DK – Ch 403

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The Dark King – Chapter 403

In the blink of an eye another two days passed.

The golden wall once again became the barrier to be used by the military. The barbarians were defeated and expelled behind the golden wall. However they weren’t planning to easily abandon the Red Maple Mountains. Although the Red Maple Mountains belonged to the outer edge of the commercial district but at the end of the day it was within the King’s Fort. It’s lands were blessed with rich resources. Moreover once they evacuated from the Red Maple Mountains then they will be exiled for long time.

However military wasn’t anxious to attack the Red Maple Mountains but focused on soldiers to recover. Their main plan was to consolidate the defense of the golden wall. At the same time they were increasing the inventory of weapons and other resources. Gradually statistics about the casualties and other information was published by the military newspaper and the other newspapers that belonged to the consortia. They identified few generals, colonels who died in the war as heroes.

Moreover several outstanding commanders and generals were praised in those reports. Dudian’s name was also included.

Dudian knew that the military feared to be ambushed by the barbarians so they preferred not to chase after the barbarians at the first chance. After all, the Red Maple Mountains had fallen into the hands of the barbarians and it would be much easier to ambush them in case the military was tempted to give them a chase. In addition the military waited for the regular soldiers to be cured before making a move. After all, the more they dragged the time the more chance they had to produce steam rifles.

“We should also go back.” Dudian called to Sergei and Gwyneth. He declined the escort of the Mouse brothers and the rest of the soldiers.

The Mouse brothers didn’t force Dudian as they evaluated the situation. Moreover they had personally seen Dudian’s extraordinary strength. He was no less inferior to them. In addition there were two senior hunters who were by his side. In the end trying to hurt Dudian was a difficult thing at this point. As the war by the golden wall had ended even if Dudian was injured there wouldn’t be any relations to the military.

“The war is finally over! We can go back and take a good rest!” Sergei’s heart was racing as he shouted out.

Dudian faintly smiled: “The war is just beginning! Do you want to be lazy?”

Sergei was startled: “Beginning?”

“The previous one was the war between the military and the barbarians. Now its time for our war!” Dudian continued: “Both of you will be busy after we return.”

Sergei woke up: “I had almost forgotten about the damned Mellon consortium! By the way none of the two senior hunters that they had sent into the war died. Especially the woman. It seems that she had the magic marks from the black weaver! The abilities she had are terrifying if she would use them for assassination! In the previous battle she just went down the soil until the end of the war. She was unharmed! That is a cheat!”

Dudian remembered Glenn’s appearance as he heard Sergei’s words: “If she didn’t die then we will hire her! Afterwards she will become one of us.”

“Do you want to recruit her?” Sergei shook his head: “It’s not so easy to recruit a senior hunter because of the contract she has signed with the consortium. There are 2 options. First is for her to die and the second is for the Mellon consortium to collapse!”

Dudian smiled but kept his silence.

Gwyneth who was riding the horse parallel to Dudian suddenly asked: “Master, yesterday we had a very good opportunity to attack but you seemed reluctant to fight for the military. Why?”

“Oh?” Dudian looked at her with interest: “What do you think?”

Gwyneth frowned: “I can’t figure out! Young master please enlighten me.”

Dudian smiled: “Its better to leave some space while acting. Moreover its not my own fight so why should I be so desperate?”

There was a trace of doubt in Gwyneth’s eyes. She seemed not able to grasp what he meant.

“Think about it from the perspective of interests and results …” Dudian smiled.

Sergei whispered to himself as he looked at Dudian: “Something bad is going to happen as I see him act tooo honest these days!”

The residents of the commercial district recognized Dudian as they passed through the streets.

They saw hundreds of people holding flowers and waiting by both sides of the river by the castle as they came close to Dudian’s castle.

“Are they here to welcome us?” Sergei was surprised and felt excitement as he saw the crowd.

Dudian nodded as he slowly rode the horse.

In an instant the crowd screamed out loud as they saw Dudian. They gathered close to Dudian and others. Some of them fell to the ground and were trampled by the other excited people.

Dudian naturally noted that some of the fell down within the crowd. He only took a glance. There was a gentle smile on his face while he was wearing a knight armor. He was like a bright knight which caused the woman to scream out loud and throw flowers at him.

Dudian rode the horse while the crowd followed after him.

Gwyneth also saw the women who ‘accidentally’ fell to the ground and knew what they were after. However she didn’t care much as the tsunami-like cheers drowned their voices.

Sergei was grinning as his mouth curved from one ear to the other. Although he knew that the cheers and applause weren’t mean for him but he was still pretty excited to be in such an environment.

Dudian came to stop before the castle. He dismounted and looked at the people by the gate. He raised his hand and waved. The crowed cheered once again. He didn’t say anything but went into the castle.

Kroen and Neuss also quickly came out. Neuss pulled the horses while Kroen said to Dudian: “Master, finally you are back! Incredible things have happened these last few days!”

Dudian looked calm: “Send someone outside to tell the crowd that I will rest so I need a silent environment.”

Kroen nodded: “Yes.”

Dudian was sitting in the hall when Kroen returned. He had taken off the knight armor and put on comfortable white clothing. He was drinking coffee: “Tell me.”

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