DK – Ch 385

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The Dark King – Chapter 385

“Quick! You guys join them!” Dudian said in a hurry: “We gotta hold onto the canyon. There is no need to protect me any longer.”

The six others surrounding Dudian stared at Reid and others in anxiety. They heard Dudian’s words but no one took action. One of them said in hesitation: “Master we have to protect your safety. If the captain and others can’t stop them then we will escort you away from here!”

Dudian was angry as he pulled the youth and shouted: “Are you crazy? You want me to leave? What kind of soldier are you? Are you thinking about leaving when your companions are covered in blood? Master? I am a knight now! Roll away!

He pushed the youth which fell to the ground out of the encirclement.

Youth was stunned as he looked at Dudian. A Knight? Is there a knight with such a rude behaviour?

The other five were hesitant as they saw raged Dudian.

“Go!” Dudian shouted again.

The faces of all five of them changed. One of them clenched his teeth, pulled out his weapon and rushed at the canyon. Apparently he didn’t care much as of this moment.

The other few hesitated for a while but finally held onto their weapons and rushed up. There were only two people left with Dudian.

Dudian looked at the previous swordsman by his side. His eyes lit up as he shouted in an angry tone: “Why are you still here?”

The swordsman kept his silence as he indifferently looked at the battlefield.

The other person next to Dudian was Alan. He wryly smiled: “Mr Dean… We must stay here to protect you. If there is any danger… We can’t afford the responsibility let alone if you are injured…”

Dudian’s face sank as he saw both of them insist on staying. He no longer said anything. Dudian pulled out his bow and arrows. He looked at both of them: “Both of you stay away from me! I don’t want you to hinder me.”

“Alright.” Alan wryly smiled.

The youth who was pushed by Dudian looked at Alan and swordsman. He took a deep breath as he ran in the direction of the canyon.


An arrows whistled past the youth’s side as he ran. The next moment the arrow penetrated the eye of the giant wolf. Everything happened in an instant. The next moment the barbarian riding the giant wolf fell down as he screamed. Reid and others rushed out to stab the barbarian to death.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dudian shot in fast intervals.

The arrows were like falling stars. The bow had reached its limit. But Dudian was using 70 percent of his power.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Every arrow killed a barbarian riding a giant wolf. It seemed that they were not arrows but a call – the call of the death!

The archers hiding by the walls of the canyon were surprised at the sight. They looked back to see that Dudian was the one shooting the arrows. They were shocked. Their impression of him was a talented architect but it seems the teenager was an exceptional archer. Now they knew that Dudian didn’t carry bow and arrows for decoration.

Shame burst in their hearts as they saw him quickly shoot arrows. Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he concentrated on shooting arrows to cover Reid and others.


The sound of arrow shooting appeared one moment and the next it would pierce the throat of a barbarian riding a giant wolf. One knight had raised his spear to stab the barbarian but he stopped as the barbarian fell down the giant wall because of an arrow shot.

Reid was relieved as he used his sword to split the head of the giant wolf’s head!

“Kill!” Reid’s morale was high after he beheaded the giant wolf. The battle got more crazier as the roars echoed all around.

The limit of the small canyon path was three giant wolves. It made so that Reid and others to concentrate and face only on 3 barbarians who ride on giant wolves. Moreover the arrows flied from the back which supported them.

However after Dudian joined the fight the balance of power began to sway towards Reid and others. The pressure was greatly reduced on them. Basically if the barbarian riding the giant wolf was not hurt then he would be dead because of the Dudian’s arrows.

The most clear ones about the situation of the battle were Alan and the swordsman by Dudian’s side. They clearly saw that Dudian was able to quickly pull and shot the arrows. Moreover he was much more productive than the five archers from their team. By the time each of those 5 archers shoot 3 arrows Dudian would have made 5 shots! This was an amazing performance!

Moreover there was a great difference between the 5 archers and Dudian. Dudian’s every shot hit the vital parts of the barbarians or the giant wolves! However the other 5 archers in contrast would hit the armor of the barbarians most of the time. The arrows would bounce off and the effect would be minimal. There would be one or two shots that would hit the face of the barbarians or a vital organ of the wolf!

Alan and swordsman knew that the 5 archers weren’t weak. On the contrary the teenager was a terrifying archer! He could be called a godly archer as he hit hundred out of hundred times! The giant wolves were changing positions each time so making such precise attacts was very demanding and the ability of the archer had to be the top!

Especially for Dudian who shoot in quick bursts! There was no time to predict the movement of the enemy! So it was almost unheard of archers who were as good as Dudian!

They naturally weren’t aware that it was a basic skill for any senior archer(hunter). Although Dudian’s practice time was shot but coupled with his constitution which was comparable to a top senior hunter and his vision, a target 100 meters away from him meant an easy kill! Moreover the space to avoid his arrows was limited in the canyon. In Dudian’s perspective the thing what he was doing wasn’t an exception feat!


Dudian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the barbarian on top of the giant wall that was rushing at Reid and others.

He was about to loosen his fingers from the string of the bow when he felt a chill from the side. His heart turned cold as he moved sideways in a flash. He felt pain coming off his arm but he didn’t have time to check it. He took out his dagger as he coldly looked at the swordsman.

Although he was shooting arrows but he was totally different from other archers. Dudian wasn’t absorbed in shooting arrows but part of his attention was focused on the swordsman. There was a possibility that he was sent by the military to secret protect or to assassinate him! There were two options. He couldn’t explain why a man with combat power similar to senior hunter would hid in a team as an ordinary swordsman.

He kept observing the swordsman through the journey. The man intentionally or unintentionally approached Dudian at all times. Even the time when Reid was arranging for people to defend himself the man was standing in a place where he was automatically picked!

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