DK – Ch 388

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The Dark King – Chapter 388

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he looked at the scene. He didn’t want to use his full strength to pull the string of the bow. Actually if he made a full pull then even a senior hunter would have difficulties to avoid his shots but he was concerned about his left arm. He didn’t want to have unexpected effects on the health of his left arm.

Dudian saw Reid rush out again and once more aimed the bow.

Ivette observed the teenager aim at herself. Anger was stirred up in her heart as she unbuckled the rope from the side of the leopard like mount and took her own shield.

She always held onto belief that a shield was a warrior’s shame. However right at this moment she didn’t have much of a choice.

Dudian’s eyebrows were lifted as he saw the enemy take out shield. In a suddeny move his arm dropped down as he aimed at the mount under the woman.


At the same time Reid who was holding onto a spear and two other swordsman roared as they rushed at the monster.

Ivette’s face changed as she bent over to protect the monster’s body from the arrows with a shield while she waved the machete to attack the swordsman.

Puff! Puff! Both swordsmen were cut off by a machete. Moreover the machete was so good that it was able to pierce through their armor and cut off their heads. Both swordsmen were instantly killed. In addition the Reid’s spear attack was cut off too.

Reid’s face was almost deformed because of anger as he saw both the swordsmen die on spot. He clenched his teeth but soon regained the way of reason. He turned and ran as he remembered his mission. They were never meant to protect the canyon but to make sure that Dudian’s life was not in danger. He had to pay more attention to Dudian’s life rather than letting the south of commercial district fall. He couldn’t let Dudian die in the battlefield.

Furthermore even if the southern part of the commercial district fell it was possible to mobilize troops from the other parts to make a defense. There was always a chance to regain the lost.

An arrow whistled past his head when Reid turned to ran. Reid saw the thin figure standing at the mouth of canyon and pulling the string of the bow.

He was stunned.

The next second a painful howling sound echoed from behind Reid.

Reid looked back to see the ferocious monster was hit by an arrow at the jaw. It shook its head in pain as the arrow had hit the gap between its teeth and the lips.

Reid was shocked but didn’t lose another moment as he turned and ran in hurry. He saw Dudian standing at the mouth of canyon and shooting arrows. The arrows shot past his side. Moreover there was a painful scream echoing after each time an arrow shot past by him.

Ivette was angered as she heard the howls of the beast. The people from the wall were too despicable. In addition she wasn’t able to block the arrows using her shield. The destructive power of the arrows were too strong and even the protective forearms of the beasts were useless.

Puff! Puff!

She used the machete to kill the people from the wall. But her eyes were focused at the young boy shooting the arrows. She jumped form the back of the mount.

Ivette was able to leap over and reach Reid. She kicked her feet onto Reid’s shoulder to increase her momentum. Bang! Reid’s body leaned down but Ivette somersaulted at the last moment.

Ivette rushed forward towards Dudian after landing on the ground. She used her shield to protect herself from Dudian’s arrow shots.

The four archers from the military began to shoot arrows at her but there was a distance of ten meters and she was able to block the arrows using the shield. In a matter of seconds she reached the archers hiding behind the dented walls of the canyon. Ivette used her machete to quickly beheaded the archers.

Dudian’s eyes were gloomy as he looked at the rapidly approaching female barbarian. He put away the bow and arrows and pulled out the sword from his waist. His eyes narrowed as he focused on her body.

Ivette roared as she pushed forward the shield towards Dudian while she hid the machete behind the shield.

Dudian’s heart was calm. He saw the shield and the machete behind it. The moment Ivette attacked with the machete his eyes focused and he was able to see the trajectory of the machete like a quick scroll of static pictures. It was enough for him to process the information and decide on the best course of action.

His head bent backwards slightly to escape the attack of the machete while the sword in his hand stabbed out to swing the machete. At the same time he left arm reached out as he caught the edge of the shield.

“Let go!” Dudian roared loudly.

Ivette was shocked by the roar. Moreover the shield was suddenly pulled towards Dudian. Instinctively she tried to pull it back but felt the terrifying strength of the enemy. She knew that almost her whole person was going to be pulled away so her fingers let loose of the shield. Dudian threw away the shield like a frisbee. It disappeared in the darkness.

Ivette waved the machete towards Dudian’s neck.

Dudian saw the machete’s trajectory so he lifted the sword to block it. The sword was able to block it but machete’s moment was not reduced.

Dudian’s pupils shrank as he quickly bend down and pushed his whole body as he put all his strength onto soles of his feet. His head his the abdomen of the enemy.

Ivette was surprised to see Dudian use such a rogue move. She quickly used the machete to cut Dudian’s back. She believed that he wouldn’t be able to avoid the machete.


Dudian’s head crashed into the lower abdomen of Ivette throwing her body off the balance into the ground. However the machete in her hand also stabbed at the back of Dudian. It was able to pierce his armor but couldn’t penetrate deep enough to cut his body. But there were long bloodstains.

Dudian didn’t feel the pain from the injury on his left arm. However at the moment he felt a burning pain from his back. A strong intent to kill was stirred up in his heart because of it. He rushed towards the barbarian girl before she was able to get up. He hold onto her arm and fiercely twisted her wrist.

Kacka~ Ivette’s shoulder were dislocated and she screamed in pain.

Dudian quickly reached out and clenched onto her throat. After he got the magic marks of the splitter his nails were much sharper than before. However he didn’t have the ability to cut off the metal anymore. But at least right now the nails had a sharpness and were effective against soft materials. Because of strong clench his nails pierced into Ivette’s skin on her neck.

“No!” Ivette screamed in pain.

Dudian wanted to kill her on spot but he stopped when he heard her sudden cry.


Ivette noticed Dudian’s distraction so her hand grabbed onto a stone from the ground to hit him.

Dudian reacted as he grabbed her other hand to release the stone and then slapped her face: “Do you want to die?”

Ivette was stunned even though she was in pain.

Dudian knew that the people within the walls couldn’t understand the language of the barbarians. However at the moment he noted the footsteps of Reid and others reaching them so he stopped conversing in English. He didn’t let loose of her neck while he grabbed her other arm and pulled it in a sudden forceful twist. Kacha~ Her other arm was dislocated from shoulder.

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  1. “Moreover the machete was so good that it was able to pierce through their armor and cut off their heads.” Does this make any sense.

  2. This is really weird. I remember that the ability of the claws is to cut metal. They can’t cut leather. It was like that if i remember correctly. Inconsistency??

  3. After his deification,is it,his splitter ability downgraded?It was stated that his nails sharpness can cut through metal,any metal.And now,it downgraded…? Levellling up for his skill to downgrade?So basically,leather/cloth is much stronger than metal or….?

    1. The nails were ( after he upgraded the smell-beast mark ) secreting some kind of chemical that eroded metal .Now with the splitter mark they are long and hard … but still just bone(r)s .And these bones are normal bones apparently – not fantasy ones – still sharper than his chemical but soft nails though

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