DK – Ch 392

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The Dark King – Chapter 392

More than 20 barbarians fell after a few minutes. Most of the barbarians and their mounts were killed by Dudian. The rest of them were blocked by Reid and others. It was a great victory!

Everyone looked at the middle of the canyon in fear and awe. The teenager wasn’t only a master inventor but a genius warrior.

Dudian took the spare arrows from the other three archers at the end of the battle. All three of the agreed without asking for any explanation from Dudian.

“Take a rest but before doing that pick of the weapons of the barbarians. We may need to use them.” Dudian said and returned to the side of two barbarian captives.

Reid took a bag of water and came forward: “Master, do you want some?”

Dudian glanced back at him: “It’s best for you and others not get close to me if you want for me to live for long. Don’t give me food too.”

Reid couldn’t help but sigh as he remembered the previous assassination attempt. He took back the bag of water: “Master…I’m sorry for that…”

Dudian took out his water tube: “There is nothing you could do. Help the others to clean the corpses from the battlefield. I don’t need anyone to accompany me here.”

Reid wryly smiled as he went away.

Another group of barbarians appeared half an hour after the previous battle. They still relied on corpse barrier and Dudian’s arrows to win the battle. There were no casualties.

The night passed.

Dudian and others were exhausted. They fought four battles. Each battle didn’t take long but the strength of the crowd was exhausted.

The rain began to fall just before the dawn.

Reid and others cursed before praying to the God of Light to stop the rain.

Dudian put on a raincoat and sat in front of two captives. He watched the rain in silence.

Ivette and the other barbarians were tied and lying on the ground. Their armor was drowning under rain. Her hair was wet and touched her face. Once in a while mud would splash around her body as she tried to move.

Ivette could accept if it only rained. She wasn’t like the people from the wall and they weren’t afraid of rain. But the devil boy sitting close to them sung strange songs once in a while. Moreover when the mud splashed on her lips and nostrils the anger in her heart increased many-fold.

Dudian was gently humming a tune when he stopped and curiously looked at the female barbarian: “Do barbarians have birthdays?”

Ivette looked back at him: “Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing. When is your birthday?” Dudian asked.

“None of your business! Why do you ask”

“Casual chat.”

Ivette was about to cuss at him but the mud splashed on her eyes. She wanted to reach, rub and clean it. But she couldn’t because of her arms and at beast she could wink and use her eyelids.

Dudian looked at her in silence for a moment. He reached out and used his finger to erase the mud from her eyes. He looked at the hazy rain as there was a trace of sadness in his eyes. He continue to gently hum a song that his sister liked back in the old days.

Three hundred years passed.

In the vast land he was the only one left.

He was no longer familiar with this place.

This man…Everyone was an enemy.

He gently hummed the song and gradually turned silent.

The anger in Ivette’s heart was gradually replaced by surprise. She couldn’t help but ask: “Is it the music of the wall that you hum?”

Dudian looked at her and slowly said: “Music has no boundaries and can be understood regardless of the species.”

Ivette was stunned as she looked at the devil incarnate. Her heart warmed up as her understanding of the teenager changed. But soon she turned to look at him suspiciously. She bowed her head and no longer said anything. She thought that the teenager was deliberately acting so to tease her. She decided to ignore him.

The rain didn’t stop.

Dudian grabbed the bow and ordered everyone to prepare for another battle. After the fierce battles through the night the crowd seemed to accept him as a de facto leader. No one would deny his orders.

The battle ended soon. The blood was washed by the light rain. Soon the rain stopped too.

They saw the previous archer had come back. The young archer was relieved to see Dudian and others alive. He jumped from his horse and looked at Dudian: “Master, the military have sent reinforcements.”

Reid and others smiled in relief.

Dudian looked at the crowd: “Let’s prepare to handover the captives. Both of the prisoners should be escorted back and interrogated for useful information. ”

They have fought for many continues battles and have killed more than hundreds of barbarians. Moreover they were able to capture a barbarian from the Royal family. These two merits were enough for him to become a knight.

“Yes.” All of them replied in unison.

Dudian came to stop in front of captive. He whispered to the female barbarian: ” After a moment you will be taken back to the military interrogation. There will be variety of tortures to make you confess. I have already told you. You have to cooperate with me if you want to survive. They will do their best for you to confess. You should only say ‘Mellon consortium’. If they ask for names then tell them ‘George Mel’, ‘Mark Mel’ and ‘Rudolph’… In addition don’t forget to tell ‘Sarah Mel’.”

Ivette deeply looked at Dudian: “They are your enemies, aren’t they? Do you want to attack them using my mouth? Aren’t you afraid that I will give your name?”

Dudian’s hand stretched over her cheek. Ivette closed her eyes instinctively but Dudian didn’t hit her but pinched her cheek. He gently said: “Why would I keep you alive if you can’t even do that? Moreover you don’t even know my name. Even if you knew your confession is useless as another barbarian have uttered my name and nobody believed him. You should obey me. Don’t forget no one likes the pets that don’t listen to them. Do you understand me?”

“Pet?” Ivette was angered as she heard the word.

Dudian smiled and touched her face: “Your eyes are beautiful.”

Ivette’s heart turned cold as she heard the gentle words. It felt like she was bitten by a snake. After a moment she said: “I promise to act so but you must ensure that I will be safe.”

Dudian smield: “You won’t die if you are obedient. But you will have to face a bit of hardships.” He stood up and went towards the young archer: “When the people from the army will come?”

“Soon.” The young archer answered: “They are almost here.”


And the game is on…

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    I thought that the barbarians could speak a language from the past, most likely English and I was RIGHT! HAHA I’m so happy, not only because I was correct but also because QUADRUPLE RELEASE!!!

        1. LOL the girl is important for sure. it seems she won’t get killed by the author in the meantime
          LOL again =)

  2. Dont worry about these peoples, think about it: there are people who voted Trump to president, how couldnt there be some retards on the internet?^^ Thanks for the chapters =)

    1. They should not be Americans, they should be from England or some other European/Asiatic country that uses English. Because if technology is dead and they cant pass from North America to Asia without good ships…. Considering all the monsters, its almost granted that there are sea monsters now, so maybe even good ships wouldnt be enough…

      1. Technically no. Dudian saw traces of armies in different forts, and deduced that city-states developed after the fall of nations. It is mentioned in the earlier chapters (during the Dudian vs Hunter siblings arc) that Dudian noticed not only U.S Army fatigues, but also traces of development that indicated that Americans were accepted into the Eurasia continent (migrated over from the North American continent) after the devastating nuclear war. He also noted that the concept of “nations” ceased, and a lot of the places that he searched suggested the idea of “city states”, but he could not arrive to any concrete conclusions since data for post global nuclear war was not in the wiki, and neither are the historical records of progress of society post-war were recorded.

      2. Is that a trump wall joke? Because the wall in the story is a huge walled area/city that’s in Russia. They’ve talked about it a bit near the beginning.

    2. I’m not a trump supporter but so far I only hear whiny ass crybaby from people who are against him. You people are everywhere it’s really getting on my nerves. Keep your drama in your safe space. Until you have something solid to prove all the accusation against him just STFU and keep it away from my favourite novel site. Shoo!

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      I am argentine

  3. Holy shit Dudian, you are evil.
    So, is this confirmation that the people in the wall actually from another planet or realm? Because even dudian said human didn’t have there resource to make the wall after the calamity.

    1. No, It Just means that the wall was built by more then one country. Humans do have the hability to build It, the problem is manpower and that It would cost many countries money.
      The Second thing we can take from this is that shr maybe came from England royalty and If that is trully the case they Will have the answers dudian needs.

  4. Damn Stupid downvoters… Tsk!

    Anyways… Man, Dean’s a pretty charming OP MC…

    Thanks MadSnail!9

    1. I used to go there to discuss chapter updates. Some novels are hard to discuss on the original posts since it’s a wall of thanks and firsts and people saying they are here. I will make sure to upvote the posts now.

  5. Oy. I agree those guys must be from somewhere. I mean… From other place besides earth. Peace from Brazil. My condolences for your father (bow).
    Great Job dude. Keep the Good Work! Everyday I wait for tour releases. Sadly it only came late every night…… I know… Different fuses. Good work. Good luck. Wish you good.

  6. After 392 chaps i dont regret starting this novel. This MC is unique and one i really like.
    Haters gonna hate lalala

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  12. i felt that the little tidbit about him being sad about the past and sharing his true thoughts about it, it was nice, i love when Mc’s mention their thoughts on stuff like that makes me feel that its easier to connect with them

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