DK – Ch 384

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The Dark King – Chapter 384

Ta Ta Ta!

The echoes of footsteps sounded from the dark gorge. After a moment several barbarians mounted on top of strange beasts appeared in their lines of sights. These people were brawny and were about two meters tall. All of them were muscular and their bodies were wrapped in armor.


A cold light flashed through Reid’s eyes. He held onto his large sword as he whirled it and attacked.

The leading barbarians almost jumped out in fright as he saw Reid and others. He wanted to stop the mount but the horse was riding at high speed. It halted the movement in hurry and the horse’s soft abdomen was exposed as Reid’s sword reached it and cut it off. The blood sputtered as the horse rolled back down.


Several arrows rapidly shot back and pierced through the chest of the barbarian. He was crucified to the ground.

The swordsmen and knights were far behind and rapidly rushed at the other barbarians. They acted quick and had tacit understanding of each other. The other barbarians were killed as result of a swift attack.

“Keep one alive!” Reid pulled out his sword from the belly of the horse and shouted.

About seven or eight barbarians were killed in a matter of few minutes. Only one was kept alive but there was an arrow on his chest. It was a non-fatal attack.

The first fight was over. They moved the corpses of barbarians and mounts. Afterwards they thoroughly cleaned the area so that the latter barbarians wouldn’t be aware of the situation. Reid brought the barbarian and stood before Dudian: “Master we kept one alive to interrogate him later on. There is a division in the military that studies the barbarian language.”

Dudian slightly shook his head as he looked at the barbarian: “This is the start. They should be the pioneer spies. The other groups will be sent after these ones don’t go back. We have to kill all of them so that they think that there is a large group protecting this part of the canyon. They would not rely on this path in that case. They will focus on the swamp to pass to commercial district. We can play a good role in misappropriating their understanding of the commercial district. ”

Reid was slightly startled. He couldn’t help but look at Dudian’s eyes. Previously he thought that Dudian was able to find canyon through just mere luck but right now he was aware that Dudian had a quite good understanding of the situation.

“Master is an extraordinary genius.” Reid sighed as his eyes fell onto the struggling barbarian. His expression was cold as he kicked on barbarian’s back: “Make sure that he is unable to use his hands and feet. ”


Jessie put a crumpled cloth into the barbarian’s mouth. He pulled out a dagger and cut off barbarian’s elbows and ankles. He made sure to cut the ligaments so that barbarian was unable to move but didn’t die.

There was severe pain expressed on barbarian’s face as he angrily looked at Dudian and others.

Dudian squatted down and stretched his hand to touch the barbarian’s armor.

“Master?” Reid looked at Dudian.

Dudian got up as he recovered his thoughts: “There is bloody smell left in here. If another team of barbarians come over they may not be so unprepared. We should set up some traps.”

Reid was slightly startled as he nodded: “True.” He turned over and ordered the others.

About an hour later another group of barbarians came over. These ones seemed to sense the smell of blood so were much more cautious. However they were caught in traps and couldn’t insist for too long. All of them were killed by Reid’s people. However one of the barbarian’s riding a mount couldn’t be shot and was able to successfully ran out of the canyon. It made everyone feel a little uneasy.

Time passed.

Several groups of barbarians continued to appear and all of them were killed by Reid and others as they relied on traps. However the barbarians were extremely brutal and were much stronger than ordinary soldiers. One of the swordsmen accidentally was bitten by the head by the monster mount of the barbarians. He was killed on spot.

After the battle everyone looked back at the canyon in silence.

The crowd continued to fight another few waves of the barbarians but the joy they felt because of the battle was gone. All of them understood that it was likely to be the start and their numbers were too little. If the barbarians kept coming out in high frequency and big numbers then it won’t take long for them to get exhausted and killed.

late at night.


A team of barbarians riding black giant wolfs passed through the Scarlett Valley.

There was a slim figure riding on a nearly three meter tall leopard like mount. She was heavily armed. Moreover there was a steel cast armor on the leopard like mount. It’s body had hard scales which had strong defensive abilities too.


The monster stopped at a high slope in front of the canyon. The slim figure looked forward. After a moment she stretched her hands towards the wall of the canyon. Later on she brought her hand back and put it by her nose and gently sniffed. She turned back and spoke in a strange language in a whispering tone.

The wolf riding team members were the first to the enter the canyon.

The slim woman was silent as she stood by the entrance.

At the other end of the canyon.

The elite archer came back with the news. Reid and others quickly got up to meet their new preys. They clenched the weapons in their hands as they looked at the traps set for their prey.


The sound of parts of the armor friction echoed from the canyon. However it was extremely weak because of the cold winds whistles.

Reid’s physique was not weak. Apparently he also heard the voice. His face slightly changed as he raised his hand and made few gestures. They were going to ambush.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time three giant wolves came out from the exit. Dudian and others saw the beasts and the barbarians riding them.

Dudian was surprised as he saw the heat emitted from the bodies of the new barbarians were much more than the previous ones. It was like a small flame was emitted from each of those bodies.

Reid loudly roared and was the first to rush out.


The thirteen warriors roared as they attacked from the both sides.


The archers hidden by the walls of the canyon shot out arrows. Some of the arrows were deflected by the armors while the others pierced onto the bodies of the barbarians.

Thump! Thump!

The barbarians were caught off guard. Two out of three fell down from the wolves they were riding. One of them was shot through the throat and died on spot. The other was lucky as he fell down because the arrow had hit the claw of the giant wolf. He had fallen because of the instability.

Reid, a knight and a swordsman were rushing out.

However before they were able to close on the barbarians a sharp buzz echoed. Arrows began to fall from the canyon. They flew past the heads of the giant wolves and enveloped Reid and others.

“It’s bad!” Reid’s face changed as he wielded his sword to block the arrows.

However the others behind him weren’t so lucky. Few of them were able to escape but others were hit in the chest, arms or eyes. The swordsman used a shield and blocked the arrows from hitting his injured companion as he covered him retreat.


The archers who hid by the walls of the canyon were shocked. They didn’t expect the barbarians to have archers. They pulled the bowstrings and shot arrows at the barbarian riding the giant wall. However they couldn’t hit the enemy. At least they were able to offset the enemy’s fierce fire and it was enough to cover the retreat of Reid and others.

One of the giant wolves leaned forward. There was a weapon that was stuck onto its head which was similar to a wire cutter. In the war this weapon was like a devil which could exterminate ten times more enemies that the ordinary soldiers from the military.

The barbarian fell down. Suddenly a team of barbarians were exposed in Dudian and his team’s line of sight.

All of them were riding on a single giant wolf and were heavily armed. It seems that they have long been expecting the attack of Reid and others.

Reid’s face changed because of anger. He roared and waved his big sword. He beheaded the barbarian that fell from the giant wolf. He waved his sword afterwards to resist the arrows while he waited for the other barbarians to come over.

Bang! Bang!

The barbarians mounted on the giant wolves rushed towards the wire. They repeated the same mistakes. The forelimbs of the wolves were cut off and their bodies rolled down.

The giant wolf pierced by the wire roared in a strange manner. The other giant wolf rushing from the back suddenly jumped and avoided the trap.

Reid roared as he waved his sword. The others also rushed together to meet the cavalry on giant wolves.

Dudian’s face changed as he saw the scene while he stood in the gorge’s mouth. The canyon was narrow but the barbarians riding the giant wolves were close to intermediate hunters in strength. They could be killed if singled out. But at the moment it seemed the Reid and other wouldn’t be able to cope as they were using the giant wolves to assault too. At least the enemy was dominant in terms of numbers!


Alright, I was planning to do a mass release but today was the first anniversary of my father’s death so we had a ceremony and I was occupied by it. From the monday on I’ll be working on second novel and grinding up some chapters. It’s going to be high fantasy which will have orcs, elves, paladdins etc… What do you guys think?

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