the possibility of such a low body temperature. Is it caused by the legendary magic marks?

Is it the side effect of having legendary magic marks?

Or something else?

Sergei and Kroen added wood and lit the fireplace.

Sergei came to check Dudian when Kroen began to ignite the fire. Sergei looked at Gwyneth: “Did he really faint? Was he attacked on the way back?”

Gwyneth replied: “He isn’t hurt.”

“Maybe he was poisoned because of a meal or drink… ”

Gwyneth shook her head: “Do you think he will eat anything else after the hot soup even? He may not eat even in the Knight’s Hall… ”

Sergei frowned: “Since that may not be the case then is it some kind of disease from before?” Sergei looked at Kroen: “Do you know about his old diseases? Ask Old Fulin if he is aware of anything…”

Kroean was lighting up the fire. He didn’t know much about Dudian after he had left the orphanage. The only one aware of Dudian’s condition could be old patriarch: “Alright, I’ll write to him now.”

Gwyneth suddenly said: “Wait.”

Sergei replied: “What?”

Gwyneth looked at Sergei: “Old Fulin shouldn’t know about him even if he had a sickness. Otherwise, he would let us know before going to come. If we send a message to old patriarch then the enemies will know about the news and his condition will be exposed. He asked us not to look for a doctor. He didn’t want the news to be spread!”

Sergei shrugged his shoulders: “What if its spread out? What are you afraid of? I will kill everyone who comes to attack! ”

Gwyneth coldly looked at him: “Are you sure that there is noone stronger than you in the outer wall?”

Sergei was startled as he stopped talking.

Gwyneth continued: “We can’t leak the news. Tell the reporters that master will give interview only to ‘New World News’ and send them off.”

Kroen hesitated: “This, this …”

“It will inevitable lead to speculation if you don’t say anything and there will be people who would be interested in knowing the situation.” Gwyneth continued: “We will hide this matter. And if he wants to blame anyone when he wakes up then its alright to blame me!”

Kroen replied: “Alright.”

Sergei reached out and touched Dudian’s face: “it’s too cold” He looked at Gwyneth: “He isn’t dead but how can his body be colder than undead?”

“He is not dead if his body colder than dead people. ” Gwyneth said.

Sergei looked at her: “Maybe he is testing us by trying to tempt us?”

Gwyneth indifferently replied: “You can try…”

Sergei responded: “I don’t plan to try anything. There is nothing to benefit off even if he really died. At this point I don’t see a tree as huge as him in the outer wall… There is no better shade to rely on.”

“Whatever.” Gwyneth replied in disdain.

Cage laughed: “Isn’t it? You can rely on him if you want to enter the inner wall. Moreover if we go to other consortia we will be treated as pawns. Additionally we have fought in a battle together. Even though we have no love but we are friends at least. So don’t be cold towards me. Alright?”

“Don’t irritate me more.” Gwyneth coldly said.

The temperature of the room rose because of the fire and it got warmer.

Few hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Dudian slowly opened his eyes. He felt as if his body was soaked in cold water. His stomach tumbled. He had kind of a nauseous feeling. Dudian felt drowsy and painful. He was reluctant to open his eyes. Artemis was the first person who he saw when he opened his eyes. Her little face was full of worry.

Dudian felt warm. He saw that Gabriel and Gwyneth were behind her.

“Master, you woke up!” Artemis cried out in surprise.

Everyone in the room hurried over in surprise.

Dudian glanced at Gwyneth, Sergei, Kroen and others. He sighed in relief: “Get me a pillow.”

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  1. Did she…. just considered betraying Dean and stealing his marks? It’s kind of hard to understand due to the grammatical errors

    1. it’s more of a sentence structure. She’s having a soliloquy whether or not Dean’s sickness was due to the mark’s side effects.

    2. You cannot steal other people’s marks as the worms they use die once they enter the body, but you can remove them without killing the person. Which is what she considered to ‘cure’ him of his coldness.

  2. Is it because he absorbed too many cold crystals (it’s called that, right?) and now it bites him back? For some reason I have a feeling that his left arm is going to recover

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