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The Dark King – Chapter 405

Interview gradually came to an end as the time passed.

“Master I have heard that the Knight’s Hall authorized your knighthood during the war but you didn’t went to the ceremony but instead joined the battlefield. Don’t you want to be an official knight?” Sidney checked the script and asked. The main purpose of the questions was to give more opportunities to Dudian to express his thoughts.

Dudian smiled: “The sole reason that I choose to rush into the battlefield was because I felt myself as a knight! The duties of the knight has to be fulfilled! That’s what real knighthood is!”

“Good!” Sidney continued: “Master, thanks to the invention of the legendary weapon, steam rifle, we were able to defeat the barbarians and expelled them out of the golden wall. Will you be able to invent another legendary item in the future?”

Dudian smiled: “It’s impossible to guarantee such an invention but I’ll do my best to continue to research in the area. The results can be known only in the future.”

“Moreover the credit is not only the steam rifle’s but also due to the soldiers of the military. They exchanged their blood and life to the victory. In addition I would like to thank the consortia who actively provided the facilities and supplies to the military. It was because of their selfless dedicated that we were able to unite as the people of the outer wall. Unfortunately there was a single consortium whose performance has disappointed me.”

Sidney knew what Dudian wanted to say but still asked: “Would master please name that consortium?”

“I would prefer to keep silent as not refer to the consortium’s name. It would have bad effect on their business. But I believe that the reader will be able to guess which consortium I’m talking about. My purpose to talk about them was to persuade them not to repeat the mistakes once again in the future.” Dudian calmly replied.

Sidney quickly recorded and said: “Master thanks for the interview. I’m sorry to disturb your valuable time…”

“It’s late and you should pay attention to your safety on your way back.” Dudian responded with a smile.

The next day.

Morning. The weather was sunny.

North of the commercial district. Prison. Military HQ.

Two teams of knights wearing dark exquisite armors were standing outside the prison. Everyone in the commercial district were aware which family the knights served. On the chests of the armor dark red flowers were engraved which were banner of the Mel Family.

The soldiers had surrounded the entire prison. Their faces were cold as they looked at the knights.

The door of the prison slowly opened. Blatter helped George Mel to walk out. Mark and Sarah silently followed them from the back. The warm rays of the sun shined upon their faces.

George raised his hand to cover the sun. His eyes narrowed because of the sun rays as he had spent last few days in the dark room.

Mark looked at the carriage waiting for them and checked the knights serving their family. Although he had been imprisoned for the last few days but the news were conveyed to them. He already knew about the changes in the outside world. He slowly moved behind George.

Sarah bit her lips as her slender hands hold onto her skirt. She knew that the root of problems was her. She was ready to exchange her own life for God to pity her and give another chance to go back in time.

“Master, you get on.”

“Miss, be careful.”

The carriage slowly left the prison and entered the commercial district. The knights were protecting the carriage as they rode on horses besides it. However as soon as they entered the commercial district George and others heard the curses aimed at them. All three of them frowned.

“What is it?” Sarah’s face was cold and her mood was gloomy as she heard people cussing at them. She moved the curtain and saw that the pedestrians were all over the roads. They were pointing at their carriage and cursing very loudly. The ‘Mel family’ was attached to many dirty words that were poured out of the dirty mouths of those.

“Damned peasants!” Sarah was bewildered. She was about to ask the coachman to stop so that the knights could find the people who cursed at them. But Mark whispered: “Sarah, don’t do anything unreasonable!”

Sarah turned around to look at her father. She suddenly thought of something and bit her lips: “It’s that damned good for nothing Dean! It is certainly him who have cooperated with the other consortia to damage the reputation of the Mel Family!”

George who was sitting opposite to her slowly closed his eyes: “Use your brain instead of getting angered by things like these. Think about how to fight back! Anger can’t solve a problem!”

Sarah bowed her head.

The carriage passed through the streets. Despite the protection of the knights the angry civilians cursed out loud. However they weren’t able to keep up with the carriage.

Sarah’s face was red because of anger as she got off the carriage. Even if she ordered the knights to change the direction the cursing wouldn’t be stopped. Their family castle was located in the most prosperous lot and to go there they had to pass from the main streets. She heard all kinds of harsh and dirty abuses aimed at them. She had never heard so many dirty words since birth. Her hatred of Dudian had reached an unprecedented level.

“Master, miss.”

Butler quickly led the servants.

George got off the carriage and moved to the castle: “What has happened today? Yesterday, Blatter told me that in addition to the withdrawal of some shareholders there were no other troubles. Why it is so today?”

The butler whispered: “Master you are not aware but yesterday New World Consortium established a newspaper. They had interviewed master Dean and it was published this morning. Master Dudian had told in the interview that he was disappointed in a consortium in this war…”

George Mel stopped.

The butler looked at George. His heart was trembling as he served Mel family for many years but had never seen George expose such an angry expression.

“He was disappointed? Just because he was disappointed?” George’s arm which was grabbing onto the crutch shook. His chest was thumping up and down. He was an all-powerful man when he was young. He had lived his life in comfort. But now, he was scolded non-stop for a few streets of ride just because a 16 year old boy said that he was ‘disappointed’!?

Sarah’s face was full of anger: “He was disappointed by a consortium…Everyone would know that he was talking about us as even the fool knows that we were imprisoned for the last few days. Bastard! Damned cheap bastard!” She wanted to curse to push out the anger but she didn’t know to many words that could be used to cuss.

Mar’s face was gloomy as he clenched his fists.

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  1. serve them right bitches!!!! when they framed him and try to assassinate him they were feeling good now that the table turn arround they are cursing shouting and angered!!! bah ! just go and die

  2. She didn’t know many cursed words? Haven’t she learned quite a few on the way? She should take that opportunity to learn!

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