DK – Ch 408

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The Dark King – Chapter 408

A smile appeared on Dudian’s face as he looked at angry Ron. He flicked the cup of hot coffee and kicked the table in front of him.

Hot water splashed onto Ron’s face. However the pain from that was much less than the anger in his heart. He kicked the table and broke it into two as he approached Dudian. He stabbed the dagger.


At this point Ron felt a light breeze from behind. It was Gwyneth who had sword in her hand.

Ron didn’t care much about his defence. He still kept rushing towards Dudian. He was ready to give up his own life to take away Dudian’s life.

Dudian quietly looked at him. Suddenly he raised his hand and accurately grasped Ron’s wrist. Ron’s body abruptly stopped.

Ron’s eyes widened as he incredibly watched the boy. He was almost speechless because of the power pressuring his body from his wrist.

“Sorry, its just you can’t kill me.” Dudian smiled. He pulled the Ron from his arm. The dagger cut off his clothes and a bloodstain was on his body as dagger slightly scratched Dudian’s chest.

Ron was startled however there was no time for him to react as a sharp whistle echoed from behind.

At the moment he felt that the pressure put by Dudian was so tedious that he wasn’t controlling his body. He was terrified by the strength put out by the teenager. His body turned automatically as he saw the maid who had searched him. The girl was holding onto a sword and her eyes were as cold as an ice block. She didn’t have the temperament of a servant.


Sword stabbed into Ron’s chest and pierced his heart.

Blood gushed out of his throat. He wanted to swallow it back but the pressure it was pumping out was to fast. He didn’t have the power to swallow and spitted out. The blood splashed onto the floor and stained the girl standing in front of him.

His consciousness became dizzy.

Ron’s body fell to the ground and he died on spot.

Dudian withdrew his hand and let Ron’s body to fall. He called Kroen: “Bring a first aid kit and immediately inform the magistrate that there was an attempt on my life.”

Kroen and Nicholas were shocked. Kroen turned and left in haste.

“It’s been hard on you.” Dudian sat back on couch as he looked at Gwyneth.

Gwyneth was still standing in front of the corpse as she held onto the sword. The blood had splashed onto her face. She silently looked at the teenager: “This is my job.” Her fingers gently rubbed the hilt of the sword. She thought that Sergei would be shouting out if he was in here. Although Gwyneth and Sergei expected that Dudian didn’t let them remove the spikes because of fear of attack but she just witnessed the teenager show much higher strength than they had anticipated.

Ron’s physique was in no way inferior to senior hunter. Actually he was more powerful than most senior hunters. However Ron was easily suppressed by the boy which looked like a weak child.

Gwyneth remembered the corpse of the legendary monster and her mood was a bit complicated. She looked at the boy carefully. She was from the inner wall and knew how great potential the people with legendary magic marks had. Moreover the other side was a master of the Temple. He had enough resources to cultivate his constitution to reach the apex.

It didn’t take long for people from the magistrate to arrive.

There were two deacons and two groups of knights. They came in hurry which showed how much attention was paid to Dudian.

Both deacons of magistrate saw Dudian sitting on the sofa as they entered the hall. His chest was wrapped in gauze while there was girl standing by her who held onto a sword. There was a corpse on the ground.

The hall was silent as a cemetery.

One of the deacons looked at corpse and went closer to Dudian: “Master, did you know the identity of the assassin?”

Dudian shook his head: “Please check the person. I would like to know the identity of the man and the reason why he would try to assassinate me.”

“Your body seems to be injured.” Deacon Ross took a deep breath: “Master are you alright? Do you want a doctor to check your body?”

Dudian shook his head: “It’s just a scratch. I’m alright.”

Ross saw the faint red color on the bandage on Dudian’s chest. He thought that the ‘scratch’ was fairly long: “Master, please describe me the actions of the assassin…”

Dudian replied “Attendants said that a beggar had come over to ask for my help. I asked them to let him in. He didn’t say anything but suddenly tried to attack me. Fortunately I had her protection and I’m a knight with a bit of skill. I was able to avoid a fatal blow.”

Ross nodded as his assistant wrote down. Ross looked at Dudian: “Master, we will be investigating the scene…”

“Please! I’ll go upstairs.” Dudian responded.

“Alright.” Ross nodded: “You should rest.”

Dudian raised his arm and Nicholas helped him to go upstairs.

The next day.

“New World News” once again published a news that shocked the public.

Master Dean, the hero of the war, was a target of assassination yesterday! He was almost killed!

The title attracted interest of countless people. ‘New World News’ once again was the newspaper with the most sales.

Mel family.

George woke up from sleep. Maid helped him to dress after washing up. He used crutches to come down to dining room. The newspapers were prepared and placed on table.

He sat by the table. Hot milk was poured into the cup and he drank it to moist his throat. Afterwards he put on his glasses and picked a newspaper. He shook the newspaper and opened it to quickly read the content. After finishing the first paper he continued with the next one.

After finished the second newspaper he took the third one.

“Master Dean, the hero of the war, was target of an assassination yesterday. He was almost killed… ” George’s pupils shrank as he read the headline. He was startled. His fingers that were clutching onto the newspaper trembled. He face turned red. Suddenly he spat out blood which splashed onto the mild cup and the breakfast plate.



The maids next to him hurried up to support his old body.

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  1. I love Gwyneth, he should treat her better. But its funny how Dean kept silent so they could misunderstand the Magic Marks. They aren’t technically wrong though

  2. How was Dean so sure the dagger didn’t contain any poison ? author should have put a line to mention that since hes weak to poison now.

    1. He would probably be able to smell it or see the poison coating in the dagger.

      Don’t forget that he has absurdly powerful senses now.

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