DK – Ch 404

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The Dark King – Chapter 404

Kroen quickly approached: “Master, George, Mark and Sarah from the Mel family were secretly arrested by the military and the news had spread within a small range. However when Old Patriarch Fulin got the gist of the news he spread them all over the commercial district. The aristocratic circles were boiling about the news while the stocks of the Mellon consortium plummeted. There are problems in all of their industrial chains.”

“What happened afterwards?” Dudian calmly asked as he took a sip of coffee.

“The Mellon Consortium tried to rebel when they were aware that military wasn’t open for the negotiations. They wanted all three of them to be released however the military didn’t agree.” Kroen whispered

“Did they rebel?”


“We have to be a little bit patient.” Dudian asked: “Are they still held by the military?”

Kroen nodded: “Yes. The others who saw that they were still being detained by the military began to withdraw from the Mellon consortium. As much as I know its only in name only at this moment. I’ve heard Old Fulin say that he had spread the news of Mellon consortium colluding with barbarians and also trying to frame you. The major families have broken their ties with the Mellon consortium and most of them joining our New World consortium.”

Dudian nodded: “The war is over no the old dogs are going to bite each other.”

Kroen was surprised to see Dudian’s calm face as if he had expected everything. He thought Dudian would have endless joy but he had a dull reaction instead. He bowed: “Master, the Mellon consortium is almost defeated. Shouldn’t we celebrate?”

“There’s nothing to celebrate.” Dudian said: “You can’t put the arrows away after the first shot. The results have yet to come out. Not to mention its just the first step and there is nothing gratifying yet.”

Kroen whispered: “Master you had send me to arrange people into the residential district. I’ve arranged them to stay in the hotel. The situation is chaotic. I’m worried that they will mix with us and it will end as a disadvantage for you so…”

Dudian slowly said: “Ask Neuss to take them away and give them opportunity to pick a house in the commercial district. Buy them whatever they want. The war has just ended and the property prices are cheap. Let Patriarch Fulin to buy large quantities of low-cost real-estate using the resources of the consortium. The population will rise in sometime and the prices of the housing will increase too.”

Kroen nodded: “Yes.”

The war had temporarily came to an end. The commercial and the residential districts were devastated. The outer edge of the golden wall was the most affected by the barbarian invasion. Even the households of the residents had heavy losses by the golden wall. The manors were burned. Everything had to be rebuilt.

The rain had affected the war too. Most of the regular soldiers had fallen ill because of the continues rain which stopped after several days. Fortunately the legendary steam rifle was invented and even the reserve troops were able to use it to force back the barbarians.

Ten days of continuous war had destroyed countless families.

There were numerous victims but also large number of people who had made wealth. There were consortia who took the opportunity to gain wealth because of the war. They raised the prices for military supplies and everything else. In just ten days they had made as much as wealth they had acquired in the last ten years. Of course there were some wealthy people who had gone bankrupt and become ordinary people.

The other consortia received the news that Dudian was back. They sent messengers with gifts.

At the same time the reporters from different newspapers came over to interview Dudian but all of them were declined.

Dudian wrote to Patriarch Fulin to set up a newspaper agency. He was going to give all his future interviews to their own newspaper. It would greatly enhance the sales of their own newspaper.
In addition, the best way to shape the public opinion was to rely on media. The newspapers were the only means of the propaganda in this era.

Old Fulin had excellent ability as he registered the newspaper by the afternoon. Moreover he was able to recruit staff from other non-consortium newspaper by giving high salaries. The name of the newspaper was very simple. It was called ‘New World News’.

Old Fulin temporarily left the newspaper under Sander’s management. He made sure to contact and talk with printing factories to be able to make the first sale of the ‘New World News’ by the next morning. Because of Old Fulin’s noble identity and Dudian’s identity as a master the most of their problems were solved easily.

Sander led the interview to come and have a chat with Dudian after the dinner.

Dudian sat in the hall next to Sander after the dinner. There was a woman holding a notebook in front of him. There were two young assistants by her side.

Sidney Hart was excited and nervous as it was her first time to see a legendary figure. The palm which she used to hold the quill kept sweating. She smiled as he looked at Dudian: “Master, can we start now?”

“Yes.” Dudian put down the cup of tea and indicated her to began to interview. Of course, the questions had been revised before.

Sidney took a deep breath: “Master Dean, what was your childhood dream?”

“My dream was to become a master and change the lives of the people with my invention. I want to see a world without poverty and suffering.” Dudian smiled.

Sidney complimented him: “The master’s dream are different from the ordinary people such as us. They are so great and extraordinary.”

Dudian corrected her: “Man isn’t great because of his dreams but because he can realize that dream.”

Sidney was startled. There was a trace of admiration in her eyes: “Master, as far as I know your background is a civilian. The talent and effort are inseparable when we think about your achievements. Which one do you think is more important? Talent or diligence?”

“Three points account for talent while seven account for diligence in terms of success.” Dudian calmly replied.

In his mind: (Try as hard as you want trying to catch up with the pace of others and you will know how important talent is!)

Sidney nodded: “Master, I have seen a lot of people try very hard but still fail. Is it because they don’t have talent?”

Dudian responded: “Many people try to deceive themselves. They put effort but its to show-off in front of others. “

Sidney quickly recorded his answers and asked: “Master, according to your argument will the gold will always shine?”

“Yes, as long as it is gold.”

(Unfortunately, most of you are just stones! How will you shine?)

Sidney nodded: “Most of us are eager to achieve our dreams they you did. We are willing to work hard too. Do you have any good suggestions?”

“First learn to get up early … …”

(Or sleep more… That way your ‘dreams’ may come true.)

Sidney chuckled: “Master you are humorous! Right now you have both fame and fortune. What do you think of wealth?”

“Wealth doesn’t make people happy.” Dudian said in a serious tone.

(Peasants like to hear rich people say so.)

Sidney continued with a question: “Master, which one do you think is more important… Morality or wealth?”

“Without a doubt the morality!” Dudian continue: “A person with good morality will make the others love and respect them from heart. After his death he would become an immortal. The money makes people decadent!”

(Unfortunately most of them are working under those decadent wealth men!)

Sidney was stunned by his reply: “Master is indeed a noble knight! I hope that after today’s interview everyone will follow master’s path and be good people!”

“Thank you for your compliments.” Dudian said: “We will naturally treated kindly by others if we treat others with kindness. Don’t we?”

(How can these people bully you if you aren’t kind?)

Sidney nodded: “Master, the military spread rumors that you have colluded with the barbarians at the beginning of the war. Although later it was proved that you were being framed but it certainly had affected you. How was your mood at the time?”

Dudian smiled: “There is a good saying that a body won’t be afraid of its shadow. As an upright person I don’t fear the slanders of others! I didn’t care about these rumors and continued with my research.”

(How could I ignore those three tigers?)

Sidney said: “Master is really indifferent to the fame and fortune! You are indeed the youngest master of the Temple! The war was won because of your new invention. Do you want to say anything?”

“That was my responsibility.” Dudian replied.

(I want you all to thank me.)

Sydney said: “After the war there are many who think that the outer wall are is not peaceful and the conditions aren’t good. Do you have any advice to appease them?”

“It’s meaningless to complain. They have to build and guard their homes by their own hands.” Dudian responded.

(Unfortunately, you can’t go to the inner wall! You can’t leave the giant wall either! You are all screwed!)

Sidney nodded: “I believe that many people will respond to your encouragement. Many homes were destroyed and many happy families were broken because of the war. Do you habe anything to say to them?”

Dudian pondered a bit: “Don’t give up! Each of you is the hope of this world! The real constructors of this worlds are not those extravagant singers, or politicians or the wealth businessmen but the honest and good people like you! So don’t give up the hope and create the world that you want to live in! You are the most important people in the world!”

(What would government and businessmen do without you?”

Sidney’s eyes lit up: “Master, do you really think so?

“Do you think I’m kidding?” Dudian laughed.

Sidney immediately reacted: “No-no, master! I was just excited. Forgive me. I hope you don’t mind…”

“No, let’s continue” Dudian added.

Sidney nodded like the chicken pecked the rice and continue the interview.


Alright, I have decided on a novel after reading first 2 chaps. It has everything what TDK has but better! I’m in love with the new novel and hopefully we will publish the translation by the end of this month!

I would like to thank ScowlinArc for pledging 3$ at our PATREON page!

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