DK – Ch 401

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The Dark King – Chapter 401

“Dragons don’t feed on humans?” Dudian looked at the giant black shadow in the sky: “Do you mean to say that that big guy is a vegetarian?”

Reid replied: “Master, you don’t know about it but the dragons are used as mounts by the Holy Church. They eat monsters from outside the giant wall.”

Dudian quietly looked at the giant black shadow as it disappeared in the horizon. He took back his eyes.

“Let’s go.” Dudian commanded.

Gwyneth and Sergei were by Dudian’s side. The three generals followed after them. The three hundred soldiers were riding behind those three. They passed through neighborhoods as they went to the north of the commercial district. The elite troops caught the attention of the ordinary residents.

Although the rain had stopped but the ground was still wet.

They passed along the main streets of the commercial district. Soon the people recognized Dudian. They cheered him along the way.

In about one hour Dudian reached the military headquarters in the north of the commercial district. General Lorenzo and others generals were aware of their arrival because of the messenger crows. They suspended their discussions as Dudian and others arrived.

“Master, are you planning to go to the battlefield?” Lorenzo was feeling helpless as he asked the question to learn purpose of Dudian’s visit. Dudian was the most ‘active’ master he had ever seen.

Dudian nodded: “Let’s not delay time as general is aware of my intention. This time I hope that you will give me troops because of my knight identity. I hope to personally get involved in the battle!”

Lorenzo looked back at him: “Master, I know what’s passing through your mind. But let me remind you that battlefield is totally different from the other places. There is just too much of a risk! Everyone will blame us if an accident happens…”

Dudian shook his head: “I’ve written a letter which has my last words. I knew that general would be worried about that so I decided to act this way. I’ve written that everything that I do is voluntary and the military doesn’t hold any responsibilities in case something happens to me!”

Lorenzo was silent as many ideas passed through his mind. What good a letter is if you died in the battlefield? How much credibility did it hold? If dark church or another force took the opportunity to guide the public opinion to attack the military…

Lorenzo couldn’t understand if Dudian didn’t really understands these or the boy deliberately pretended not to understand. However he was inclined towards the latter option. After all, the boy was 16 years old. Although he was an excellent architect but the kid didn’t have life experience! The inventions were related to his superb skills but it didn’t mean that he had rich life experience and was mature to understand these points.

Lorenzo deeply looked at him: “Master, I’ll allow your request since you insist on it. However I have one condition.”

Dudian stared back: “Yes?.”

“Please obey the military arrangements since you insist joining the battlefield. The war is about whole not the individual performance. I hope you will listen to our way of solving problems and won’t rush the troops casually into the battle!” Lorenzo looked at Dudian with a serious gaze.

“No problem! I will obey the rules. However I hope that I wouldn’t be sent into some office work because I am a master! I think I have the ability to fight the enemy on the battlefield!” Dudian replied.

Lorenzo nodded: “Naturally you will be on the front line. Master, please come over and check this.”

Dudian went to the sand table.

“The barbarians have occupied the golden wall. They have three options right now. The first one is to attack the silver wall protecting the residential district. The second option is to try to attack commercial district from the Red River. Their main forces are gathered over there but I suspect they are trying to fool us. Their real purpose is to occupy the residential district.” Lorenzo pointed towards the sand table as he explained to Dudian.: ” We are protecting the silver wall but there is scarcity in terms of staff members. Moreover there is forest which is kind of a gap at the boundaries of the silver wall.”

“They can detour the forest and enter the commercial district. Moreover your steam rifle is unfavorable in the forest because of the terrain disadvantage. So it must be guarded by the elite forces!”

Lorenzo looked at Dudian: “I will give you two thousand soldiers and colonels to protect that area.”

Dudian checked the entire commercial district and the points of the battle on the table. It was obvious that indeed the forest led to the commercial district. But a large-scale war couldn’t happen within the forest. By giving him two thousand soldiers to protect the forest was an easy task. It would be very safe.

“Alright!” Dudian looked at Lorenzo: “I promise to complete the task! I hope that general would punish me according to the military law if I fail!”

Lorenzo was relieved as he looked at the teenager. He immediately responded: “I’ll leave this grim task to you. I hope you won’t let us down!”

Dudian nodded in confirmation. There was a trace of excitement in his face.

Lorenzo smiled: “Master, you should immediately depart to complete the task!”

“Yes!” Dudian bent to salute the general the way a soldier would do. He turned and left afterwards.

The other generals shook their heads and wryly smiled as they looked at Dudian leaving the hall.

“I haven’t seen such a master. ”

“You should rephrase it. You haven’t seen such a young master! He is too young and youth tend to refuse the comfort…”

“Unlike some consortia who try to take advantage of the war to make wealth out of it.”

“It’s way too hard to control him..”

Dudian left to the front of the forest with the small army.

The rain had stopped and the sky was clear. The previous useless artillery once again appeared in the battlefield. The barbarians tasted the bombs as they attacked the silver wall of the residential district. The military was in advantageous situation because of the weapons. The giant frogs were useless in front of the artillery. They just became huge targets!

A day passed.

Barbarians paid a heavy price but were unable to occupy the silver wall. They changed their strategy and scattered into small teams. Their aim was to get into the commercial district through various regions.

However it was too late.

The military had long calculated their move and have made new strategies according to such a situation. Moreover the steam rifle was introduced at this point.

The emergence of the steam rifle destroyed the plans of barbarians to do guerilla warfare. In just three days they retreated suffering heavy casualties.

At the same time, by the forest.

Dudian led two thousand elite soldiers as well as three hundred purple feather troops. Their troops were stationed by the edge of the forest. On daily basis they caught wild animals and barbecued them. It was very comfortable.

Several barbarian teams tried to pass by the forest however all of them were killed by the troops sent by Dudian. In reality he didn’t even have to go to battlefield. The colonels were enough to solve the problem. In addition they relied on the advantage of the terrain to completely massacre the attacking barbarian teams.

It was like picking credit from the air.

Sergei picked the grilled rabbit leg and sat by Dudian who was holding a book: “Master, its too boring in here. When are going back? The mosquitoes at night…”

Dudian took the rabbit leg and retracted his eyes from the book. He spoke while ate: “Let’s go back after eating. The colonels are enough to lead the forces stationed in here.”

“Really?” Sergei was stunned as he was casually complaining.

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