DK – Ch 389

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The Dark King – Chapter 389


“Master, are you all right?”

Reid and others tried to support Dudian but observed Dudian’s extraordinary strength. They were aware of the power shown by the female barbarian so there was anxiousness in their heart. But the anxious feeling changed to shock as the female barbarian who easily beheaded a swordsman was outmaneuvered and out-powered by Dudian.

Dudian pulled the female barbarian towards himself and hit the woman with his knee in her stomach. She almost choked by the time Reid and others tried to reach him: “I am fine! Kill the other barbarians! Don’t let them run away!”

Reid and others hurried back to the canyon.

The archers from the military who were hiding behind the wolves also moved out to fight against few barbarian archers left. They were equipped with shields and daggers as their original task was for Dudian’s protection. The military seemed to be afraid of a raid so they had given extra equipment to them to prevent danger in such a case.

Bang! Bang!

Tinkling sounds echoed as the barbarian archers shot arrows from the giant wolves and the arrows hit the shields.

Reid clutched his arm and squatted in front of Dudian. He saw Dudian’s left arm was wrapped in gauze. Reid said in a hurry: “Master, are you hurt?”

“Nothing.” Dudian replied in fast manner: “Check her.”

Reid was aware that the female barbarian had an extraordinary constitution and was the head of the attacking group. He quickly held down the female barbarian and another archer next to them tied her up.

Ivette was angry as she violently struggled. But she could only muster up strength from her legs and back as her arms were dislocated. She struggled to roll on the ground but her neck was tightly held by Reid. The young archer quickly tied her up.

Dudian quickly got up and removed the bow and arrows from his back. He began to shoot at barbarian archers on the giant wolves.

Puff! Puff!

Some of the barbarian archers died on spot.

The barbarians went crazy perhaps because of their leader was captured. They completely forgot that the archer’s best way of fighting was to pull away and create distance. Instead they roared as they drove their wolves to melee combat. In short time Dudian shot four or five of them.

The barbarians didn’t stop but still rushed towards them.

A few minutes later all the barbarians were dead because of cooperation of Dudian and several other archers. It had to be noted that barbarians weren’t afraid of death as they faced it by rushing blindly out.

The corpses were lying all around the mouth of the canyon as the blood flowed like a river.

Dudian and others were relieved after the last barbarian archer was killed. Some of the leaned against the soft rocks and lightly breathed. The others rushed into the battlefield to check the bodies of the fallen companions. There were others who bandaged their own wounds. Afterwards they went to help Reid with his broken arm.

Dudian put away his bow and arrows. He moved to the mouth of the canyon. Because of the synesthetic smell he was able to hear the sound bursts. His heart was in discomfort because of the battlefield. Normally he wouldn’t feel anything if he saw such a bloody scene however at the moment he had complex sensory simulation which was hard to withstand. Being too sensitive to everything was a sensitive disadvantage.

He leaned against the wall of the canyon and sat down on ground. Dudian checked the gauze used to bandage his left arm. Although it was bandaged good but after the fierce fight the black blood had infiltrated the gauze and it had to be replaced.

“Master.” Reid went to Dudian’s side. His face was ugly: “I just learned that your injury…was caused by the two from our team…”

Dudian looked at him then at his own wound: “Yes. If you have received such an order then it’s the best time to attack as I don’t have much of strength now.”

Reid wryly smiled: “Master, why would I accept such an order? This thing will be reported to the higher ups and you will get a satisfactory explanation. Its a problem within the military and I’m very sorry for you being hurt because of it.”

“It’s alright.” Dudian indifferent: “There are betrayers in any organization and military is not an exception.”

Reid shook his head as there was a trace of anger in his eyes: “You had donated a legendary level weapon to the military! No matter how you think about it, those people are like animals as they have arranged an assassination to kill you!”

“Animals are less intelligent.” Dudian indifferently replied. He cut off the rotten flesh and added the antidote powder. Afterwards he wrapped his left arm with the new gauze. He was relieved in his heart after doing everything.

Reid smiled: “Master, we have suffered heavy losses. I’m afraid it would be very difficult to continue to hold onto the canyon pass as there are much of manpower left. We can go back. It would be too dangerous for you if we stay in here.”

Dudian pondered for a moment: “You should send a messenger back while the rest of the people will stay with me in here.”

“There are only eight people left. Moreover some are wounded. I’m afraid we will be totally annihilated if another team of barbarians attacks us. ”

“We can hold with eight people. I can fight against those lion like monsters.” Dudian replied.

Reid was slightly startled. If Dudian had said something like this before then he wouldn’t believe. But thinking of the extraordinary strength demonstrated by Dudian he was convinced. However he was still worried: “Master, you…”

“From now on call me Mr Dean or knight.” Dudian patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry. I will retreat if there is no other way.”

“I’m just afraid that there will be someone else who wants to assassinate you within the people that are left alive.”

“It’s alright. I’m prepared and on guard. Even against you!” Dudian laughed.

Reid sighed as he saw Dudian insist. He finally understood why the military didn’t want to allow the master into the battlefield. He had stubborn temper and he was afraid generals would be helpless against him.

Reid picked an injured young archer and sent him back as a messenger after a discussion with Dudian.

“Captain, should I take those two prisoners?” The young archer asked.

Reid shook his head: “We will take them back after the battle.”

Dudian understood that Reid was worried that the young archer could be one of the betrayers. He could take the opportunity and kill both captives on the way back. It was a very shaky period of time right now. However once the assassination of Dudian was successful the greatest to be impacted by this would be the military! In other words, there were some people within the military who held high positions and were interested in such a thing to happen. Otherwise there was a great power which was able to penetrate and control the people who had access to high level of military personnel.

In addition this people were likely to be the ones who colluded with the barbarians.

The youth archer heard Reid answer so he didn’t ask for anything but left.

“I didn’t expect someone to sent assassins to kill Master!”

The others were also angry after they were aware of the situation.

Dudian looked at the crowd: “We should take a small break. However we won’t clean up the corpses of the enemy but pile them up and use as a barrier to block the exit of the canyon. In addition, put the corpses of two people who wanted to assassinate me into different bags. It could be possible to find some clues from their corpses.”

Reid ordered the others to take action.

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