DK – Ch 399

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The Dark King – Chapter 399

“Is it alright if we kill military men?” Sergei suspiciously look at Dudian as he picked up his eyebrows.

Dudian smiled: “They are humans too. Why couldn’t we kill them?”

Sergei stared back at him: “Forget it, my anger is gone. However can I kill them if I meet such people in the future?”

Dudian replied: “Anyone below general is alright. But make sure that I don’t have to clean up a lot after you.”

Gwyneth and Sergei were surprised at his words. Killing soldiers or officers of the military wouldn’t end with just light charges. However according to Dudian’s tone he would be able to get ride of such a case if it happened.

“Alright.” Sergei grinned: “In the future I won’t bear such worthless people.”

Dudian nodded: “Tell me about war.”

Both of them sat by the table while a servant brought them meal. Sergei ate and spoke: “The situation is not good. Moreover the military used hunters as a cannon fodder. They directly ‘threw’ us over the golden wall to fight with barbarians. If I didn’t cooperate with Gwyneth then I want come back alive. As much as I know all the primary hunters sent by the other consortia are dead. There were only one or two intermediate hunters who were lucky to survive. There were about fifteen senior hunters including both of us. More than half of that are either dead or wounded.”

Although Dudian had heard about recent news from newspapers but not in details. It seems military was successful in weakening the private forces of all six consortia.

All the noble families were eligible to have private ‘military’ forces according to the size of their territory. They could have corresponding number of guards which was identified as private army. The official aim was to protect the territory but in fact those forces were used for self-protection and in case of confrontation with the military. The number of private guards under the command of the aristocrats were in extremely alarming numbers so that the military, magistrate and even the Holy Church didn’t dare to provoke them.

The hunters were undoubtedly the trump card of these private guards.

But in Dudian’s perspective the hunters were only small part of the consortia’s top private military force. After all, the wealth that had to be protected outside the giant wall wasn’t substantial in comparison to the wealth inside the giant wall. So the number of private troops within the giant wall were much more in number and quality wise.

The hunter team has to be prepared before renting a passage through the giant wall. Moreover there were number of restrictions related to the wealth to be made through the passage. So the best option was to form territorial guards and knights to protect the wealth inside the giant wall.

As a result the knights were the most loved private forces out of all. They were used as private guards and to stop any kind of embezzlement from the other nobles.

“Master, why did you call us back? What’s the matter?” Gwyneth asked as she picked up a small piece of steak to eat.

Dudian looked at her: “The first is to confirm your state. The second reason is that I’m going to set off and I need both of you on my side.”

Sergei glanced at Dudian’s left arm which was bandaged: “Did someone attack you?”


Sergei nodded and didn’t ask questions anymore. He bowed his head to eat.

Pound~ Pound~

The sounds of horses came from the outside the castle.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he looked up.

He saw red heats gallop towards the castle from the distance. He was able to figure out that it was actually a team of soldiers.

Reid who was in duty at the gates of the castle was surprised to see troops coming towards the castle. His eyes narrowed as he saw three figures leading the troops. He quickly stood up in a straight posture.

The The army came to the castle before the stop, led by a few road figure turned over and jumped horse.

“Greetings general Darren!” Reid saluted as he was extremely surprised. General Darren was the oldest of the three Mouse brothers. The two men next to him were generals Dale and Dustin who were the most trust people of the five-star general Lorenzo. Moreover they were his personal attendants meant to protect his safety. General Lorenzo had survived more than dozens of assassinations because of three Mouse brothers.

General Dale looked at Reid’s arm and smiled: “Is master at home? We are here to protect his safety.”

“Master is inside the castle. Please come over.” Reid respectfully replied.

Darren, Dale and Dustin followed after Reid into the castle.

Darren was very surprised as they entered the castle. It was a very simply place with basic decorations. It was difficult to imagine a master of the Temple living in such an ordinary castle. The servants were wearing ordinary uniforms too. It seems as if they have joined castle of a declining aristocratic family.

“Master, the three are …” Reid came to stop in front of Dudian and introduced generals one by one.

After the introduction, Darren directly said: “Master, we were ordered to protect your safety. I hope you wouldn’t mind if we live here for a while.”

Dudian’s heart was full of surprises as he looked at the three. All of them emitted heat which was on par with senior hunters. They were in no way inferior to Sergei.

“I’ll be troubling generals.” Dudian politely replied. It seems the last assassination attempt had frightened the top level of the military.

Gwyneth and Sergei didn’t move as they sat by the table. However both of them looked at the three generals as they could sense the dangerous aura emitted from them.

Prison within the territory of the Military HQ.

The defensive efforts put into the protection of the prison was much more harsher than Thorn Flower Prison as hundreds of soldiers patrolled around the prison. Although Thorn Flower Prison was known as the best prison within the outer wall area but only civilians, some aristocrats, knights and similar people were jailed there. The prison of the military was used to imprison very few people. But they supervised the ‘big’ characters of business world, aristocracy, top level people from magistrate or even bishops from the Holy Church.

The forces behind the prisoners would not be able to invade into the prison in case of an attack. After all, the prison was within the territory of the military headquarters.

At the moment, two teams of troops escorted a carriage which came to stop in fron tof the prison. Two figures stepped down from the carriage. One of them was a middle-aged made with a mustache. He was carrying a folder with himself.

The other was about 50 years old and was wearing a suit. His skin was smooth and delicate. However his hair was white in color.

“Please.” A colonel showed them way.

Both of them followed the colonel into the prison. The guard checked their documents and looked at their eyes: “The visit is limited to 10 minutes according to the general’s order!”

The colonel’s face sank: “Stop being long-winded! Open the door!”

The guard opened the door.

The guard told to them: “The Mels are in the fourth section.”

Both of them walked through the corridor of the prison. It was totally different place in comparison to an ordinary prison. There were no steel windows or iron doors. It looked like a basement of a castle.

The colonel came to stop in front of the fourth section. He presented their documents to the officer at duty. The officer checked their documents and opened the door into the section: “Ten minutes!”

The colonel looked at both of the visitors: “I won’t be going in. Only you two.”

“Thanks.” The middle-aged man nodded and went into the section. The place was very bright. There was soft red carpet all over the ground. There was a comfortable sofa while portrait of a famous actress was hang on the wall. Next to it there were bookshelves. By the bookshelves there was a bar for wines.

At the moment a person was sitting in the room. It was George Mel.

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