DK – Ch 386

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The Dark King – Chapter 386

There was trace of shock in the eyes of the swordsman. He didn’t expect Dudian who was concentrated on archery to escape his fatal blow. Even the swordsman wouldn’t be able to do such a rapid action. As a result of quick movement there was only a scratch on Dudian’s arm.

Alan was shocked as he froze on the spot.

Dudian clenched the dagger with his right hand as he stared at the swordsman. Many thoughts flashed past his mind but he didn’t expect that the greatest danger he would face in the battlefield would not be from enemy but from the back! He knew that if he didn’t have the magic marks of the splitter and the earth-shaking changes because of it then by now he would be hit in his heart!


The swordsman was shocked for a moment but quickly reacted. He used the sword to attack again!

Dudian didn’t step back but closed towards the swordsman. He made a swift movement as he blocked the swordsman’s sword with his dagger and arrived by the enemy’s chest. He burst out with strength but he couldn’t force the swordsman to drop the sword. Instead Dudian punched at the latter’s face. The swordsman was caught off guard as his face was hit.

Dudian growled as he caught up with the swordsman.

The swordsman was completely shocked as the information that he got on Dudian was inconsistent with the reality. The latter supposed to be an intermediate hunter but in reality his constitution was better than a senior hunter’s. His body couldn’t keep up with Dudian’s! There was only one idea flashing in swordsman’s mind! Dudian had hidden his real strength! A 16 year old teenager with a senior hunter’s combat power was simply unthinkable!

The swordsman clenched his teeth to hold back the pain from his face and waved his sword again to kill. The sword danced and enveloped Dudian’s body.

He was displaying superb sword arts!

Dudian’s pupils narrowed as it seemed his eyes gently adjusted. The phantom of the fast sword gradually became traceable. The scene appeared like static pictures to him.

He didn’t blink his eyes as he check the sword’s trajectory. Suddenly Dudian’s eyes lit up as he saw the gap and made his move.


The dagger blocked the sword and Dudian used his injured left hand to severely punch the swordsman’s chest.

The armor on the swordsman’s chest stuck in. Dudian’s eyes were able to see the effect of the punch on swordsman’s heart. It contracted severely and violently trembled. The flesh around the heart gently shook up resulting in poor blood flow.


Blood oozed out of swordsman’s mouth as he made a few steps back.

Dudian quickly caught up with him and waved the dagger. It cut the wrist of the swordsman which was holding to sword and the blood began to spew.

Swordsman turned and ran instead of fighting back.

Dudian’s eyes turn cold as he threw out the dagger. Puff! It shot at the man’s back.

The swordsman almost fell down but still managed to run after staggering.

Dudian took his bow and pulled out an arrow. He aimed and shot!


The arrow pierced the armor of the swordsman and the man’s body was nailed to the ground.

It took about 10 seconds for everything to happen. Dudian put away the bow and rushed past. He verified that the swordsman was dead. However he wasn’t killed by his arrow but a black poisonous blood was oozing out of his mouth.


Dudian was shocked as he saw the black blood. He checked his left hand in haste. He looked in surprise as he left arm had swollen and bulged. He braced it. Dudian wasn’t able to feel the strangeness in his left arm because of the nerve damage.

“The sword was poisoned!” Dudian cursed in anger. He quickly let go of his left hand. He tore a cloth from his sleeve and tightly tied to his shoulder to prevent the poisonous blood to flow along the blood vessels and reach his heart.

“Master!” Alan reacted and ran towards Dudian. He looked at Dudian’s left hand and said in a hurry: “Master, you have been poisoned! I’ll bandage your arm!”

Dudian took a deep breath: “Quickly! Disinfect!”

“Alright.” Alan turned around and took out the first aid kit. He began to crush a lot of things.

Dudian stared at his left hand. After the juranzhi’s magic marks were gone his resistance to the toxins was greatly reduced. He realized that in the future he had to find some kind of first aid antidote to poisons.

“Come on!” Dudian turned to look at Alan. He was holding a dagger and there was a murderous and grim expression on his face. An extremely dark liquid flowed down the dagger. It didn’t seem like alcohol for disinfection!

Dudian’s pupils shrank as he somersaulted. He escaped Alan’s stab. He saw that Alan was waving the dagger trying to attack his chest.

“There is another one!?” Dudian’s eyes went wide open in anger. He escaped Alan’s attack and hit the youth’s abdomen. His right hand grabbed from Alan’s throat and twisted it!

Kacha~~ Alan didn’t even have time to scream. His body fell to the ground without a sound.

Dudian breathed as he sat on the ground. He took out the first aid kit to bandage his arm. However his attention was grabbed by the roars of the barbarians from the canyon. He looked back to see that Reid and others were retreating back because of attacks of the barbarians on giant wolves.

Dudian clenched his fist. He grabbed the first aid kit and came to towards a youth standing by a wall close to the mouth of the gorge. He shouted: “Come over! Bandage my wound!”

The youth was surprised to see Dudian’s sudden appearance. He was scared as he saw Dudian’s injured left arm. He said in hurry: “Master…Are you hurt?”

“Bandage it!” Time was pressing and the sounds echoing from the battlefield become more chaotic. Dudian could no longer be patient.

The youth was scared and hesitated for a second. He put away the bow and arrows and quickly took out the first aid kit to bandage Dudian’s arm.

Dudian pulled bow and arrows and aimed at the barbarians.


An arrow past by Reid and hit the barbarian on a giant wolf.

Dudian shot another arrow and it was a successful hit.

Two barbarians were consecutively killed. The pressure on Reid and others was reduced. However because of the urgency of the battle no one dared to look back or their head would be cut off in the next moment.

The young archer was stunned as he saw the Dudian’s ability.

Dudian slightly breathed after three arrows. He looked at the young archer and shouted: “What the hell are you stunned at?”

Archer quickly reacted after Dudian’s shout. He wiped the dagger with the disinfectant and took out anesthetic powder and antidote: “Master, please try to endure as there will be pain.”

“Don’t worry about me! Quickly disinfect the wound! I don’t care about anesthetic powder…. Just be quick!” Dudian turned his head as he roared. He precise began to shoot at barbarian’s on giant wolves that were rushing to the front.

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