DK – Ch 398

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The Dark King – Chapter 398

Nicholas sent away the knight and turned back to the hall. He looked at the letter in Dudian’s hands which had the badge of the Knight’s Hall engraved on it. He was envious and curious. He didn’t know which knight position the Knight’s Hall had granted Dudian. Could he become a silver knight from the beginning?

Dudian glanced at Nicholas and threw the envelope onto the table: “Take it to my study room.”

“Yes!” Nicholas replied with a smile but his heart was cold. He held onto the envelope as went upstairs. Although he was curious but he didn’t want to open the envelope on his own. This was not something a butler could do and he had lost all the opportunities for a pardon.

“They directly gave me the identity of a golden knight! I think alone by my accomplishments it would be difficult to get this glory. It should be related to my identity as a master of the Temple! Power is really a good thing…” Dudian’s mouth curled up into a smile.

“We should pressure the other nobles?” Old Fulin’s face slightly changed as he checked the letter: “It’s time to take out the net. I hope its strong and large enough to catch those big fish! We won’t have a second chance…”

Sander who was next to him was perplexed as he couldn’t help but say: “Father, the young master… Master Dean wants us to deal with Mellon consortium!?”

“Yes.” Old Fulin slowly opened the oil lamp and put the letter into it. The flame engulfed and burned the letter: “The identity of the master is enough to encourage people against the Mellon consortium. There has to be many families who have applied to withdraw from Mellon consortium by now. Their foundation is shaky at this point and it will eventually collapse.”

Sander frowned: “Father, although the Mellon consortium seems to be finished but the dying tiger still can kill the wolf. It is not so easy to eat such a big piece of pie. He wants you to pressure the other aristocrats. In case of danger he can wade away while we won’t have a chance!”

Old Fulin slowly shook his head: “He won’t do that.”

Sander heard his confident tone. However the emotions that were filled in his heart for a long time had turned him angry. He whispered: “Father, I can’t understand the reason why you believe him without a question! He was a prisoner and a ferocious hunter. After so much time we have seen that he isn’t as simple as we have imagined him to be. The amazing talent is just a coat covering him. Under that coat a cold ruthless heart is hidden!”

Old Fulin slowly turned around and looked at him but he didn’t say anything.

Sander felt that he couldn’t stop so he continued to pour out everything he felt as his father’s gaze was focused on him: “Father, I know that he has an affection to our Ryan family but he is just using us! He coerced you to bail him out. Although he promised to bring us back to the heyday of the Ryan family but how can we believe just his words! He made the new textile machine which helped to improve the life of Ryan family. But all over again his purpose was to use us!”

“He had no background so he had to rely on nobles such as us for protection. Mellon consortium would be able to throw him into the prison by moving few strings. That’s why he had to support us so that we can shelter him. ”

“At the final analysis its just he has been using us. I thought that he was just a talented teenager but now it seems that he is simply a devil! He is more terrifying than we have imagined! Mellon consortium has gone through decades of suffering and attacks but were able to survive. It took only a short year for this devil to put the Mellon consortium into a desperate situation! Just a year!”

“Now he has become a master. He is almost in part with an aristocrat. There are countless nobles willing to become feather on his wings. We are just a declining nobility! He is so cold-blooded towards others! Why would he care about us? For him we are just loyal dogs!”

“You are mistaken.” Old Fulin shook his head as he interrupted Sander’s speech.

Sander slightly bit his lips as he looked at old Fulin. He didn’t fear his father but he had to follow the etiquette in front of the old patriarch.

Old Fulin slowly said: “I knew that our family was harboring a devil since the time he murdered deacon Huey. Naturally, I don’t believe in anything that he says and I don’t believe that he may be a loyal person. But I’m convinced of one thing which is pretty important!”

“What?” Sander was startled.

“The devil is described as cruel, greedy and violent but he is different. In addition to those he has pride!” Old Fulin continued: “He may not necessarily be part of our family. But because of his pride he will never treat us as pawns. It will trample his own self-esteem.”

Sander was startled as he listened in silence.

Old Fulin stared at him: “You don’t have to fear him. Although he is cold-blooded and ruthless but this is how you survive. That’s the only way to end the Mellon consortium and that’s the only way that will take him to the apex! Do you remember something called ‘pyramid’ from the book of ‘Golden Desert’? It’s the same thing. We live a life which seems similar to a pyramid. How can you step onto the top row and overlook the world if you don’t want to step over others?”

Sander bowed his head as he bit his lips.

“Follow his instructions and put pressure on different families! It would be inconvenient for him to come forward. It will be suspicious.” Old Fulin softly said.

“I know, father.” Sander sighed.

In the afternoon.

Dudian was eating lunch when Gwyneth and Sergei came back. There were holes and scratches all over their armors. They looked like beggars. Fortunately they had washed clean their armors and there were no blood stains. However it was easy to see how fierce the battle had been.

Moreover Sergei’s hair was trimmed and was shaved bald.

Gwyneth’s armor was tattered and there were few wounds on her neck. Her hair was much shorter too. However the wounds on her neck were too shocking.

“Young master.”

“Young master.”

Both of them greeted Dudian.

Dudian glanced at them: “What’s with the shabby look? Didn’t military give you a new armor?”

Sergei suddenly went crazy: “Master, the military is just a gang of stingy bastards! We helped them kill those enemies and at the end we did get nothing but fart! We even cleaned our own armors! They sent a military doctor but that man seemed very reluctant to do anything. I was being discriminated against! I really wanted to smash his head!”

Gwyneth who was silent most of the time said: “Yes.”

Dudian smiled: “From your tone I assume you didn’t get any serious injuries. Are you hungry? Join me for lunch! IF you were offended by anyone then find them and I’ll help you kill them. What do you say?”

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  1. Sander’s personality is contrived on this chapter. He respected dudian and he turned 180 degrees? Maybe I’m confusing jake with him? Jake was the one who raked debt for the ryan family initially correct? Not sanders? Yeah, this chapter is contrived.

    1. He didn’t like Jake but the following chapters already showed that he blamed Dudian for having his family(Jake) being targeted by Mellon Consortium.

    1. true that, its just Martinke is busy these days and I have to ask for someone else to do editing and proofreading

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