DK – Ch 394

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The Dark King – Chapter 394

Neuss came back after a while and said to Dudian: “Master he is dead. The chef who cooked the soup has committed suicide by using a poison.”

Poison?” Dudian wasn’t too surprised as he saw one red heat come back to his room: “Investigate his identity and the people who he was in contact with. I want to know everything about his family and relatives!”

Yes.” Neuss left the room.

Dudian looked at the hot soup on the desk. He didn’t think that he would provoke other forces before eradicating Mellon consortium. From his point of view, this new force was much stronger than the Mellon consortium. The only other force within 6 consortia with this much information and intelligence at their hands would be Scott consortium. But Scott consortium didn’t have any reason to deal with him. In that case, there were two forces that would be willing to see him dead. The Dark Church or the Military!

The biggest suspect was still the dark church.

Did he provoke the dark church by creating a new legendary invention?

The former assassins sent to kill me didn’t belong to the same front. Because there was no mutual assistance between them. So one party was Mellon but the other party is the Dark Church then!” A cold chill flashed past Dudian’s eyes. The enemy was hiding behind the shadows. An assassination was an extremely hard thing to protect himself from. Even if he was several times stronger than his enemy he could be killed by a toxic drug and he wouldn’t even know how he died. According to his understanding, there were many highly toxic drugs that didn’t even have a smell so detecting them was a difficult task to accomplish.

He has assassinated Deacon Huey but he would never think that at one point he would become someone else’s prey.

I would like to see who shall be the king of the jungle after the hunt!” A trace of coldness flashed past in Dudian’s eyes as his fingers gently tapped onto the desk.

The heavy rain continued to fall.

The soup got colder.

Dudian finished bandaging his left arm. He got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. He forced out all the cooks and personally selected fresh ingredients. He cooked a bowl of hot soup for himself as today’s breakfast.

Dudian ate the soup and began to read the morning newspapers.

General Auburn died on the golden wall …”

Which is the safest place in the commercial district after the fall of the golden wall?”

The military will continue to defend the second defense line at the Red River. They will kill the barbarians in one attack!”

Master Dean personally led twenty elite soldiers and guarded the Scarlett Canyon. He fought overnight and beheaded 281 barbarians. They were able to fight back and kill the enemy ten times greater than their strength! According to the several soldiers, they depended completely on master Dean’s archer…”

According to the reports, Mr. Dean isn’t only the youngest master of the Temple or a master with two legendary inventions. In addition, he is a qualified knight! Knight’s Hall has qualified him as an official knight. The following is the interview with master Large from the Knight’s Hall… ”

The youngest master in the history of the Temple had complete victory in his first ever battle! Master Dean has captured a barbarian from the Royal family. The military is currently interrogating…”

Dudian skimmed through the newspapers of the other consortia. The news related to him nearly occupied half of the layout. His capture of a royal barbarian was reported in all the newspapers. There was information about the front line too.”

Master’s influence…” Dudian smiled as he put away the newspapers.

Master, do you have to go to the battlefield?” Nicholas carefully asked Dudian.

Dudian drank the hot soup: “Of course. I’ll have to join once more to end the war with my new weapon! Before that, it would be a bit awkward if I finished off Mellon consortium!”

Mellon consortium?” Nicholas was startled.

Dudian looked at Nicholas: “Any news from Old Fulin?”

Oh, old Patriarch went back to the Ryan castle. The Mellon consortium has given them back the castle.” Nicholas added.

Dudian nodded: “Write a letter to him to inform Old Fulin that his family and servants will be taken back to the Ryan castle.”

Got it.”

We don’t need any other servants. Recruit new ones but be careful in selecting them. Moreover, make sure that the situation that happened this morning does not spread out.”

Nicholas knew about the matter of the poisoning. His face slightly changed: “Yes, master.”

Dudian glanced at him: “I know that this matter is not related to you and I don’t doubt you. But if you make a mistake just know that there is no more room for a pardon.”

Nicholas’s heart was relieved: “”Master, I’m not that stupid.”

Dudian waved indicating him to leave.

Dudian called Kroen after Nicholas’s departure: “Write to Old Fulin and tell him to go to the military. Tell him to take back Gwyneth and Sergei but to use my name. Don’t forget to tell him to go referring my name, but to take them back with the identity of the consortium.”

I know, young master,” Kroen replied.

Dudian rested for some time then called Reid. He looked at him: “Can you send a few people to help me with a few things?”

Reid was surprised: “Of course, Master. Please say what you want.”

Send a few people to go to the residential district and bring back a few people,” Dudian said.

Residential district?” Reid looked at him: “Is it about master’s relatives? If so then please be at ease.”

Alright.” Dudian nodded and wrote the identity of Jura, Gray, and their son on a paper: “There are not many people. Just them.”

Yes.” Reid nodded.

Dudian watched him leave. He sighed as he recalled old days. It was extremely difficult for him to enter the commercial district. The gate was like a giant wall that separated the rich and the poor. It was impossible to cross. But now any civilian could enter the commercial district with just a word from Dudian. They wouldn’t even check the identity of the person. It was one of the benefits of his identity as a master. It was the kind of a power which couldn’t be reached by brute force of a hunter!


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