DK – Ch 38

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The Dark King – Chapter 38


Dudian also followed into the living room.

Dudian saw two figures in addition to Gray in the living room. One was obese with a big belly. There were three or four gold rings on his fingers. Another was a slender man wearing a suit. His hair was combed neatly looking like a noble.

“Gray, pay attention to your attitude!” Dudian came in just to hear the slim man’s wailing sound.

Gray clenched his fist tightly, his face looked at him angrily, said: “We have purchased this house. The amount of the tax was written on the contract and it was been paid. For you to raise the origin tax, it is just simply illegal! ”

Obese middle-aged man chuckled, said: “You are a small tailor. Do you even know what law is? This whole Lin Kang street is mine. It is my territory. Whatever I say is the law. Even if you want to go to trial, I welcome you to do so anytime. ”

Gray gritted his teeth and said, “You are thief!”

“Well, this is slander. I have been personally attacked, I can sue you for this!” Slim man spoke in a cold tone.

At this time, Jura looked at the red face of Gray and hurried to hold his hand: “This matter. Give us some time to discuss it. Such a high tax, we really can not afford to pay. ”

Obese middle-aged man said lightly: “You are sensible. But we had already given you few days. Today is the last day. I will come back at night and I hope you will give me a satisfactory answer” Finished he stood up to leave.

“Wait a minute.” At this time, Dudian stood in front of the obese man.

“Uh?” Obese middle-aged looked at this kid who was up to his shoulder. He frowned: “Little guy, who are you?”

At this time, Gray also noticed Dudian. He saw Dudian’s completely changed appearance, stunned: “Dean? You, you come back?”

Dudian nodded slightly, and then looked up at the obese middle-aged: “With a body like that it would be very hard for you to make trip back and forth. Actually we don’t like to be disturbed in our home.”

Obese middle-aged smiled and said: “Little guy, I heard Gray has adopted a child, is that you?

Dudian did not answer him, but continued: “First of all, according to Land Law, Chapter III, Article VI, a one-time purchase of land and real estate, property tax must be paid off with the housing money. When Jura and Gray bought this house, they had already paid for it. Or else they would not have got the proof for the property.”

“In the seventh verse of the fourth chapter of the law, all the vesting of authority and taxation of the house shall be to the owner of the house, and only the lord of the house shall have the right to reclaim it.

Dudian looked at him, said: “You said that the entire Lin Kang street is your territory? How can you prove it? Even if you want to collect tax you have to go to trial so that a magistrate should look into your proposition. You will have to prove them that you are the lord of the territory to be able to obtain tax contracts, right?

Obese middle-aged was shocked.

The slim one startled a bit, his face fell: “Little guy, what nonsense are you talking? What kind of proof do you want to see?

Dudian looked up at him and calmly said, “If you do not have proof the lordship, please leave and do not bother me any more. Otherwise, I will arrest you as a criminal who infiltrates the inhabitants!”

Hearing this all of them were surprised.

Slim man smiled and said: “arrest me? Little guy, I have been spouting nonsense since the beginning. Be careful or I will send you directly to the guards.

“No need to go anywhere. I am already a guard.” Dudian took out his guard medal and continued indifferently: “As you just talked to me in a way like that, I can sue you for slandering a guard and get you arrested! I think, in the seventh article of the law records, for malicious slander of aristocracy you can be sentenced to three years in prison. There is two years of prison sentence for slandering guards. In case of an attack against the guard, the sentence is death!”
“What do you want?” Dudian looked up at them.

Obese middle-aged and slim men looked at the guards medal. They were speechless.

Jura couples to see this familiar medal, can not help but startled and soon remembered the purpose of training for three years. There was surprise and excitement in their eyes, they didn’t think that Dudian had succeeded!

“You, you are guard?” Obese middle-aged was shocked. It was the first time that he had met such a small guard.

“Are you questioning me?” said Dudian indifferently.

Obese middle-aged man quickly shook his head. Although it was incredible, but he still recognized this medal. He knew that posing as a guard was a big crime.

“It was the first time I saw such a small … … so young and promising guard.” Obese middle-aged smiled drily.

Dudian plain: “This is the proof that you are not really lords. There are lots of guards like me. At the age of 16 years there are lots of guards who join nobility for experience. Afterwards will be transferred to “boundary wall”s between the districts and later on to the giant wall.” The ‘boundary wall’ that he had referred to was known as ‘wall of rich and poor’ by the aristocracy.

Obese middle-aged man was embarrassed: “Here I am, I am really the lord. My grandfather was a great knight, was sealed to this territory, but … …” afterwards he couldn’t continue.

“But this land was awarded by a noble to you knight grandfather. He is gone, so the territory has lost its legitimacy. Perhaps the noble forgot to recover the land so you have continued to lord over the place. It is not legal” he said indifferently, “but I think if you go away, I can reconsider it.”

Obese middle-aged and slim men, as one, immediately bowed and said: “Then we will leave.” Then, he moved away from the side of Dudian around.
Before long, the carriage had left with no trace of both of them.

Dudian looked up at the Jura couple. Three years have passed. There were light wrinkles on their eyes. They were more than thirty years old but in this world living up to thirty was same as being fifty years old in the old era.

Jura couple recovered. They surprised to see Dudian as they did not expect to to solve the previous trouble easily. In a few short words that Dudian had said resolved everything. Gray said: “You graduated! Worthy of my son, awesome! Unexpectedly, my, Gray’s, child will be a guard! ha ha, tomorrow I wiill go to the factory and show off in front of the workers. They will envy me!

Jura white at him, smiled and touched Dudian ‘s hair, said: “You child, all tanned so black! It had been three bitter years.

Dudian smiled and said: “It was nothing. Although, this time I can’t stay for long. After a few days, I will have to go to perform a task. Afterwards I will come back.

Jura stunned for a moment, ” What task? Is it dangerous?”

“No danger, rest assured.”

“That’s good.”

Gray smiled: “When the guards can have any danger? They do nothing but accompany nobles around. Moreover there is Holy Church who protects us from evil demons.

Jura snapped: “I’m just afraid!”

Gray smiled and shook his head, do not say anything.

Later that evening, Jura prepared a very rich dinner to celebrate the return of Dudian and him becoming a guard.


After dinner, Dudian said to them, “Auntie, I want to borrow some money this time.

Jura laughed: “How much do you want?

“Ten silver coins.” Dudian thought that the money should be enough to buy enough materials to make gun powder. He would use it for defense in case of any danger outside the giant wall.

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  1. “But this land was given by noble to you knight grandfather.”

    I want help you fix that, but I don’t even know what “given by noble to you” is even supposed to mean, but I’ll try anyway.

    “But this land was given by a noble to your knight grandfather.”

    Thanks for the unexpected chapters.

    1. The land was gifted to the obese mans grandfather by a noble. Not uncommon practice during fuedal times.
      Basically as a reward for service the noble will gift a parcel of land. This gift can be temporary as in it will return to the nobles House once the benefactor is dead or it can be in perpetuity. Passed on from generation to generation as an inheritance.
      However nobles could be so generous because they could at any moment decide to reclaim the land which is their right.
      Which shows the reasonable fear of the obese man. Regardless if he lawfully is the landlord the current noble would have no relstion to his grandfather and therefore renege upon his forbears promise.

  2. Lol, loved how he dealt with that arrogant guy 😛

    As always, much love for you, thanks for translating this marvelous novel.

  3. Hahaha this is how it should be. Helping your pseudo family with your new found knowledge and status. Hit me up if you need an editor & proofreader.

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    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copied from Yunchii)

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