DK – Ch 407

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The Dark King – Chapter 407

George stared at Mark: “Since you put it in words in such a way then I’ll hand over it to you.”

“Yes.” Mark looked at Ron: “Did you respond to their request?”

Ron shook his head: “I haven’t responded yet.”

“Good.” Mark nodded: “The kid uses his identity as a master to isolate Mellon consortium. Now he wants to use the people around us to check us. Hm… Let’s play with him. Agree to his request.”

Ron nodded: “Master so I will pretend to be bought by them and send intelligence back to you.”

“Yes.” Mark continue. “But you have to act so that they couldn’t detect it. ”

“I will.” Ron nodded.

Mark replied: “Alright, leave now.”

“Yes!” Ron left the room.

George slowly said: “Trusting him… Would he exchange our trust… It would… ”

Mark slightly shook his head: “Father I wouldn’t believe others but he is like the ‘shadow’. He is my most trusted man. He wouldn’t sell us out if there were five million gold coins involved in the transaction… He is a man who doesn’t care about money.”

George stared at him: “We can’t afford to lose at the key moment! Mistakes are not allowed!”

“Don’t worry!” Mark said in a serious tone: “Even if it happens as father says then there is nothing much to do now. I believe that we can play out that kid!”

George nodded: “I would like to see if the kid will want to secretly assassinate me! ”

“It’s better to know in advance if that’s the case.” Mark continued: “But this matter woke us up. I don’t know if the others have been bought in addition to Ron. It seems it’s the time to reorganize…”

“Yeah.” George nodded.

“Young master.” Kroen joined Dudian’s study room:” The news from the Ryan family came that they had bought off the commander of the Mel family’s knights. What should they do?”

Dudian slowly put down the book: “They shouldn’t do anything! Let him come and meet me first. I have some stuff to talk to him in person.”

“Alright.” Kroen left the room.

“Sire, I have communicated with the other side. I’ll see master Dean directly.” Ron handed out the note to Mark. The note was taken out from a bread and it had the fragrance of a fresh bread.

Mark narrowed his eyes: “It seems that he is afraid to leave evidence so he wants to visit him. He must be thinking about talking important things with you… Maybe he even will tempt your loyalty…” Mark pondered for a little and said:” Alright visit him. But if you find a suitable opportunity then directly kill him. That will be the end!”

“Yes.” Ron decisively answered. He knew that what would be the consequences if he killed Dudian. But he promised without a hesitation or second thought.

Mark patted his shoulder: “He will be at guard at the first visit. So try to gain his trust. There will be opportunities in the future…”

“Yes.” Ron replied.

“Alright, go now.”

Dudian made sure that Kroen and Nicholas ate first. He ate after them. After the dinner he asked Kroen to call Sergei. He threw a stack of gold notes in front of Sergei: “Go to Moulin Rouge and play around the night. You are not allowed to come back unless you finish all of the money!”

Sergei was yawning but the moment he heard Dudian’s words his eyes went wide: “Master, why are you giving me the money?”

“I’m compassionate towards my subordinates.” Dudian indifferently said.

Sergei thought that the sun rose out from the west. He quickly poached the gold notes and directly put them in the back pocket of his pants. He rubbed his pocket as he smiled: “If that’s the case then I have to complete the task!”

“Remember, go to Moulin Rouge.” Dudian indifferently said: “Your foundation will be wasted if you don’t play around… ”

Sergei felt coldness around his crotch: “Master, I will. I’m a practical man.”

“Leave.” Dudian waved.

Sergei helplessly replied: “I’m off to play around then.”

Kroen whispered after Sergei left: “Master are you worried that Sergei isn’t trustworthy? Is it because of tonight the Mel family knight would come over?”

Dudian replied: “He is trustworthy… Prepare for the meeting.”

Kroen left but he was full of doubts.

Ron was disguised using an ordinary clothing. He had hired an ordinary horse and came to Dudian’s castle.

Ron stopped in front of the gates and removed his hood.

“Who is it?” Neuss shouted as he was standing behind the gates. However when he saw the posture of the man he predicated the man’s identity.

Ron said the pre-arranged code: “Full moon.”

Neuss pushed open the gates: “Come in.”

Ron often heard the legend of the genius teenager while in the Mel family. But it was his first time visiting the teenager’s castle. The hall was shabby and dimly lit.

His eyes fell on the figure sitting on the sofa. The teenager was handsome and tall as it was said in the rumors. He had an elegant temperament.

“Ron Cohen?” Dudian looked at the knight.

Ron put off his hood: “That is me! Are you master Dean?”

“Yes.” Dudian said: “It’s the first time we are meeting so I can’t trust you. Your body will be checked. I don’t allow people to carry weapons in my castle.”

Ron nodded and took out his dagger: “I use this weapon for self-protection.” He bent down and put the dagger on the ground.

There was a trace of smile on Dudian’s face: “Good.. Ron you are very honest as knight. You are truly worthy of the golden knight title given to you by the Knight’s Hall. But we will have to check your body. I hope you won’t mind it.”

Ron nodded: “No harm.”

Dudian waved his hand

A girl standing by Dudian approached Ron. Her hands touched his shoulders and other places where a weapon could be hidden.

Ron saw that the girl wasn’t simply a maid. He frowned as there were traces of doubts in his heart but he preferred to stay silent. He raised his arm to let the girl check his chest.


A pain burst in his chest.

Ron’s pupils shrank as he shook his hands and tried to punch the girl.

However the girl was able to increase the distance between them with a few simple steps. She was like a soft breeze.

Ron looked down to see a small needle pierced through his chest. His face turned ugly as he looked at Dudian who was sitting on sofa. He bit his lips as he knew that the needle had poison. He asked: “Master, why?”

Dudian slowly blew the cup of coffee in his hand: “You may not be aware but your only use is dying in here.”

Ron stared at him in anger. He growled: “You villain! I’ll kill you!” He picked up the dagger from the ground and rushed at Dudian.


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  1. Rudolph has good intuition. I just hate how the Author doesn’t mention his despair in running away… Sigh

    1. He could just say that the poison needle was meant for Dean lmao. A Golden Knight trying to assassinate another one using a poison needle? It’d definitely have a greater effect lol.

  2. Deeper and darker, much much more cruel.

    They keep on calling him a demon, a beast, yet in the end, they still take him as a mere arrogant child doing shit to make things go shit.

    When will they realize that dean is but the very devil they shouldn’t have provoked.

    Yep, and thank you for the translation!

  3. I read all your translated chapters in 3 days , this is a cool story , thanks for transwrating into engrish 🙂

  4. I saw it coming when Dudian asked for the strongest knight in the Mellon Consortium. They’re too desperate to be able to see it.

  5. Am I the only only one worried about splitty?
    Ohhh and the other one back in the cave.
    Wold be a waste if they starve.
    Also I think splitty will end as a pigmy spliter. Imagine dean ridding a spliter into battle 😂

  6. Other thing is… why dean sended Sergey to the slut house? He said he can be trusted… (to mess up). Sergey is about to get fucked also… I think.

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