DK – Ch 391

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The Dark King – Chapter 391

“You are more valuable alive.” Dudian slowly said: “As the first depost of the cooperation you should tell me the power which planned the attack from the wall!”

Ivette didn’t answer: “Since it’s a cooperation then why should I pay a deposit? There has to be a fair exchange!”

“Sorry, but there is no fairness here.”

“Can you tell me how you learned our language if I told you?” Ivette asked.

“Depends on my mood.” Dudian indifferently replied.

Ivette deeply looked at him then whispered: “Alright. I’ll tell you but I hope you can release me. I don’t want to know where you learned our language.”

Dudian frowned: “It seems you don’t understand. You have been imprisoned. Can’t you feel the atmosphere?”

Ivette’s face changed. Anger gushed out from her heart but she suppressed it. She took a deep breath and spoke in a cold tone: “As far as I know there was a trade with people from the wall. In the military there are some people who cooperate with us. As long as we control the outer wall area then we have promised to make him the military commander of the outer wall!”

“In addition to the people from the army there is self-proclaimed Holy Church who cooperates with us. They secretly sell us armor and weapons. Moreover there are two consortia who are supporting us with materials. Now you know! What can you do about it? Hahahahaha…” Her laughter attracted the attention of Reid and others.

Dudian snapped as he slapped her in face.

Ivette’s eyes went wide open as she looked at Dudian.

Reid and others shook their heads when they saw Dudian slap her in the face. They turned around and continue to busy up.

Dudian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the female barbarian: “I’ll make sure that you cry a lot if you are into laughing.”

She bit her teeth as she tried to endure the humiliation.

“I don’t know whether what you say is truth or lies. Can you tell me the names of these people?” Dudian said in a calm tone as if nothing had happened.

Ivette replied in a low tone: “How should I know the name? I’m just a nobody! I don’t have access to those secrets.”

“You may be a nobody but you are a nobody from royal family.” Dudian indifferently continue: “It’s impossible that you aren’t special. I think we will have a confession session after torture!”

“You!” Ivette snapped in anger. She shouted: “What do you want? I know that you are all finished! What do you want from me?” She kept glaring at Dudian.

“Who knows what she is saying?” Dudian shouted as he looked at Reid and others.

Reid and others came back: “Master, that is the language of the Royal family of the barbarians. It is said that it is a mysterious language and very difficult to learn. Military always wanted to master this language but can’t learn it.”


“Only the barbarians from the Royal family understand this language.”

Several others also joined Reid.

“It seems that she is very angry as I listen to her tone. Can she understand our language?” Dudian asked.

Reid shook his head: “She shouldn’t… Master be careful and make sure that she doesn’t have chance to bite you!”

The others left and Dudian looked at Ivette: “They just told me to be careful of you because you can bite me. Will you bite me?”

Ivette was angered as she heard his words. Although the teenager didn’t abuse her after capturing her but he had made her go mad quite a few times.

“One day, I will kill you!” Ivette said in an angry tone.

Dudian nodded: “Should I pull out your teeth as a precaution?”

Ivette shriveled because of anger and tension.

Dudian continued: “The names.”

Ivette saw that Dudian didn’t acted but was joking. For the barbarians extraction of tooth was a source of shame. She said: “I only know that there is a person called Kenneth. I don’t know anything about the rest. Even if you ask me for more there is no use.”

Dudian touched her head: “It’s nice. Although I can’t believe anything that you said but its clear that you are frightened. That’s fine as it is.”

Ivette looked up: “What do you mean?”

“The literal meaning.”

“Why were you asking if you didn’t believe me?” Ivette felt that she was provoked again. She suppressed her anger as she asked in a low tone.

“Nobody listens to the words of the enemy to deal with their own people. It’s just plainly stupid. If you told me the fake names and hid the traitor… Wouldn’t I become your helper?” Dudian continued: “As for the questioning… I was just teasing you…”

“Teasing …Me?” Ivette felt as if lightning hit her.

Dudian mouth curled up as he stood up. He no longer cared about her as he looked at the canyon.

It didn’t take long before the corpses of the barbarians were used as a sandbags and piled together. The soldiers that were killed by them were dragged and buried by the gorge.

Vibrations echoed from the canyon after about an hour.

Dudian, Reid and others were vigilant. Soon a group of barbarians rushed from the canyon. These barbarians were able to smell the rich smell of blood mixed in the air. They saw the corpses of barbarians used as a barrier. There was no doubt for them that the member of the Royal family was killed!

The barbarians turned mad after sawing the scene. They were desperate to kill.
Dudian stood in the middle as he saw the team of the barbarians reach into his range of archery. He shot the first arrow and hit the throat of a barbarian.

The three archers hidden behind the dents of the walls of the canyon were shocked. They didn’t think that Dudian’s range of attack was so far. The barbarian team was approaching so the three archers began to aim and shoot. Puff! One of them hit the target.


Another arrow whistled past and pierced through the throat of the barbarian.

Dudian’s expression was cold as he rapidly pulled arrows, aimed and shot. The whole process was extremely coherent. It took less than a second of different between one arrow and the other. However each arrow would claim the life of a barbarian.

By the time the team of barbarians reached two hundred meters from the corpse barrier there were only seven or eight people left from the original group.

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