DK – Ch 396

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The Dark King – Chapter 396

“Master, should I find a doctor to check your arm?” Kroen looked at the bandaged left arm of Dudian. He said in a worried tone.

Dudian slightly shook his head: “My physical constitution is totally different with the past. I can’t let the outsiders know about it. Unfortunately there isn’t a trusted doctor we can rely on. At this point the best is to lick our own wounds.”

“We can ask a doctor come over for diagnose and then…” Kroen continued: “We may make it sure that he disappears.”

Dudian turned around and looked at him: “The idea is good. But its not worth killing a person.”

Kroen was surprised. Dudian reluctantly agreed to Gwyneth’s plan to save the civilians living in a town outside the golden wall back then. Dudian had exposed his cold nature back then. So it was hard for Kroen to understand why Dudian didn’t want a doctor to be killed. Kroen felt that it was hard to understand and read through the teenager that grew up with him in the orphanage.

Dudian’s thoughts drifted away as he looked outside the window at rain. After a long time he asked: “How long has it been raining?”

Kroen bowed: “Master, today is the sixth day.”

“The sixth?” Dudian murmured: “The rains this year continued for much longer than usual.”


Dudian sighed as he was silent for a moment: “After all, its going to stop, isn’t it?”

“Yes, young master.”

The morning newspapers were delivered through the all three regions.

Rudolph was reading morning newspapers as he sat in his spacious office. This morning he had a hunch that something bad will happen.

His face got ugly as he read the newspapers from military, the Temple and other consortia. He threw the newspaper on the table. Rudolph pressed his hands onto his face to rub it. He felt an unprecedented tiredness. He took a deep breath and looked at the family’s butler: “Tell me… Was I wrong?”

The butler was startled. He asked in a careful tone: “Master, what do you mean?”

Rudolph looked at him but it seemed he was thinking about something else: “Was I wrong by stopping Jennifer and that teenager get together?”

The butler knew about the news. He replied with the most appropriate words he could: “Master, the thing that you did… Father has responsibilities over their kids. Back at time he was just a small hunter. Moreover he belonged to the untouchable part of the population. He was a nameless person with no background. There was nothing he could held on but the feelings between him and the Miss.”

Rudolph slowly said: “True. But all my life I have been reading people but I didn’t carefully observe and understand my daughter like I did with others. If I had contacted the teenager back then I would have seen his extraordinary capabilities.”

The butler stayed silent without saying a word.

“I carefully examine and observe the market, trend, the prices, materials and other aspects before making a business decision.” Rudolph whispered: “I have been observing and understanding those guidelines of business all my life. But in this task I failed. If I had given some tests or put forward some requests to the teenager then perhaps I would be able to see his potential.”

The butler sighed as he added: “Master, it has nothing to do with you. At the time he was just a black haired untouchable! He couldn’t become an aristocrat how hard he tried. The only thing to blame is that the kid didn’t show his talents back then.”

Rudolph slightly shook his head: “The hair color and identity are external factors. It was just external packaging of a commodity. When we do business we dig out the value of something that others think is worthless. That’s how you earn huge profits. This time I was in the wrong. I just looked at rough cover of the teenager but couldn’t see that there was gold wrapped inside him!”

The butler tried to comfort him: “Masters its useless to talk about these things as its been a long time already. Our family will thrive even without him. Your long-cherished wish of entering the inner wall will be achieved!”

“You do not understand… You do not understand… Mellon consortium is finished… Do you know why I have been withdrawing funds from the consortium and selling our family shares? It’s because I know that Mellon consortium has offended a person who they shouldn’t mess up with! It’s just I didn’t expect that his growth will be so rapid… ”

“What?” The butler was stunned as he didn’t know how to react: “Master, why would Mellon consortium be finished? How could that happen? Even though he has become a master of the Temple but decided the fate of the Mellon consortium…That… ”

“I though that it was negligence from the prison when he made the jailbreak. But he has been able to raise and change the whole of commercial district in a short period of one year after his jailbreak. I go to various places and visit many chambers. The most often heard name is his…”

“A year ago he was just a prisoner! And now? He is the ideal lover of all noble ladies. He is the most wanted son-in-law of every family’s! He would be hero of the public at the end of the war! Do you think that its just a coincidence? No! Impossible! It’s not something that an average person can accomplish. Most wouldn’t even have courage to make a jailbreak, assassinate a deacon… He is a madmad… A crazy genius…”

The butler felt creepy as he heard Rudolph’s explanation.

At the same time a maid quickly went into the room: “Master there is a general who wants to see you. He is waiting for you in the hall.”

Rudolph was startled. He pondered about something and then sighed. He got up as his face became bitter. It seems that there were going to be problems and his hunch wasn’t wrong: “Entertain him. I’ll be right there.”

“Yes.” The maid retreated.

“Master, does military want to talk about the business of our consortium with you?” The butler curiously asked as he handed the coat.

“There is no need for a general to come forward for such a thing.”


George and Mark were discussing things at the conference hall in their castle when the butler interrupted them. He said in a haste: “Master, young master! There is a general waiting for you in the hall.”

“A general?” Mark frowned: “You go ahead. We will be there soon.”


Mark looked at his father and asked after the butler retreated: “Father, is it possible that assassination was revealed as the military sent a general? But it shouldn’t be. Even if they were able to get all the information from the ‘shadow’ they can’t link it back to us. I’ve already prepared for this.”

“We will check it now.” George got up as he pondered.

Both of them came downstairs to the hall.

“General Keith, which way the wind has blown today?” Mark laughed as he asked the middle-aged general who was standing in the hall. He raised his hands to greet him.

General Keith didn’t reach out his hand to grab Mark’s. He coldly looked at him then slowly looked at George who was still walking down the stairs: “Both of you please cooperate with me and come to military’s base. This is your arrest warrants!” He raised the papers in his hand.

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    1. Honestly yeah im glad theyre gone but its kindve that feeling you get when you realize something is finally over or you defeat your Arch-Nemesis that feeling of when your glad but kinda sad at the same time and just feel like your gonna miss them and you cant help but just hope that they rest in peace or something of the like and sometimes you realize we were just two sides of the same coin or maybe that when you finally see “them” that sense of tiredness as theyve accepted it and walk out with a smirk and chuckle and its just sad

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