DK – Ch 400

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The Dark King – Chapter 400

“Old Patriarch!” The middle-aged man wearing suit came forward.

George who was sitting on the sofa slowly raised his head as he looked at the man. His eyes swept of the middle-aged man’s body and saw the other figure behind him. His gloomy face turned into a smile: “Bishop Parker! I didn’t think that you would personally come to visit me. I thank you for that. I’m ashamed to meet you in such a shabby place. Should we get something to drink?”

The old man lifted the hood covering his head. He slightly shook his head: “Old patriarch, its me that’s ashamed not being able to get you out of here. I’m really sorry…”

“Sorry?” George was startled as he listened to the man’s words. He felt a hunch that something bad had happened. He looked at the middle-aged man: “Blatter, whats happening?”

The middle-aged man’s face turned ugly: “Old patriarch I’m sorry but you will have to stay here for a few more days… Mr Mark and your granddaughter Miss Sarah have been bailed out thou.”

George was perplexed as he frowned: “What do you mean?”

Blatter responded: “Old Patriarch we are all friends in the top tier but this situation is a bit too special. We can’t bail you out because of no parole.”

“No parole?” George looked at him in anger: “Bastard! What do you mean?! Will I continue to stay here? Do you even understand who am I? Do you expect me to stay here? Are you gone crazy?”

Blatter bitterly replied: “Old patriarch I have investigated the details. Master Dean had captured a barbarian from the royal family and she has confessed your name while under the investigation of the military. The military has arrested you under charges of ‘rebellion’ and ‘collusion with enemies’. These are big sins. Moreover as the war continues the military orders the shots. Don’t expect to get bailed out!”

George shouted in anger: “I don’t care about the charges! This is between the military and you to solve! I only know that I want to go out now!”

“Old Patriarch.” Parker bishop stepped forward as he sighed: “We are really helpless at this point. I have used my connections in the Holy Church to act as a guarantee for you but many people have heard about the contradictions between Mel family and the new master who has invented two legendary inventions. So most of the people who originally wanted to help you has stepped back. Alone I’m powerless… ”

George’s lips twitched as he heard the bishop’s words. He grabbed the bottle of red wine on the table and fiercely smashed it to the ground: “That little devil! It must be him who had colluded with the barbarians! He was the one who had captured the barbarian from the royal family! DAMN IT!” He used the crutches to balance himself and sit back on the sofa. George’s eyes were gloomy.

Blatter continued: “I will go to investigate this matter but I hope that old patriarch can be patient for a while. I know that the living conditions aren’t good in here so I’ll try everything to get you out as soon as possible!”

George looked at him: “You don’t understand… It’s not just about my reputation but the honor of Mel family and the whole Mellon consortium! You are telling me to live here for a few more days… It’s a prison damn it! This place a prison! Does it look like a place to live?”

“But … but …”

“A day!” George took a deep breath and continued in a cold tone: “I will give you only one day! If you can’t resolve this problem in one day then inform Mr Meyers and Mutton to negotiate with the military!”

Blatter and Bishop Parker’s face changed. Bishop Parker said: “Old patriarch you have to think twice about the situation. It’s not just you but the patriarch of Rostov family who were arrested too. You can’t engage in negotiations at this point or you will completely anger the military! The military should have some evidence in their hands or they wouldn’t arrest you just because of the words of a barbarian!”

George was slightly startled: “How did the Scott consortium react? Is Chai still in here?”

Blatter’s face turned ugly: “I-I just heard that Mr Chai Rostov seems to be bailed out.. ”

“What?!” George stared at him as he thought he had heard it wrong: “Both of us were arrested but he was bailed out?! Why is it that he can be bailed out but I have to continue to stay in here?”

Bishop Parker intervened: “Old Patriarch Scott consortium was in the same shoes as Mellon consortium. However they seem to have close connection with master Dean. The military let him out to give face to the master. The reason why you are still kept in here was mostly because of your relations with master Dean. Moreover Fulin from the Ryan family also testified that Mellon consortium had secretly tried to frame master Dean…”

George suddenly coughed up as he stared at both of them. He reached out his hand to cover his mouth but there was blood between his fingers.

“Old patriarch!”

Bishop Parker and Blatter rushed out.

George raised his other hand to stop them. He used the back of his hand to wipe the blood off his mouth. He whispered: “I have ruled over commercial district for decades! I would never imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be toyed around by a 16 year old boy at the age of 72… A master…A genius…Haha…”

He turned towards Bishop Parker: “I don’t care about anything! Get the soldiers ready and go to war with the military if they don’t want to negotiate! I don’t think that they will be that tough after the action is taken!”

Bishop Parker anxiously replied: “Old patriarch in that case the future of the consortium will be bleak!”

George stared back at him: “If I don’t get out now then there is no future for the consortium! There are bloodthirsty tigers out there! Do you think the other consortia are sheep?”

Dudian put on his hunter armor and looked at the mirror to check himself.

Gwyneth and Sergei followed after him.

“Master, are you going out?” Kroen asked in haste.

Dudian commanded: “Prepare the horses! I’m going to the military’s HQ!”


After moments the horse was ready outside the castle.

Dudian went out and saw hundreds of figures hidden behind the bushes. They were the elite troops sent to protect him. If they were used perfectly in the battlefield then they would have played a great effect. However at this point they were acting as his bodyguards. It showed how afraid the military was because of his safety.

He looked up at the clear blue sky. The dark clouds had retreated and the sun shined down the earth.

Dudian smiled as he hoped onto the horse.

The sky was vast. However he saw a giant black shadow passing through the sky.

He had seen such a thing many times before but never have thought about it. He looked at Reid who was next to him: “Colonel, what kind of bird is that?”

Reid looked up and smiled: “Master, that’s not a bird. It is a dragon! Normally we can see them only in the black snow season.”

“Dragon?” Dudian looked at the shadow: “How come I have never heard of dragons attacking the people of the outer wall?”

Reid laughed: “Master, the dragons don’t hurt humans but bless us!”

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    1. dragons huh what will appear next devils, angels or … pokem*n! Ah right the mc captured a legendary one already =d

  1. MC only now ask about a shadow in the sky for years ? after 400 chapters ? shabby writing author come on u could do better

    1. Dude how many things do you see around you that you don’t fully understand? Dean’s always been busy, the shadow an irrelevant thing amongst many irrelevant things. He sucks up knowledge, but always for a purpose.

      Those dragons are probably tamed beasts of the inner wall or something though.

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