DK – Ch 410

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The Dark King – Chapter 410

“Master Dean we have investigated and found the identity of the assassin.” Deacon Ross looked at the teenager who was sitting on the sofa. He was polite towards a senior architect of the Temple so he was much more careful with his attitude in front of a master. Moreover Dudian had an unlimited potential as a master.

Dudian nodded slightly. He was aware of deacon Ross’s body language so he smiled and said: “Deacon please tell me.”

Ross replied: “Master, the name of the assassin is Ron Cohen. He was born as a civilian and was fancied by a knight from the Knight’s Hall at the age of 13. He was taken as a student and by the age of 28 he passed the Golden Knight assessment and became a gold knight!”

“Ron declined the invitation from many families and request to join Mel family out of his own initiative. He served as the commander of the Mel family knights… until today.” Ross looked up at Dudian. He was aware of the conflict between Dudian and Mel family. It was easy to find about that conflict.

Dudian’s face sank as he heard this: “Deacon Ross do you mean that Mel family sent a knight to assassinate me?”

Ross wryly smiled: “Master, this is only the results of a preliminary investigation. We haven’t figured out whether the knight was ordered by the master of the Mel family or had come on his own…” He was interrupted by Dudian.

“Do you mean that a knight would take a risk to assassinate master without instructions?”

“Did you find out anything about that?” Dudian stared at the deacon: “Deacon, how long will it take to you to reach a conclusion?”

Ross felt the anger in Dudian’s tone. He knew that he couldn’t offend him: ” Master rest assured that we will investigate everything. Right now members of our team have gone to talk with Mel family. We will give you an explanation after the full investigation!”

Dudian nodded slightly but didn’t say anything.

“Investigation?” A voice echoed from outside the hall.

Dudian and Ross turned over to see a middle-aged man wearing a silver armor stroding towards them. The man politely said to Dudian: “I am ‘guardian’ Redmayne from the Holy Church. I’ve taken the liberty to make a visit. Forgive me master.”

There was a trace of smile on Dudian’s face: “Hello sorry that I didn’t greet you by the door.”

“Master you are too polite.” Redmayne continued: “We were ordered to investigate this assassination attempt together with the magistrate. Hopefully you will get a satisfactory answer. The ones who dare to attack a master most probably have relations with the dark cult! So I will send someone to personally investigate the Mel family. Master, please be a bit patient!”

Dudian nodded: “Thank you.”

Deacon Ross sighed. He knew that the Mel family was really finished. Anyone who tries to kill a master of the Temple will be identified by the Holy Church as a member of dark church and engraved as a cult member! This was someone that Mel family couldn’t afford to carry in such a situation.

“Nice to meet you deacon Ross.” Redmayne smiled and moved forward to shake Ross’s hand.

Ross reached out his hand but didn’t reply.

“What did you say ?!” Sarah was shocked as she heard what her brother Mel said: “We will be investigated as member of the cult!?”

Melk sighed as she looked at the girl who was full of sadness: “I have been a knight of light for long time. There will be strict investigation if a high level member of the Holy Church is targeted as part of assassination. There is an agreement between Holy Church and magistrate regarding such a situation. A ‘guardian’ will be involved and the incident will be changed to a ‘cult’ case.”

“They will investigate everything thoroughly. There is no escape unless we are as clean as an angel and never had contact with the dark church!

Everyone’s face turned ugly as they heard Melk’s words.

Mel family was one of the largest families in the commercial district. They had large number of industries under their command and had to deal with people from all levels of the society. Naturally they couldn’t avoid alchemists from the dark church. It was an unwritten rule that all the nobles one way or the other were involved with the alchemists from the dark church. No noble family could stay clear from such a claim.

If such an investigation occurred then they will be able to find out many things that had been covered up.

Sarah bit her lips: “We must not let a ‘guardian’ to get involved with the investigation. Then they will certainly find out that our family had contact with dark church. We even have business cooperation with them. The charges will be too heavy if things go out of hand. Not only our assets will be seized but we may not be able to keep our noble status.”

Everyone looked at each other.

They knew this but who could stop a ‘guardian’?

At the same time Mark slowly walked down the stairs. He stood and looked around the crowd. He slowly said: “There is no way to stop this hurdle. Someone has to step out and bear the guilt for the sake of the family when the ‘guardian’ comes over. I will be that person! I will say that this assassination attempt was purely because of commercial competition! The best you can do right now is to immediately sell as much as property as you can. Transfer as much as funds as you can out of family balance!”

Sarah stared at her father as tears flowed down over her cheeks. She regretted that she hadn’t killed the teenager early on.

Regret! Pain!

She had never regretted anything but this! Unfortunately there was no way to reverse the time!

A cough echoed from behind Mark.

Mark turned around to see his father George coming down the stairs as the butler helped him out.

Half a day had gone past but the George wasn’t the same man as yesterday. Everyone was shocked to see his body. At the moment he looked like a real old man. His spine was bent and wrinkles had covered his face. George was dressed in a fluff coat but he looked thinner than usual.

“Father!” Mark approached his father.

George sighed and stretched his hand to pat his shoulder: “Child don’t forget what I had taught you! When the enemy hits you with a fist then you should get to his back to attack with a sword… The future of the family will be in your hands.”

Mark’s face changed: “Father it was the result of my negligence. I made the wrong judgement…you can’t… ”

“I am old.” George looked at him then at the young members of the family. He smiled: “Old men should die. Stuff like this can’t kill me anyway! You are my good boy! Work harder in the future.”

Members of the family cried as George spoke.

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  1. They keep regretting not killing Dean, but they should be regretting being such assholes in the first place. If they weren’t so arrogant and evil, then they never would have even had a problem with Dean in the first place lol.

    1. Evil ? there is no evil, just benefits in a world like this, they didn’t kill for sport but for gain. they got outsmarted and this is how Dean the next “evil” wins, make no mistake this mc is not righteous at all :p

    2. I agree. They should regret hating on Dean instead… It feels like they’re trying to gain my sympathy

  2. This all started just because Dean’s ex’s father didn’t want them to be together.

    Oh how much bullshit they would’ve saved if they just tossed social status out the window for a couple seconds.

  3. MEL Family… When you offend the Dean, it will soon be the moment when you’ll realize that in his eyes you are nothing but immature students

  4. even if they didn’t want dean to merry the daughter they could have done alot of things that wouldn’t have as bad repercussion as this

  5. I hope barong family get crushed too and jenny die because got shock or something that’s for payback wkwk

  6. All they are doing is damage control. Selling assets, taking responsibility for the attempted murder. They are only being passive and make no preparation against Dean’s next attack. What, do they think he’s going to let get them away with their lives and give them a chance to rise back up?
    No way, he knows what mistake Rudolph made, he’s not going to do the same.

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