DK – Ch 390

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The Dark King – Chapter 390

Reid had led twenty fighters but after the fierce battle there were only eight left. Ten were killed in the battle and two were the failed assassins that wanted to kill Dudian.

Now after one was sent back as a messenger only seven people were left. Adding Dudian and Reid himself in total there were nine people.

“Master, have you practiced archery before?” Reid asked in curiosity while the others dealt with corpses in the mouth of the canyon.

Dudian checked the string of the bow and there were no signs of loosening: “I have practiced for a year. What about it?”

“Only for a year!?” Reid stared at him with wide eyes: “Your archery is so powerful after only a year of practice!? I’ve seen archers train in military for four or five years but they even can’t reach the level you are at.”

“Yeah!” Another archer who was close by to them said: “I’m afraid we would be killed by the barbarians if the master didn’t give us a helping hand. Especially the female barbarians. She was too fierce!”

Dudian indifferently said: “Practice time doesn’t affect much. A lot of things rely on talent!”

“That’s right.” Reid wryly smiled.

The young archer’s face was red in embarrassment. If anyone else said so he would find a few words to refute but after seeing the godly archery of Dudian he couldn’t help but think that he was fully qualified to be called a true knight!

Dudian turned and looked at the female barbarian who was tied and lying on the ground. His eyes lit up as he looked at Reid: “Do the barbarians understand our language?”

Reid was surprised: “Why are you asking Master?”

“Just a question.”

“Oh, I have heard that the Royal family of the barbarians speak in a some strange language and its exclusive to the Royal family only. The rest of the barbarians speak some simple language which is similar to an animal language.” Reid replied.

Dudian was startled. Is this female from the Royal family of the barbarians?

Ivetta saw that the teenager and the other man were talking about her. She was angry but more worried about her own welfare. She didn’t expect to meet tough resistance at such a place. At the moment her only hope was for her mount to pass the message back to the fort. In that case the chiefs could send some people to save her.

Dudian saw the anger and hatred in female barbarian’s eyes. He pondered for a moment and asked: “What about her mount?”

Reid was startled as he looked at the canyon. His face changed as he quickly got up and ran into the canyon. He returned after moments but his face was ugly: “The beast has run away.”

Dudian was surprised. Ran away? As much as he understood from the recent conversations the relationship between the barbarians and their beasts was very close. Why would it escape? Could it be that the female barbarian somehow made the beast to go and ask for reinforcements?

He frowned and after a moment looked at Reid: “Make everyone hurry! IF the beast somehow takes the message then we will be facing a long battle!”

Reid was also aware of this point. He turned and ran into the mouth of the canyon. He relied on one arm along to help others to build a barrier out of the corpses.

Dudian adjusted the bowstring and backed up close to female barbarian. He squatted and looked at her vis-à-vis. At a closer look she seemed similar to the Europeans. It also proved that some people really survived the devastating disaster.

But if the survivors live within the golden, silver and bronze walls then why there are barbarians?

So if there was an insider war within the wall and a group of people were expelled then its natural that the barbarians would split out as losers. However why would the people within the walls change their language?

Dudian frowned as he couldn’t figure out the reasons. Perhaps the answers lied in the history books of the barbarians. He hoped that they somehow saved their history.

“Despicable person from the inside the wall!” Ivette saw Dudian lean over to her. She was angry as she spat on his face.

Dudian face was stained with her spittle but he still kept indifferently glancing at her. He raised his hand and wiped his face. He raised his hand and pinched her throat. She opened her mouth in pain when he spat in her mouth. He released his hand as she swallowed. He quietly watched her: “Do you want to keep spitting?

Ivette looked at Dudian. She couldn’t believe that this despicable person from the wall spat in her mouth! Her face changed as she coughed and spat out the saliva from her mouth. She roared: “I want to kill you! Bastard! Falk!”

Reid and others who were working at a distance looked back and saw Dudian squatting in front of the female barbarian. The latter was not a danger to Dudian so they turned their heads and continued with their works.

“Falk?” Dudian heard her curse. He continued to speak in English in an indifferent tone: “Don’t anger me if you want to live! Although I won’t kill you but I guarantee that you will wish to be killed.”

Ivette almost doubted her ears. This despicable person could speak…the King’s language! How did he learn the King’s language?

She looked at Dudian in shock. The barbarian youth tied close to them was ignorant of the conversation between them. Although he didn’t understand what Dudian said but it was the familiar language which he had heard before.

“You, you … ” Ivette was shocked.

Dudian saw the stunned expression on her face. There was a trace of sadness in her eyes. He was able to speak English and he didn’t learn it from chip. After all he didn’t have time to learn a new language and moreover the old languages were useless at this point. Actually he was born abroad. To be accurate he was born in the United States of America.

Actually back then some people who had wealth and connections preferred their children to live abroad. Especially the foreign hospitals were much more accomplished in comparison to the local ones. His family was not an exception. Although they weren’t rich but his parents were scientists and researchers. He was born in United States back when his parents were there. He lived in US until the age of five and afterwards they moved back to China.

“I can keep your life as long as we agree on terms.” Dudian continued to speak in English.

Ivette gradually recovered. She couldn’t believe that there will be a person who lives within the wall and can speak the language of the Royal family. It was very difficult for the members of the Royal family to learn the language. Especially it was extremely difficult for her to learn it.

“Who are you?” Ivette couldn’t help but ask.

Dudian frowned: “It’s not important who am I! The question is do you want to live?”

“Of course.” Ivette didn’t hesitate to answer.

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Dudian stared at her.

Ivette hesitated: “Why didn’t you kill me?”

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