DK – Ch 380

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The Dark King – Chapter 380

“So fast?” Dudian slightly frowned. He put away the chip and card reader at the back of the small dark cabinet. Dudian put on a coat and opened the door. Dudian saw Neuss waiting by the door: “I’m feeling sick today. Help me get there.”

“Are you uncomfortable?” Neuss was shocked as he said in a hurry: “Master, if you feel unwell I’ll immediately call the doctor…”

Dudian winked at him and raised his arm.

Neuss suddenly came to understand what Dudian meant and caught his arm to help him. However there were doubts in his heart.

Dudian felt a strange smell as he went down the stairs. He saw an officer sitting in the living room and waiting for him. He had three silver medals on his shoulder and seemed to be around forty years old.

The man heard the movements on the stairs and looked up to see Dudian who was helped by Neuss. He rose form his chair: “Greetings master Dean.”

Dudian gentle coughed: “Hello. Are you responsible for my protection?”

“I’m the captain of the escort team. My task it to protect you safety and I hope that you will cooperate with us and don’t make any dangerous moves.” The man replied.

Dudian sat down on chair next to him and motion him to sit: “How many people in the team?”

Reid replied: “We have 20 people in the team. Master Dean please rest assured that all those are the elite of the elite and top talents in their areas. They would be able to block hundreds of people and can protect your life.”

Dudian nodded: “Did they come too?”

Reid shook his head: “They are waiting for us. I’m here to pick you up.”

Dudian lightly coughed: “My body feels a bit uncomfortable since yesterday. I think its because of the continuous rains. Perhaps I have caught a cold. Is it possible that we go to the battlefield after my body feels a bit better?”

Reid nodded. He has long been aware that Dudian’s body seemed to be in poor health. He said: “Of course! Master Dean should stay at home and rest. Do you need doctor? I can call one from the military.”

“No need.” Dudian replied: “I should be able to recover soon. There is war going on and the doctors are very valuable to the military. Let them take care of the wounded soldiers in the front line. They are the ones who needs to be taken care of.”

There was a trace of respect in Reid’s eyes: “Master Dean is same as in the rumors. You are kind! Don’t worry and notify us whenever you are ready to leave. But I personally think that Master Dean shouldn’t be involved in war in the battlefield. It’s too dangerous. Although we can protect you but a little slip won’t just result as a loss to the Temple but to all of us!”

Dudian lightly coughed: “You are too kind!”

“It’s nothing.” Reid shook his head.

Dudian commanded a servant to send off Reid after a moment. Afterwards he went to upstairs and told to Neuss: “Make sure that informants stations at the front line transmit the informtion frequently. We must be the first ones to grasp the news in case the golden wall falls.”


Another day passed.

The headlines of the morning newspapers were all about situation in the golden wall. The golden wall was dilapidated and crumbling. The barbarians were able to break through from 6 locations but were surrounded by the soldiers. However the situation was not optimistic.

There were news about Dudian’s new concept. Additionally there were information that introduced steam rifles and their production process.

Legendary level weapon.

This introduction caused high expectation from countless civilians and nobles. Especially in this tense war there was a need for such a weapon that could shift the tide.

In addition, there were news about establishment of the second line of defense by the Red River. It was reported that few generals died while preparing the defense line.

Dudian went back to the bed after reading the morning news. He was reading a book related to the history of the giant wall of the Silvia. He could sense the sounds of conversation spoken by the servants. From time to time he would hear shouts coming off from the entrance of the castle. He leaned from the bedside window to look at the gate where a large group of people stood by. Most of them were civilians while there were few nobles.

They were cheering and encouraging him in comparison to the previous curses.

Since the publication of the news the people who had come to curse at him had left and disappeared. But instead a large number of people had come over to cheer him on. The servants were surprised and felt happy because of such a change.

Dudian wasn’t surprised but felt disturbed. His reading was affected by their shouts.

Dudian got a letter from Neuss at ten o’clock in the morning.

It was information that was sent from the front line. Dudian check it as his eyes narrowed. He said to Neuss: “Notify military that I want to join the battle.”

Neuss’s face slightly changed. Previously Dudian had told him that he would set off the moment golden wall collapses. Obviously the military couldn’t hold onto the golden wall because of attacks by the barbarians in the rainy weather!

“Yes!” Neuss turned and left.

Dudian skimmed through the secret report. He looked up as his brows slightly wrinkled. Dudian whispered: “Both of you… Don’t let me down…” He took out a match from the drawer of the desk by his bed. He lit and burned the secret report and made sure that ashes were left. He took of the quilt and went out of the bed. He put on the silver armor that he had prepared in advance. There was a sword on his waist and his bow and arrows were in his shoulders. He checked himself once more as he stood in front of the mirror.

He had handsome facial features. His posture was straight and he looked full of vigor just like a good knight.

Dudian was quite satisfied with his appearance as he held onto the helmet and opened the door. The endless sounds of clanking metal echoed as he moved down the stairs.

Servants were surprised to see him wearing such a armor. Some of the young girl maids blushed but didn’t dare to look at his eyes.

“Master Dean. Are you setting off??”Jake almost stumbled as he went towards Dudian.

Dudian nodded slightly and patted his shoulder: “Old patriarch will be in your care.”

“Yes, yes.” Jake replied. Dudian was full of majesty in his eyes after he had become a master.

Dudian nodded as he called the servant to bring his raincoat. He put it over his armor like a cloak.

“Master, your carriage is ready.” A maid reported.

Dudian said: “I’m going to war! I don’t need a carriage but a fierce horse!”

“Yes, young master.” The maid replied and left in hurry.

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