DK – Ch 381

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The Dark King – Chapter 381

“Master, the letter was cent. I think in about quarter an hour they will be here to escort you.” Neuss came back.

Dudian nodded: “What about the civilians that you have hired?”

“They are in the designed locations in front waiting for you.” Neuss replied.

Dudian nodded as he looked out at rain. This rainy season seems to be the longest that he had seen.

Reid came with an armed team towards the castle. The crowd let them pass. Although they loved Dudian because of his voluntary donation and personal involvement in war but in face of the military they didn’t dare to be a bit of disrespectful.

Reid saw Dudian waiting in front of the hall. He dismounted and approached him: “Greetings Master Dean.”

Dudian nodded: “Let’s go.”

Reid’s face was a bit ugly: “Master Dean you are not aware but we just got the message that…the golden wall was occupied by the barbarians. General Auburn was able to retreat back to the second line of the defense by the Red River and decided to continue the fight over there! ”

Dudian had a shocked expression on his face: “The golden wall has fallen?”

“Yes.” Reid bowed.

There was a complex expression on Dudian’s face. It seemed that he was determined to make a move: “If that’s the case then I must go forward! Now there is a need for manpower because of the military’s continues battles under the rain. I think many soldiers have fell ill and there is a lack of troops. Knights like me are needed in the battlefield rather than ordinary people. Don’t underestimate my strength as I’m powerful at least on par with dozens of civilians!”

There was a sense of shame on Reid’s face. He clenched his teeth: “Master Dean I’m not looking down on your strength but the battlefield is too dangerous. Please, stay at home and rest!” ”

Dudian looked at him: “I must set out! Is your commitment so easy to change?”

Reid’s face slightly turned red: “Master Dean you have misunderstood me. I am just advising you not blocking your way. I’m trying to persuade… ”

“No need for persuasion! In times of crisis what else I can do but go to front line? ” Dudian waved his hand and went towards the horse prepared by the servants: “Alright!”

Reid didn’t think that Dudian would be so decisive. He sighed and looked at Dudian: “Master Dean at least use one of our horses. The horse used by you isn’t meant for the battlefield. It will get scared and disturbed if it faces a barbarians or a mutated beast.”

Dudian jumped of his horse and approached Reid.

Reid was relieved to see Dudian following their recommendation. He showed an army trained horse to Dudian: “Master, please be a bit careful as the horse is fierce.”

Dudian smiled and grabbed the rope.

The horse was dark. It’s body was covered with steel armor. It was about three meters high and was the same species of horses used by the hunters.

The horse was led by Dudian. It neighed and tried to pull back its rope to leave.

Reid was about to help him suppress the horse when Dudian pulled rope and jumped over to sit on dark horse.


The horse almost stood up on its back limbs. It seems the horse was anxious about Dudian.

Dudian smiled and put his hand behind its neck. He gentle pressed.


The horse sank down and its front legs went soft. It almost knelt down. It cried out but no longer rebelled.

Reid was surprised by the strength shown by Dudian. He turned to mount on his own horse and looked at Dudian: “Master, shall we go?”

“Yeah.” Dudian said and pulled the horse’s rope. They began to move down the river.

The crowd gathered by the river began to shout loud cheers and applauded them as they saw Dudian’s figure.

Dudian smiled as they slowly went by the river bank. They increased their speed to pass the crowd.

Reid and Dudian ride side by side while another twenty soldiers rode behind them.

Dudian took the time to check the elite soldiers that were chosen to defend him. Their had excellent weapons and good armors.

“Swordsmen, archers, knights … ” Dudian’s eyes swept over them. However his eyes paused for a little on one of them. But soon he moved to check the others. The previous swordsman’s body emitted heat which was higher than the others. The man’s heart beat was calm and the because of the frequency of the heart beat he could identify that there was a strong blood flow through his body. Moreover the blood contained strong energy.

Additionally, the muscles were much denser in comparison to the others. His neck, waist, face and other muscles were extraordinary.

Dudian had only seen such a body structure in Sergei, Gwyneth as well as Reid who was wearing a uniform of an ordinary swordsman. It meant that both Reid and the other man weren’t inferior to a senior hunter!

“Are they here for protection?” Dudian frowned as there were doubts in his mind. Although there were many possibilities, including the military sending a man to secretly assassinate himself but these ideas were overturned by himself. After all, if he was assassinated the military couldn’t bear the responsibility.

He couldn’t come to any conclusion but Dudian’s didn’t directly ask Reid about his suspicions. However he decided to put a certain distance and secretly pay attention to this person.

They passed through the streets. There were about fifty or sixty figures dressed in raincoats and holding umbrellas.

These people began to cheer Dudian’s name as they passed by them. (t/n: It’s the people hired by Neuss)

Reid frowned as he was on alert. There could be people form the dark church hidden inside such groups who would love to attack Dudian.

The team moved in a straight line. The loud cheers of Dudian’s name attracted the attention of the residents. People opened the windows and doors of their houses to look up. Some of them passionately cheered.

Dudian smiled as he rode the horse. It was a show and he had to play his role perfectly to have the biggest effect. The heroes were the ones whose names were known to only their friends and relatives after their death in battlefield. This was not his aim!

“Master is really loved by everyone.” Reid listened to constant cheering and said to Dudian in a tone full of admiration.

Dudian smiled: “You will be treated kindly if you treat the others with kindness. It’s the truth, isn’t it?”

“Yes, master.” Reid agreed.

Dudian and the escorting team came out of the bustling area of the commercial district and went into the suburbs. The Reid’s face turned serious as he ordered the team to surround Dudian. They were in a diamond formation.

Dudian noticed the previous swordsman stand next to him after the form was changed.

From time to time he checked the swordsman on his left.

The team came to the plains near the Red River. Dudian suddenly stopped and the team also responded quickly and stopped. All of them were looked at Dudian.

“Do you want to take me to the second line of defense by the Red River? As far as I know there is only a preliminary barrier there. If the barbarians choose to attack commercial district they may take a detour from the snowy north or swamps of the south. Wouldn’t it be too late to block their attacks?”

Reid was startled: “Master, those two places have soldiers stationed. If barbarians are seen then the additional troops will be send. The safest place is the Red River and the barbarians won’t attack this place at the moment.”

“The safest?” Dudian deliberately showed angry expression on his face: “Are you just looking down on me? I’m here not to be protected by you but to kill the enemy! Are you cowards? Are you so afraid of the death?”

Reid’s face turned ugly. He clenched the ropes as he angrily looked at Dudian. But he didn’t dare to refute.

“Master, all of us are warriors which have been through countless battlefields and gained numerous meritorious deeds! I hope you will stop insulting us!” Reid continued: “It’s a command from the top to take you to Red River. I can understand your mood. All of us are anxious to personally kill the enemies but orders are orders in the military. I hope you will understand us!”

Dudian frowned as he felt to be tricked. Although military agreed him entering the battlefield but were worried that an accident will happen to him. Military doesn’t want to bear the responsibility so they have used this team for his protection. However in reality they had imprisoned him.

But he wasn’t just for show on the battlefield. If he couldn’t get any deeds then he would be counterattack by the Mellon consortium.

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  1. Well, as i thought. He doesn’t know about that plot since the author want him to suffer a bit again. LOL
    Thank you for chapters.

  2. Mellon is thinking, with just a word from Dudian they will be destroyed and yet Dudian takes the most complicated route? I mean why not use influence to destroy mellon consortium. wtf is wrong with this author..

    1. If dean dont have evidence then hes just accusing -_- u cant just point ur finger at their face without thinking , they can use ur unplanned ways to stab u

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