DK – Ch 41

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The Dark King – Chapter 41

The passage

  The next morning at dawn everyone was up and ready outside the castle.

There were dozens of horses outside the castle. They belong to Black Horse breed which had a strong resistance to diseases and radiation.

“Get ready,” said Peter. He was already on top of a horse and he had the posture of a graceful knight.

Dudian selected a black horse and jumped over to sit on it. If it had been before the ‘God’s blessing’ injection he would have to use a ladder to climb the horse.

“Let’s go!” Pete shouted when everyone was seated on horses. His legs clinging to the belly of the horse, he was the first to move.

Dudian, who pulled the reins, followed.

Even though the horses had massive build and scary appearance, they were very obedient creatures by nature and it was very easy to control them.

The streets were covered with fog . Crisp sounds of horse gallops were heard as they moved through. Under the leadership of Peter, Dudian and other speed off towards the outer edge of the commercial district. As they moved forward they saw the vague shadow of the giant wall far away in the horizon. The outline was becoming increasingly clear as the distance covered was increased. The giant wall seemed like a creeping monster behind the fog giving people an oppressive feeling.

Outside the commercial district, same as with the residential district, was a large undeveloped and desolate wasteland. It was not suitable for cultivation or for people to settle.

As they were passing by the desolate zone the black horses became restless. As if they were excited and manic because of some unknown variable which made them to run faster. After ten minutes of straight ride, the hazy figure of the giant wall gradually cleared up in crowd’s vision. The picture that they saw was deeply imprinted in their hearts and minds.

It was a very tall wall. Almost impossible to see its top. The more close they got, harder it got to grasp its height. It almost reach the clouds. It gave the impression that it was built by gods but no humans. Dudian couldn’t differentiate the construction’s blocks, like it was a complete natural boulder that was put there to divide the world into two.

This is … … the giant wall!

Including Dudian, everyone was shocked as they reached the giant wall. The crowd felt like ants in comparison to the giant walls size.

“Father …it’s too high!” Mason looked up. His neck folded almost ninety degrees, but still couldn’t see the top of the giant wall.

Zach stared authentic: “Did our ancestors build the giant wall? ”

Everyone was struck by this great and magnificent project.

Dudian knew very well that it would be an enormous project to build a giant wall like this one. Even in the old days, it would be extremely difficult to built it. Countless amount of time, manpower and resources would be needed for the construction. The outbreak of the disaster was sudden so there was no time to project and implement such a super shelter. He couldn’t imagine how the ones who survived the nuclear bombing shower built such an incredible architectural miracle.

“This is the sanctuary of our Silvian giants! Our ancestors and gods came together to build it.” There was a trace of pride in Peter’s eyes. He turned and looked at the crowd, smiled: “Come with me, little guys. In about 100 meters we will reach the destination. All of you should dismount and rope your mounts.”

A heavy iron gate was opened by Peter while echoing squeaky sounds. Peter’s arm strength was in an incomprehensible level as he alone moved the giant gate. There was a ladder leading to the underground below the gate.

“Go in,” said Peter.

One by one, the newly appointed scavengers went into the tunnel under the iron gate.

Peter was the last one to go in so he closed the iron gate. Everyone felt isolated and panicked because of the darkness that was surrounding them.

“Aren’t we going outside the giant wall?” The girl in the back timidly asked.

Peter smiled and said, “What are you so afraid of? It seems that Tobu didn’t properly train your courage in the last three years.”

“So we are not going to pass from the top. Are there no passages through the top? ” said Dudian.

“Of course not,” said Peter, urging “Hurry up, everyone is waiting for you.”

Dudian surprised: “There are others?”

“Of course, although you all have graduation from the scavenger camp, but it is the first time that you would be going outside the giant wall. The headquarters had arranged another old-timer team to escort you on your first trip. They are the scavengers cultivated by the families. Their foundation is not as good as yours but they have rich experience from roaming outside the giant wall. Keep your eyes open and learn as much as you can from them.”, Peter said.

Step by step they went down the ladder. They had gone down approximately a hundred or so meters. At last they reached the bottom. In front of everyone there was a spacious underground passage. Both sides of the passage were lighted by oil lamps. There were some patterns on the walls.

“This is the ‘goddess of harvest’.” Peter pointed to the wall, a graceful woman’s picture was carved on the wall, said:” You have a good prayer! I wish you lots of harvest in this trip. ”

Everyone had seen the statues of different goddesses at areas designed by Holy Church in the residential district. They were no stranger to them. Following the Peter they stopped in front of the goddess of harvest, clasped their hands and bowed to make their prayers.

“This is the ‘goddess of the hunt.’ ” Peter pointed to another heroic looking woman, said: “Every time the hunters travel, they will worship the goddess of the hunt to bless them to hunt smoothly.” He then take the lead to go forward.

Dudian, who finished praying, followed behind him.

The spacious passage was extremely long. About two to three hundred meters in length. At the end of the pass there was ladder which took them upwards. As they reached the end of the ladder, Peter opened another huge iron gate and they saw the skylight.

Dudian followed Peter out. There were around 20 people, sitting or standing around 10 meters away.

“At last Peter. Could you be any more slow? ” At this time, a light laughter echoed. A tall, young man in a black uniform wearing two-edged sword and a black mask came towards Dudian’s group.

Peter laughed: “What are you so anxious about? It’s still early!”

Young man’s eyes sweep over the group and said: “I heard in the new batch there is good quality seed. I was told that there is hope for him to become a hunter? ”

Pete raised his hand and patted Dudian’s shoulder and smiled. “It’s him. You gotta take care of him.”

The youth looked at Dudian and laughed: “No problem. We have not much time. We gotta start. When we come back I will find you for a drink, remember it will be your treat!”

“It’s me who always pays anyway!” Peter smiled loudly and looked to Dudian and others: “I wish you well. Remember no unauthorized actions. Do not leave the team. I hope ten days later I will see everyone safe and sound! “Then, turned into the underground passage to left.

Dudian looked back and saw the towering gigantic wall behind him. He did not expect the passage to be underground.

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