DK – Ch 409

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The Dark King – Chapter 409



The door was knocked in hurry.

Mark was tired as he didn’t even have the strength to open his eyelids. He instinctively frowned. Last night he was at the banquet because few big families had joined back the Mellon consortium. He drank a lot wine as he accompanied people. Although he used medicine but he was fealing bitter and uncomfortable because of hangover. He was irritated as he heard the violent knocks.

He raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew that some matter was pressing from the rapid knocks on the door.

He sat up and raised his hands. The maid next to the bed had long prepared the warm wet towels which was handed out to him. He wiped his face and said: “Come in.”

The maid pulled the door but Sarah pushed in on impulse and ran in. She saw the tired look on her father’s face. There was a trace of guilt in her heart as she said: “Father, a big thing had happened!”

“Slowly.” Mark’s face sank. He stood up and waited for the maid to dress him.

Sarah quickly handed out the newspaper: “Father, check for yourself.”

Mark skimmed through the newspaper. However the next moment his tired face changed as if he was hit by a lightning.

Sarah saw that the reaction of her father wasn’t calm. She was frightened as she asked: “Father, what will you do with this matter? You have said that the teenager has an insidious personality. Will the problem smash up in our heads?”

Mark recovered and ordered her: “Order Ron Cohen to come and see me right now!”

“Ron Cohen?” Sarah was in a loss. However her face changed: “Father, he couldn’t…”

Mark interrupted her words: “Get him here!”

“I-I will ask the butler.” Sarah was frightened as her father never was so fierce towards her since small age. Even if she wasted 100,000 gold coins he wouldn’t say anything instead comfort her. Sarah understood the seriousness of the matter as she turned away and run in hurry.

Sarah’s face was pale as she returned: “Father, Ron is not in here… ”

Mark almost fainted as his body shook.

“Father, what has Ron done?” Sarah looked at him “Did you send him to assassinate? The newspaper said that the assassination had failed as Dean’s squire had killed him. If its Ron then the investigation will sooner or later reach our doors… ”

Mark’s head was buzzing as he stared at the ground. He wasn’t responding to his daughter. A desperate feeling burst out in his heart. He had gone through such things many times in his life but have never faced such a result.

“Did Ron betray me? No, he would never betray me…Even if he was bought… He has lost his life so what’s the use of money…” Mark gradually recovered his mind. The chaos in his mind was cleared up. He was set up by a kid!

He tightly clenched his fists. Because of the excessive force his nails pierced deeply into his palms.

Although he had considered this point when he allowed Ron to go but he didn’t plan it carefully. After all, Ron’s strength was exceptional or else he wouldn’t keep Ron as head of the family’s knights… Otherwise he couldn’t defend their family for so many years…

Moreover he was aware of the strength of Dudian’s attendants. There were only two people who Dudian bailed out from the Thorn Flower Prison that had the strength of a senior hunter. However with Ron’s skills he could easily retreat even if both of them acted together. It shows that the other side had made a good ambush since the beginning…

They had fallen into a trap!

He had also tried to take this opportunity to get rid of Dudian. Even if Ron wasn’t able to kill him this would send out an important message to Dudian. It was a kind of counterattack.

“Father, father!” Sarah called out to him.

Mark took a deep breath: “Make sure that your grandfather isn’t aware of this. He wouldn’t be able to recover from such a blow! In addition, call back Melk and Meyers… Convene everyone from the family to come back! We have to transfer funds as soon as possible!”

Sarah was shocked: “Father, what do you mean? Transfer money? You-do you want to… ”

“Yes! Mel family is finished.” Mark looked back at her: “But it won’t die today! One day we will rise again. Right now we have to minimize the losses!”

Sarah couldn’t acknowledge the words that her father said. The Mel family was high above the others. They had always looked at other noble with disdain. Now, their family was going to be finished overnight?

“Father!” Sarah looked at Mark: “It’s just an assassination case. We bribe the magistrate with money. If it’s a big deal then we will give them ten times the money than usual! They can close their eyes…I don’t think that they won’t do it. He was just promoted to a master! We can say that Ron acted on his own and didn’t have any relationship to us in this matter!”

Mark frowned: “Nonsense! Lost is lost! We had underestimated our enemy! We had let him drill loopholes way too many times! We can’t use money to cover assassination attempt on a master! Holy Church will be disturbed because of this. According to the agreement with the magistrate they will send people to participate in the investigation!”

“Holy Church will make sure to obey the instructions of the kid. The dirty water has already been poured at us! We have no hope! The only hope is for us to rise again in the future!”

“But, but …” Sarah couldn’t accept such a blow. She was different to an ordinary young noble lady as she wasn’t as much spoiled and was aware of the rules of this world. However she couldn’t accept this relentless reality as it was too cruel and unbearable.

“Go!” Mark shouted.

Sarah bit her lips as crystal shiny tears flowed out from her eyes. She rubbed them with her hands and ran out.

Study room on the second floor.

“Wrong! Copy hundred times more.” Dudian handed back the small notebook to the boy. He looked at Gabriel: “You have to know how to write too. Reading isn’t sufficient. Do you know that knowledge is more useful than the sword?”

Gabriel bowed: “Yes, young master.”

Dudian nodded: “Go.”

Gabriel left. There was another small figure who was building a small house from small blocks that were on the table. Artemis carefully put the piles of the roof. She had a green hair and small face. She looked like a porcelain doll.

Dudian sat down by the desk: “What is this?”

Artemis’s body shrank back: “It is a house.”

“Do you like this house?”

“I like it.”

Dudian strength out his hand and touched the bottom of the house with his finger. A piece of wood block fly out and the whole house crashed down. The wood pieces scattered all over the table.

Artemis looked at the wood pieces and looked back at Dudian. Her eyes flushed and it seemed that she was about to cry. But she didn’t dare as she looked at Dudian’s face with a wide smile. The last time when she cried Dudian had made her brother to slash with a sword for three thousand times. Her brother’s hands got tired and sour so bad that he wasn’t able to hold onto a knife.

“It seems that you aren’t strong enough to build yet.” Dudian said.

Tears slipped through Artemis’s face.

“Once more.” Dodian smiled: “There is a penalty if you mess anything up!”

Artemis sucked her nose and raised her hands to take blocks to build the house.

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