DK – Ch 406

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The Dark King – Chapter 406

“Master, they were released from prison.” Kroen respectfully said.

Dudian put down the newspaper and smiled: “What happened on the road?”

“Nothing.” Kroen whispered: “According to your orders Old Fulin hired some people and they abused them along the way. However they didn’t respond.”

Dudian faintly smiled: “They are decent as they can hold back.”

“Master, what do we do now?” Kroen whispered.

“We will see their performance.” Dudian indifferently said: “I’ll write a letter and call Neuss to personally take it to the Temple. Ten days later I will make a open to public conference where I will explain the principles of the ‘steam’ faction. Moreover I’ll take 8 students.”

Kroen replied: “Yes.”

“The second thing… Inform Old Fulin to buy a knight from Mel family. He should use as much as money he can. Afterwards let the knight to come and meet me. Remember to say to him to choose the strongest one from their family. ” Dudian quietly said: “In addition, tell the Old Fulin to inform the shareholders from the Mellon consortium that I want to have students. If those shareholders wants to go back to Mellon then tell him not to insist and let them go.”

Kroen was startled: “Yes.”

Master Skagen received the letter from the family servant of Dudian. He was overjoyed as he read the content. He put away the letter and sent a servant to notify his own students: “Immediately notify the Temple and publicize it in headlines of the newspaper that Master Dean will explain the details of ‘steam’ concept in 10 days in a lecture and will choose 8 potential students.”

The students were very surprised. They turned and left in excitement. These last days the most discussed topic in the Temple was the new concept and its role. However the architects still had little knowledge even though few masters had come out to explain. It would be much more easier to understand if the creator of the concept himself explained everything in a lecture.

The message spread like wildfire.

The nobles of the commercial district were thrown into an uproar even though the news weren’t published yet. They sent people to inquire about the arrangements of the public lecture and the conditions for Dudian to accept students. Only the bottom level aristocrats and the ordinary civilians weren’t aware of the news. They were still immersed in the grief because of relatives and friends who had died and the homes and properties that they had lost.

“Father, Ram, Bethel and Koen families are willing to return to the consortium.” Mark was tired: “But they want three times more share in comparison to their previous standing. Each would have 8% percent of the shares. The rest of the families haven’t responded yet but the Milan family wants 30% of the shares to join back. In addition, Rudolph’s butler sent message that Rudolph wants to completely quit the consortium.”

George was sitting on a large chair. His eyes were as frosty as an ice block: “A group of idiots… IF they want it then give it to them. After we pass this hardship we will marginalize them out. Milan family and Rudolph are being way to stubborn. 30%?”

“Inform Milan family that we will give them 20% of the shares. The number of shares in our hands must not be less than 51 percent or will be ruined by that kid!”

Mark frowned: “Father, what about Rudolph?”

“You should talk to him personally.” George’s face was gloomy: “His father co-founded the Mellon consortium with me. If his father had heard that he wants to quit…”

Mark sighed: “I know but Rudolph has a stubborn character. He had withdrawn a lot of funds earlier on so I think it would be hard to persuade him with words. In my opinion we have to think of a way to deal with the kid first and pressure others afterwards. We are in an unfavorable situation because of the kid.”

“It’s very sensitive time right now. The little devil will be prepared for out move. We have to think of another way.” George continued: “Tell Rudolph that if he does invest then both our families will rule the Mellon consortium in the future.”

Mark nodded: “Alright.”

He was about to leave when a crow with golden feathers flew through the window into the room. It was the crow used by the Temple. It was believe that it descended from a noble crow.

George stretched out his arm and the crow landed on it.

He took the envelope. He shook it and opened. His face turned ugly as he skimmed through the content. He shredded the letter into pieces. The crow flied in surprise because of George’s instant action. Two golden feathers fell off as the crow flew away.

Mark’s heart sank: “Father, what has happened?”

“The little devil!” George clenched his fists in anger: “He will held a public lecture in ten days. Moreover he will accept students. Damned bastard! He has announced the news at this time to scare off the other nobles! The little beast!”

Mark’s face turned gloomy. The more potential an architect was the more aristocrats tried to have relations with them. Dudian’s move was like throwing a seductive fruit.

There would be many people who would be willing to be the student of the youngest master in the history of the Temple. Moreover the others will try to clear off their relationship with Mellon consortium. They were bound to get isolated this way.

Mark clenched his fists. There was a trace of remorse in his heart. If he was aware that the kid was so dangerous then he wouldn’t have let his daughter to deal with him but he would personally acted to get rid of him!

The room was silent.

Only the rough breathing of the two echoed.

George gradually restrained his anger. Suddenly the door was knocked. He said in a horse but low tone: “Come in!”

The door nob twisted and the butler stepped in. A middle-aged man wearing a black armor followed after the butler.

Mark recognized the middle-aged man: “Ron what’s the problem?”

Ron nodded: “Master, sire… New World consortium has sent people to contact me.”

“Oh?” George’s eyes were cold: “What did you say?”

The butler was shocked as he subconsciously took two steps back.

Ron calmly said: “Master the New World consortium has sent a person to contact me. They are ready to give me 500000 gold coins to sell Mel family. They want me to go and find master Dean and listen to his orders.”

George narrowed his eyes: “500000 gold coins… Did you come over to inform us?”

“Yes, I will never sell off Mel family.” Ron replied.

“How can i believe you?” George asked.

Ron looked at George then at Mark: “Sire, I swore to serve and defend Mel family for life when you saved my life! Don’t you believe me?”

Mark nodded as he looked at George: “Father, I believe in him. Ron would never betray us. They have chosen and picked the wrong person. Do you think I would pick an untrustworthy person as the head of our knights?”

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  1. Rudolph should be stripped of his title at least… But don’t tell me Dean will rely on him at some point?

  2. Private chat will become an attempt of assassination and Dean will be “injured” and again “disappointed” in one of the consortium’s.

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