DK – Ch 383

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The Dark King – Chapter 383

The sky had darkened by the time Dudian, Reid and others came to the Scarlett Valley. The dark clouds hovering in the sky had faded a lot in comparison to the previous few days.

Dudian looked at the steep canyon as he stood at the mouth of the gorge. It seemed like the canyon was a tall mountain that was cut into two by a sharp weapon. There was a cracked narrow gap that could be used to pass through. Some places were big enough for four-five people to pass by together while some places were so rugged small that two people couldn’t pass by. The canyon was very rugged and steep. It would be very difficult to climb over.

“The barbarians should not be here by this time. Nevertheless we should still be careful and guard against an enemy from the top.” Reid reminded the others.

“Yes.” The team replied.

Dudian and Reid rode side by side while four people were in front of them. They were responsible for opening the road.

The place was silent. After few minutes the group came to stop at the other side of the canyon. There was a forest and faint sounds of gurgling water echoed from inside. According to the map the swamp was behind the forest. It was a habitat for fierce monsters.

“Master, it’s late, we should camp and rest.” Reid said.

Dudian nodded as he looked through the edge of canyon to inside. Although the weather was dark but it didn’t hinder his vision. He reached out and touched the uneven rock wall. It seems rough but he felt that it was fluffy sandstone after touching it. It would be very easily to fall down in case someone grabbed one of these while climbing up. Therefore climbing up was going to be very difficult and enemies would come through the canyon’s gap.

The military didn’t put much of an attention to this area because both sides of the canyon were protected by natural forest and swamp. It would be very hard for an army to pass through from either side.

However the barbarians weren’t aware of the terrain and geography of this place. So it was likely that scouts would come over for exploration!

Additionally in case the barbarians had worked together with forces within the wall and held onto the map… They would still come over the inquire about the situation. Not having a guard in here was enough for them to send scouts.

“Master, do you want to drink?” Reid handed out a water bag to Dudian.

Dudian slightly shook his head as he took out a metal tube from his backpack. It was the waterproof insulation cup that he had smelted: “I’ve brought water.”

“Master have really thought about details.” Reid took back his water bag: “We has rushed out all afternoon. Are you hungry? ”

Dudian looked at the camp. The twenty people were sitting around several bonfires. All of the were close to the rocky wall and the fire was blocks and couldn’t be seen from the other side of the canyon. They barbecued animals that he had never seen.

Dudian nodded as he came to sit by Reid.

“Master, please.” A blonde youth smiled and offered a smoke meat in a polite manner: “My name is Alan from the Mali family. Our family is known for its fruits. Master, if you would like to please it this one. If you want this later on please look for me and I can get them for you anytime and anywhere.”

Dudian smiled: “Thanks but I have brought dry food with me. If you have opportunity in the future please send a few packets for me.” Then Dudian took out dry food from his backpack. All of them were small biscuits. He had especially made those. These biscuits were much more better than the dry food carried by the hunters. Moreover they were smaller in size.

“It seems master have been preparing for a long war!” There was a trace of admiration on Reid’s face.

Alan looked at the biscuits in Dudian’s hands. He asked because of curiosity: “Master, is that bread? It looks hard. Where did you buy them?”

“I made it myself.” Dudian didn’t continue to talk as he chewed the biscuit. The taste was unpleasant but after finishing one the hungry feeling in his stomach eased a lot.

He ate three and tied the bag.

He could see the every single burst of flame as he looked at the fire.

“The heat exuded by the fire covers up almost all of it. If I could freely control my eyes…” Dudian rubbed his eyes and looked once more. He couldn’t help but sigh.

Alan retreated back when he saw Dudian wasn’t interested in his food.

Reid ate barbecue while Jessie took out the map and checked once more. He looked at Dudian: “Master if they come in straight line after breaking through the golden wall it would take them about four hours to reach Red River. However they will be delayed as they can’t directly push through after the collapse of the golden wall. They have to rest too. So at best they will send scouts for exploration.”

“I think they won’t have big teams but I have heard about ‘madmen’ that these barbarians have. They can burst out amazing strength and we have to be careful of those red barbarians.”

Dudian nodded slightly as he looked at the fire.

“Both of you make sure to protect the master in case of a battle. The safety of the master will be your responsibility. The rest would be enough to kill the enemy! ”

“Yes.” Jessie nodded.

Alan laughed: “Captain is it possible that the barbarians will go to second line of defense instead of coming here? ”

“It’s always good have be in guard. ”

Night time…

About half an hour later a figure flew out from the canyon. Reid and others were surprised as they recognized the person’s appearance. They stood up.

“Captain, a barbarian came!”

Reid immediately said: “Extinguish the fire! Ready to meet the enemy. Three squads to attack! Both of you stay here to protect the master!”

All twenty of them quickly acted in silence. It took seconds to extinguish the burning bonfire. They had already prepared sand in advance.

They grouped into three squads of six men and surrounded Dudian in a circle. Fourteen people were standing by both sides of the canyon as they held onto their breath and silently observed the canyon.

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