DK – Ch 397

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The Dark King – Chapter 397

“Arrest warrants?” Mark’s eyes swept through the black letters on the papers.

The servants around the hall were shocked as they heard the general’s words. They couldn’t help but turn around to look over.

“General Keith?” George used the crutches to slowly come behind Mark’s body. Because of his old age his body was lost behind the sturdy body of Mark. However Mark quickly went sideways and all the attention was gathered on George.

“It seems I have to talk about rituals and history to the general.” George indifferently looked at general Keith: “Entering an aristocrat’s manor with weapons is a very rude thing. Although Mellon family is wise and forgiving but we can’t forgive and let it through! Although don’t forget ‘Garden Battle’ which happened 160 years ago. After that arresting any nobility whether they are in decline or not is inconceivable!”

George hit the crutches onto the floor as he uttered the last words. Although his expression was calm but his sharp words were showing his anger.

General Keith indifferently looked at both of them. At one point knights of light, deacons, generals of the military and even the members of the dark church had to bow in front of them. Keith said in a cold tone: “Sorry but I was ordered to act. The warrant states to arrest both of you on ‘rebellion’ charges. In addition, your granddaughter Ms Sarah Mel will also go back with us. I hope you will follow the aristocratic etiquette and don’t embarrass us!”

“Where do you get the courage to talk to us like that?” Mark said in an angry tone.

Keith looked back at him: “Mr Mark, are you going to resist?”

“You!” Mark was angered.

George raised his hand and held Mark’s arm. He shook his head and deeply looked at Keith. George slowly said: “I hope military will be responsible for their reckless behavior. Let’s go!” He patted Mark’s back and used crutches to leave the lobby. If you looked at his back you would see a dragon-like majestic momentum.

Mark coldly looked at Keith and then said to the butler who was next to him: “We will go now. You must immediately notify the magistrate to investigate the matter. Don’t give chance to the military to abuse their authority!”

The butler understood the meaning behind his words. He nodded in confirmation but his face was gloomy as he looked at Keith.

Keith glanced back at butler but he didn’t care much about his existence.

Although they were arrested but the carriage used to transfer them was very high-end and luxury one. It seems like the soldiers were escorting some distinguished figure rather than arresting them.

“Lisa, I’m leaving for now so you will be responsible for everything.” Sarah looked back at Lisa as she was before the carriage. Although she was much mature than most at the same age as her but at this moment she couldn’t help as her eyes become flushed. Sarah bit her lips as she sat into the carriage. She had vaguely guessed the reason why they had encountered such a thing. It should be related to the teenager! Although Mellon consortium had lots of enemies but the most susceptible was that teenager. It was her intuition telling her. Her heart was full of guilt and self-blame. If she could have killed the teenager outside the giant wall then they wouldn’t be facing such things at this point.

“Miss, I know my responsibilities!” Lisa respectfully said as she stood behind her. She was like a handsome knight. People would mistake her for a young boy if not for her bulging chest. (the author is fixed on her chests)

Sarah’s fingers clutched her skirt as she stepped into the carriage. The remorse and grievances in her heart gradually turned into hatred. She never thought that one day she would be involved in such an embarrassing situation. Although she was sitting in a very beautiful and luxurious carriage that was in no way inferior to her own one but she felt the hatred infiltrate deep into her marrows.

The butler went back to the hall after George, Mark and Sarah left. He looked at the attendant: “Pass the message to the master Melk (the knight of light Melk, Sarah’s elder bro). Let him ask the bishop to come forward and bail out house masters.”

“Yes.” The attendant replied and left.

“Call Mr Meyers and Mr Mutton. Tell them we have something to discuss.”


“Inform general Williams and let him send someone to take care of house masters while they are held by the military. Nothing unannounced can happen to them!”


The butler commanded the attendants and the orders were passed out. The entire castle was like a large machine that rapidly operated.

“Did you write it?” Dudian asked Kroen.

Kroen gently picked up the letter from the desk and gave it to Dudian: “Yes Master. Please check it.”

Dudian glanced and nodded: “Send it to patriarch Fulin.”

“Yes!” Kroen replied as he put the letter into the envelope and went out.

Dudian got up from the bed. He felt like he was frozen deep into his bones. He knew that there was something wrong with his body. But he couldn’t diagnose himself as the information in the super chip was related to the modern medical knowledge. Therefore it was futile and useless to him at this point. Unless he went to ask for help from top doctors he wouldn’t be able to know the root of the problem. However all of those top doctors were related to big forces and could leak his physical condition. He had to wait to diagnose himself by someone trustworthy.

Dudian came to the hall. Jake, Sander and others were sent back to the Ryan castle so the hall was empty and quiet.

However Dudian was accustomed to the silence. He looked up at the distant sky. He slowly recovered his eyes as he looked at Nicholas: “The rain has stopped! Get some pastry and tea ready.”

Nicholas was surprised but didn’t say anything. He went to the kitchen.

Dudian sat on the sofa in the hall. He quietly read a book. It didn’t take long for hoofs of the horses to echo from the outside of the castle.

Reid and remnants of the escorts quickly stopped the carriage. A man pulled out a medal and Reid allowed them to enter after checking it.

“Master, people from the Knight’s Hall have come to see you.” Nicholas quickly came to report.
Dudian didn’t lift his head: “Let them come.”


After moments, Nicholas came into the hall as a young man followed after him. The young man saw Dudian sitting on the sofa. He came forward and greeted Dudian according the the ceremony of the knights: “Greetings master! I’m Bolt, a silver knight from the Knight’s Hall!”

“Sit down.” Dudian put away the book and smiled at Bolt. He glanced at Nicholas..

Nicholas ordered a servant to prepare pastry and tea. He was feeling curious as how Dudian predicted that someone would come for a visit.

Bolt sat in front of Dudian. He handed out an envelope and respectfully said: “Master, I’m here to give this to you. Please check it.”

Dudian nodded and opened the envelope. He skimmed through the content and looked at Bolt: “Please go back and tell that there is a barbarian invasion. The civilians in residential district and aristocrats and residents of the commercial district face the risk of death at this point. I will go to the battlefield soon and I don’t have time to accept the knighthood ceremony at the moment. Please forgive me for this. If I can survive then we will go through the ceremony after the war.”

There was a trace of respect in Bolt’s eyes as he looked at Dudian: “I had heard that master had risked his own life and personally rushed to the battlefield. You didn’t only guard the Scarlett Valley but fought for bitter sixteen hours and killed hundreds of barbarians! Moreover you were able to help people of the south from the mutilation! In addition you have also captured a barbarian from the Royal family. It’s admirable! I was ashamed compared to you! As a silver knight I had to follow orders and stay in the commercial district. It’s humiliating as knight not to be personally involved in the war!” Bolt sighed.

Dudian smiled: “Justice, obeying orders, following the law is also part of the spirit of the knighthood! You may be considered a knight and doesn’t need to fight the enemy personally!”

Bolt nodded as he heard Dudian: “Master as you can’t attend the ceremony then I’ll go back to inform!”


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  1. ummm Lisa huh… I remember just now that is also the name of the maid from the novel “Experimental Log of the Lich King” if a am not mistaken. They are both cunning and close to their masters.

    I think this Lisa will not die out early in this novel. Future enemy of the MC uhm… maybe.
    I don’t like this Lisa by the way.

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