DK – Ch 395

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The Dark King – Chapter 395

Mark read the letter in his hand. According to it the ‘shadow’ had failed to assassinate Dudian. It was simply incredible. He was very clear about the combat power of the ‘shadow’. Even the top senior hunters of the consortium couldn’t beat the ‘shadow’. The dark assassin Glenn wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of ‘shadow’.

‘Shadow’ wasn’t only good at defense but excellent at assassination skills. However he failed assassinating an intermediate hunter!

His face was gloomy as he held the letter and joined another luxurious wide office. There was a magnificent oil painting at the top of the office. A white-haired old man was standing below the painting. The old man’s posture was straight. He had a majestic temperament. He was George, the old patriarch of the Mel family.

“Father.” Mark bowed.

George slowly turned and looked at him. He saw the letter in Mark’s hand. George’s brows slightly wrinkled: “How did the assassination go?”

“Father, the assassination failed.” Mark replied.

George frowned as he slowly sat in his chair: “Shadow?”

“He died.”

“Dead?” George was relieved: “It’s good that he is not alive.”

Mark sighed: “The shadow won’t betray us even if he was alive. He followed our family for so many years and he is aware of the rules of the military.”

George shook his head: “The dead are always more reliable than living people. He couldn’t fail if he went after a senior hunter. It seems the military has sent very powerful masters to protect the kid. The shadow was mixed with the military for long time so I hope he won’t be trace back to us..”

Mark sighed: “I didn’t expect the kid to be so lucky. However its possible that the failed assassination attempt would come back to me in the future…”

“If the shadow failed then we have to use other methods. Perhaps its time to contact the Dark Church and let them act.” George said: “As long as we provide enough money they will do anything. I don’t believe that this little devil can withstand the hungry beasts from the dark church.”

Mark nodded slightly.

George looked at his son as he departed the room. He whispered: “The military… Since you mean to protect the kid so hard lets see how you will wash away your own guilt. The shadow was part of military for long time…”

North of the commercial district. Military HQ.

All the generals were disturbed by the news that Dudian was tried to be assassinated by the members of the escort team. Most of them had cold sweat. They were relieved to know that Dudian was injured but wasn’t killed. If Dudian was killed by the member of the escort team and the news spread out then the reputation of the military would be destroyed.

They wouldn’t be able to fight back the public anger or the hatred of the Holy Church.

General Lorenzo jumped out of his chair as he heard the news. He was mad. However his muscles loosened after knowing that Dudian was safe and sound. He realized that the situation wasn’t as simple as he thought. However he was secretly glad that God had given them a chance to correct the situation.

“Send three hundred members of the purple feather troops to Master Dean castle to protect him all day round. They must obey Master Dean’s orders but must not leave his side!” Lorenzo immediately ordered. He pondered for a moment then said: “Inform all three Mouse brother to go with the purple feather troop members. Let them personally protect Master Dudian’s safety!”

“Yes.” A colonel promised and left.

A two star general said: “General the Mouse brothers are your personal bodyguards. Your security would be shallow if you send them to protect master Dean… ”

“I’ll be staying in the barracks. It would be difficult even for the dark church to kill me. ” Lorenzo continued: “If Mr Dean is dead in this moment of war then military wouldn’t be able to take the responsibility. Especially after we have issued that he is under the protection of the military. So if he dies and even if we win the war the military will be overturned. Don’t forget that the consortia aren’t sheep but wolves!”

The general’s face changed as he didn’t continue to ask anything.

“Investigate everything!” Lorenzo smashed his hand onto the table as he looked at the crowd: “I want to know the background of those two who wanted to assassinate master Dean in less than ten minutes. I need to know everything about their identity and the people who were associated with them! The forces behind the assassination are not just after Master Dean’s life. They want the relationship between military and the Holy Church to worsen! I think it’s the dark church but investigate deeply to see if there is someone else dressed in dirty clothes and disguised in the shadows!”

“General, the identity of both of them have been investigated!” A colonel said: “They were the members of the military. One of them was called Alan Port. He was a great soldier and had gathered a lot of awards. The other one was called Sunny North and was a veteran. He was part of the ‘Magic Knives’ group but was arrested because of offending a noble. He was expelled from the ‘Magic Knives’ group and disappeared since then.”

The generals looked at each other as they heard this.

Lorenzo’s face turned gloomy: “Who arranged both of them into the escort team? ”

“It was arranged by General Corso. The general was in the front line and is currently coming back. ”

Lorenzo looked at the colonel: “Which family Sunny north had offended?”

“It is a family called ‘Padstow’. This family was part of the Mellon consortium but was one of the minor shareholders. Their authority in the consortium was not high.” The colonel continued: “However this Padstow family declared bankruptcy and moved from commercial district to residential district not long after Sunny North was expelled from the ‘Magic Knives.’”

Lorenzo’s eye lit up: “Send people to check the reason why they went bankrupt.”

“Yes.” Colonel responded.

“Damn, one is a veteran and the other one is a serving soldier!” Lorenzo clenched his fists as he looked at the crowd: “What should we tell to Holy Church?”

All the generals turned silent as they bowed their heads.

Another colonel came into the hall and broke the silence: “The royal barbarian captured by the Master Dean confessed the attack route of the barbarians. Moreover she has said the names of the people colluding with the barbarians.”

“Oh?” Lorenzo’s eyes lit up: “Report those names.”

“Yes.” The colonel opened the notebook in his hand and began to talk: “George Mel, Mark Mel, Rudolp, Chai Rostov, Sarah Mel…”

The hall stirred up the moment they heard the first name. However soon the silence ruled in the hall as they listened up to the last name in the report.

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    1. I believe Chai Rostov is from Scott consortium, maybe some names were purposely added by the spies in the military.

  1. “Barbarians say my name, now barbarians say your name as well. Happy now, Sarah?” XD
    Thanks for the translation!

  2. No they probably wont believe it as no one would expect a child (sarah) to be able to work with the barbarians but they will keep it in mind and they know that dean had bad relationship with mellon so they might be able to connect the dots. And if they investigate and find out that sarah is attending meetings? Yep then it would be more believable

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